Europe / Uppsala 1985 / 1DVDR

Europe / Uppsala 1985 / 1DVDR / Non label

Granby ishall, Uppsala, Sweden 27th April 1985

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Translated Text:

EUROPE can not wait for coming to Japan in April. Early masterpiece pro shot that pulls such feelings is a gift release decision.
Such a work included in “Uppsala performance on April 27, 1985”. It was about a year since the release of “Wings to Tomorrow” at that time. Although I dreamed of the world, I was still in a local hero. First of all, let’s review the initial activities from the schedule of the time and see the position of the show.

● 1984
“February 24” Wings to tomorrow “released”
· March 16 – June 20: Sweden # 1 (13 performances)
· June 22 + 23: Finland (2 shows)
· September 8 – December 14: Sweden # 2 (17 performances)
● 1985
· April 6 – June 5: Sweden # 3 (37 shows)
“September” Final countdown “start production”

This is EUROPE in 1984/1985. There is a mistake in the data of the local era, so we can not conclude the number of performances etc, but maybe you can imagine an approximate outline. At the time they were still working in Sweden in their native country, even if they crossed the border, the neighboring countries stopped Finland. Not to mention America, I have never been a show in central Europe. Also, as the above schedule is compressed, it seems to be doing a tour even in 1984, but actually it is about several times in January. In between, we won Ian Ho Grand and Mick Michaeli and started a “tour” to repeat movement and show like everyday since 1985. The Uppsala performance of this work was a concert corresponding to 14 such performances of “Sweden # 3”.
This work which recorded such a show is a really great pro shot. This show has traditionally been known as a sound board, but this work is a version with a video excavated 10 years ago. However, it is slightly different from ordinary pro shots. Since the distant view and the zoom are switched, although it is understood as a multi camera, it is scarce at other angles, and it can not be said to be a diverse viewpoint.
But it is visual beauty that makes me forget it. If you look at eyes accustomed to digital image quality, it is hard to call image quality with analog feeling “Official grade”, but if you are in the 1980s standard you can call it enough. Master freshness is more wonderful than anything, mostly no tape entrance or white line noise is entered, coloring is still intact at that time. Even though it is voice, although some hiss such as “Carrie” comes in, it is miraculous that it was beautifully preserved so far considering excavation of tape.
It is Kira star of Northern Europe that can be played youth that is drawn with such quality. The set is a concentrated reduction of “fantasy symphonic poetry” and “wings to tomorrow” … I do not think so. It will play only “Seven Doors Hotel” but from the debut work only one song, the rest from the “wings to tomorrow”, 6 songs and 5 songs from “final countdown” which has not started making yet It is acting as big as early. Speaking of the video before John Norhram, the official ‘FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986: LIVE IN SWEDEN’ comes to mind, but “Treated Bad Again” “Dreamer” “Love Chaser” “Seven Doors Hotel You can enjoy plenty.
Although it is a set of feeling like leaping forward, the performance that plays it is also the very night before. The singing voice of Joey · Tempest has no place to smell already, performance is impressive. Ensemble that got Ian Ho Grand & Mick · Michaeli is also tight enough, scale is also world wide class. I do not think it is a very Swedish local band.
John Noram shines exceptionally in such a situation. He is also at a level that leads to the world … not far away. I knocked out machine guns and picking from the moment of opening to terrible and crazy as if Gary Moore at the heyday had gone through with amazing chalking. Nevertheless, the phrase to be spun out is full of the sparkle of Northern Europe that is glittery, and it is also different from the dirty head home Gary and the sticky John Sykes. Even acoustic solos are not only beautiful and delicate, but hot phrases unique to Continental Europe are blowing out. A guitar that declares silently as “just a new generation of guitar hero!” Has exploded.

Six months later, EUROPE started sweeping the world by entering the production of “Final Countdown” to change fate. It is one piece that you can gaze carefully with beautiful professional shots and sound boards with a grueling show that the golden five people just got. A masterpiece that will color no more waiting for the performance to Japan. Please, please enjoy it carefully.



そんなクオリティで描かれるのが、若さ弾ける北欧のキラ星。セットは『幻想交響詩』と『明日への翼』の濃縮還元……かと思いきや、さにあらず。必殺の「Seven Doors Hotel」こそ演奏しますが、デビュー作からはその1曲だけで、残りは『明日への翼』から6曲と、まだ製作も始めていない『ファイナル・カウントダウン』から5曲が早くも大盤振る舞いされているのです。ジョン・ノーラム脱退前の映像と言えばオフィシャルの『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986: LIVE IN SWEDEN』が思い浮かびますが、そこでも観られない「Treated Bad Again」「Dreamer」「Love Chaser」「Seven Doors Hotel」もたっぷり楽しめるのです。


1. Intro 2. Dance The Night Away 3. Ninja 4. Treated Bad Again 5. On The Loose
6. Carrie 7. Dreamer 8. Love Chaser 9. Seven Doors Hotel 10. Drum Solo (with Mic Michaeli)
11. John Norum Guitar Solo / Aphasia 12. Acoustic Guitar Solo 13. Open Your Heart
14. Stormwind 15. Rock The Night

Joey Tempest – Lead Vocals John Norum – Guitars, Backing Vocals
John Leven – Bass Mic Michaeli – Keyboards, Backing Vocals Ian Haugland – Drums, Backing Vocals


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