Eric Clapton With Band Du Lac / Wintershall 1988 & 1989: Original Masters / 4CD

Eric Clapton With Band Du Lac / Wintershall 1988 & 1989: Original Masters / 4CD / Beano
Wintershall Estate, Bramley, Surrey, UK 2nd July 1988 & 1st July 1989 TRULY PERFECT SOUND (from Original Masters)

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Eric Clapton-related treasured sound source has been brought from the well-established heavyweight taper in the UK, and another amazing first public master! It is the best stereo audience master of the special charity concert held in Surrey, the hometown of Clapton in 1988 and 1989, where the taper taper himself recorded with metal cassette tape. The concerts of both years have already been released from the audience source, but the master provided by the heavyweight taper this time was a unique front row high-quality stereo recording that was different from either of them. Our store has digitized the master directly. When I compared it with “THE BAND DU LAC1988” of the 1988 previously released ARMS label, the master of heavyweight taper was a completely different sound source. The recorded board was also very close to the stage, so the sound quality was high, but the cheering and speaking voices of the guests around were different from the master of the heavy taper taper, and the music itself was the master of the heavy taper taper The sound was clear and the sound balance was good (the recording start location was also different). Also, the 1989 Keep On Keeping On label’s already-issued album “Picnic By The Lake” was recorded with high-quality audience recording, but it was the same sound source as this board (probably the route that came from the person who traded with taper taper and tape trade) , This board is overwhelmingly clearer than the existing board, it is a powerful sound that can be said to be a close distance, if it does not include the voice of the audience, it is said that it is different from the level that can be said to sound board recording Turned out to be a good low generation master. Therefore, this board can be said to be the definitive title that completely recorded the event in both years with the highest-ever stereo audience recording ever.
Before the contents of the concert, let me tell you what the significance of this concert was. The concert entitled “Picnic by the Lake” was a recap of famous British artists in 1988 to raise funds for the construction of Edward VII Hospital, which is scheduled to be built locally. . The purpose of 1989 was to raise funds for a local Macmillan cancer patient care organization. The founder was Gary Brooker, the leader of Procol Halm, a survivor of Surrey, just like Clapton, who continued to work under the name of Band du Lac. If you look at other participating members, you’ll be a member of Genesis, including Phil Collins, as well as musicians with whom Andy Fairweather Low, Dave Bronze, Henry Spinetti, Frank Mead, Mel Collins and Clapton. In addition, in 1988, Howard Jones, who swept the rock world in the era of techno and new romantics in the 1980s, Jody Lynn Scott, a female percussionist guru, Rick Wirth, who was a bassist at the time, Some of them were British singer / songwriter Joe Brown’s wife and singer Sam Brown, and her daughter singer Vicky Brown. It was held in 1989 for the same purpose, and in that year, the topic was that Steve Winwood participated in addition to the appearance of members from the previous year. Therefore, this year, there was the charm that a new Wynnwood repertoire was created in the set list. In both years, the venue was a castle called Wintershall Estate, where visitors had a dress code, men wore a tuxedo, black ties, women wore dresses, outdoors in the castle courtyard of a medieval society Regardless of the party, meals and champagne bars were prepared before the performance (heavy taper tapered the recorder and entered in tuxedo).
The contents of this all-star concert include Clapton, Brooker, Fairweather Row, Jones, Wynwood and others all playing their own hits and rock standards, and Motown’s soul numbers scattered throughout. (This is probably Phil Collins ’hobby. He also takes vocals.) The rehearsal was held until the previous day, so there was no place to become a gudaguda in the band (but Clapton himself made a mistake with the ending of Behind The Mask in 1988 and the It’s In The Way That You Use It. But) The progress initiative will be carried out by Brooker, but it is Clapton’s play that tightens the performance and adds sharpness. Obligato and solo who know the key points shine everywhere. Of particular note is the solo in Andy’s number Gin House in 1988. And in 1989, it was a solo at Stop. It is captured that he plays the sharp phrases that match the song, which is a good example of his extraordinary performance in sessions with other artists. The set list varies between the two years, so you won’t get bored even if you listen to it. Clapton himself served as a mascot at the 1983 “ARMS Concert”, and at the time he was actively involved in charity activities since he played a central role in the house band at the “Princes Trust Concert” in 1986. , We were satisfied with the contribution to the achievement of this sublime objective and the participation in an exciting session with fellow musicians (which eventually led to the establishment of their own “Cross Road Center”) ). If you are a Clapton fan or a British rock fan, you will be able to enjoy the great performance of such a famous piece by such members. If you have an existing board, you will need to replace it. Please spend blissful time with the volume of press 4CD.

★ Recorder’s metal master tape is used directly for both sound sources. 1988 is the first ever appearance and the best sound quality sound source (ARMS board is Diff Master). In 1989, while the same master as the previously released “Picnic By The Lake”, the sound quality of this board is incomparable. Super high quality sound board level.
エリック・クラプトン関連の秘蔵音源の提供では定評のあるイギリス在住の重鎮テーパーから、またまた驚きの初公開マスターがもたらされました!何と重鎮テーパー自身がメタルカセットテープで録音したという、1988年と1989年にクラプトンの故郷の町サリー州で開催された特別チャリティ・コンサートの極上ステレオ・オーディエンスマスターです。この両年のコンサートは、既にオーディエンスソースから製作された既発盤がリリースされていますが、今回重鎮テーパーから提供されたマスターはそのどちらとも異なる独自の前列高音質ステレオ録音だったのです。当店はそのマスターをダイレクトにデジタル化致しました。1988年の既発盤ARMSレーベルの「THE BAND DU LAC1988」と聴き比べましたところ、重鎮テーパーのマスターは完全別音源でした。既発盤も録音席がかなりステージに近かったため、高音質ではありますが、重鎮テーパーのマスターとは収録されている周りの客の歓声や話し声が異なる上に、楽音そのものは重鎮テーパーのマスターの方がクリアでサウンドバランスの良いものでした(録音開始箇所も異なります)。また1989年のKeep On Keeping Onレーベルの既発盤「Picnic By The Lake」も高音質オーディエンス録音で本盤とは同音源でしたが(恐らく重鎮テーパーとテープトレードした人物から流れたルートでしょう)、本盤は既発盤よりも圧倒的なクリアネスを誇り、至近距離と言えるほどの迫力のサウンドで、オーディエンスの声が入っていなければサウンドボード録音と言っても通用するレベルから、別物と言っていいほどのロウ・ジェネレーションマスターであることが判明しました。従って、本盤が両年における当該イベントを史上最高峰のステレオ・オーディエンス録音で完全収録した決定版タイトルと断言できます。
そしてこんなオールスター・コンサートの内容は、クラプトン、ブルッカー、フェアウェザー・ロウ、ジョーンズ、ウィンウッドらが自らのヒット曲やロック・スタンダードを全員で演奏するのに加え、モータウンのソウルナンバーを随所に散りばめています(このあたりはフィル・コリンズの趣味でしょう。ボーカルも彼がとっています)。前日までしっかりとリハーサルが行なわれましたので、大所帯バンドでグダグダになる箇所は皆無です(しかしクラプトン自身は88年のBehind The MaskのエンディングとIt’s In The Way That You Use Itの出だしでミスっていますが)。進行のイニシアティヴはブルッカーが執りますが、演奏を引き締めメリハリをつけているのは、クラプトンのプレイです。ツボを心得たオブリガート、ソロが随所で光っています。中でも注目していただきたいのは、88年ではアンディのナンバーGin Houseでのソロ。そして89年ではStopでのソロ、です。曲に合わせた切れ味抜群のフレーズを弾き捲る様子が捉えられており、こうした他アーティストとのセッションでの彼の非凡さをまざまざと見せつける好例となっています。セットリストは両年で変化もあり、聴き通しても飽きることはありません。クラプトン自身は1983年の「ARMSコンサート」でバンマスを務め、1986年の「プリンシズ・トラスト・コンサート」でハウスバンドの中軸を担って以来、チャリティ活動に積極的に関わっていった時期で、彼自身、その崇高な目的達成への貢献と仲間ミュージシャンとの刺激的なセッションへの参加に満足していたことが窺えます(それがゆくゆくは自身の「クロスロードセンター」設立に繋がっていったのでしょう)。クラプトンファンの方のみならず、ブリティッシュロックファンの方ならあの名曲がこんなメンバーによりこんな形で演奏されていることに大いにお楽しみいただけるでしょう。既発盤をお持ちの方は買い替え必至です。プレス4CDのボリュームで至福の時間をお過ごしください。

★両音源ともに録音者のメタル・マスター・テープをダイレクトに使用。1988年は史上初登場・極上音質音源(ARMS盤とはディフ・マスター)。1989年は既発盤「Picnic By The Lake」と同マスターながら、本盤の音質は比較にならないほど優れています。サウンドボード・レベルの超高音質です。
Disc 1 (78:00)
1. Intro.
2. Celebration
3. Yes Indeed
4. Behind The Mask
5. Celebrate Our Love
6. I Missed Again
7. Stop
8. Conquistador
9. Throwing It All Away
10. Limelight
11. All I Need
12. Gin House
13. It’s In The Way That You Use It
14. No One Is To Blame
15. Echoes In The Night

Disc 2 (77:46)
1. Wide-Eyed And Legless
2. You Can’t Hurry Love
3. You Know I Love You
4. A Salty Dog
5. Inside Out
6. Hold On I’m Coming / Soothe Me / You Don’t Know Like I Know
7. I Want To Know What Love Is
8. Whiter Shade Of Pale
9. The Night Time Is The Right Time
10. Cocaine
11. Medley : Turn It On Again / Everybody Needs Somebody / Satisfaction / Midnight Hour / Turn It On Again
12. Band Introductions
13. I Wish

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
Andy Fairweather Low – guitar / vocals
Mike Rutherford – guitar / vocals
Gary Brooker – keyboards / vocals
Howard Jones – keyboards
Rick Wills – bass
Phil Collins – drums / vocals
Henry Spinetti – drums
Jody Linscott – percussion
Sam Brown – vocals
Vicky Brown – vocals
Carol Kenyon – vocals
Margo Buchanon – vocals
Mel Collins – saxophone
Frank Mead – saxophone

Live at Wintershall Estate, Bramley, Surrey, UK 1st July 1989

Disc 3 (71:16)
1. Intro.
2. Pick Up The Pieces
3. Ain’t That Peculiar
4. Can I Get a Witness
5. Freedom Overspill
6. Lead Me To The Water
7. All I Need is a Miracle
8. Old Love
9. Stop In The Name of Love
10. You Don’t Know Like I Know
11. Respect
12. Throwing It All Away
13. A Bridge Across The Water
14. Lay Down Sally

Disc 4 (75:19)
1. Souvenirs of London
2. Roll With It
3. Stop
4. I Am a Pilgrim
5. Loco in Acapulco
6. Gin House
7. The Living Years
8. Cocaine
9. A Whiter Shade of Pale
10.Twisting The Night Away
11.You Can’t Hurry Love
12.Night Time is the Right Time
13.Gimme Some Loving

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
Andy Fairweather Low – guitar / vocals
Gary Brooker – keyboards / vocals
Steve Winwood – keyboards / vocals
Mike Rutherford – guitar / vocals
Dave Bronze – bass
Phil Collins – drums / vocals
Henry Spinetti – drums
Danny Hammond – percussion
Sam Brown – vocals
Vicky Brown – vocals
Carol Kenyon – vocals
Margo Buchanon – vocals
Mel Collins – saxophone
Frank Mead – saxophone


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