Eric Clapton / Unplugged Broadcasts / 1DVD

Eric Clapton / Unplugged Broadcasts / 1DVD / Johanna

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16  January 1992, Bray Film Studios, England UK, Aired On March 92. NTSC


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★ E · Clapton, the legendary Unplugged ’92, valuable original broadcast version!
★ live masterpieces became shelved “Circus Left Town” is also included!
★ press platen DVD that Grammy Award six categories of ceremony was also added included!

Eric Clapton – Unplugged. Would not longer those of listeners who do not know this title. Recorded 1,900 million copies of sales in all the world, “Tears in Heaven” is a big hit, in the name record winning Grammy 6 Winner, the music world of dramatic change historical TV live also a trend.

The song has a rock artist to replay in acoustic arrangements, enjoy the joy the music highlights the delicate goodness and lyrics of the melody that had originally, the audience to re-discover another aspect of masterpieces familiar to.

90’s “Unplugged” boom this miracle of the project that became the beginning of. It is the previously well as P · McCartney and Elton John heavyweights of Clapton was content seems wonderful appeared, but became a smash hit around the world, it was the appearance and wrote of this Clapton. Everything I was waiting started from … this “Clapton – Unplugged”.

Here, it recorded the “time of the TV broadcast version” of the TV show too famous to the remainder. That’s right, those of avid enthusiasts and fans you know, it is in unreleased song “Circus Left Town” even if you pat play this original TV version has been recorded. This song was born from the tragedy of his son Connor, and the “… I went to see the circus the day before his death”, there is also Clapton of scene that recalls. The song of the performance is not yet recorded in the Deluxe Edition was released a few years ago, it can not be seen only in still the broadcast version.

In addition, interviews with Clapton has been inserted between the songs in this original broadcast version. The interviews, anecdotes and episodes of When unplugged recording, delicate acoustic guitar attractive, such as whether the amplifier is band sound is easy to how to sing not, and everyone is attached to the new arrangement of surprised “Layla” and so on …, so many remarks of deep content, it is why uncannily what has not been recorded in the cell version.

And did not the first broadcast, after Add From playing music and that has been published, the rehearsal of masterpieces was also unreleased while desired fan “My Father’s Eyes” as Part 2.

Furthermore, all the scenes recorded scene that won the 6 divisions from the pattern of the following year’s Grammy Awards ceremony. This evening drifts victory mood of Clapton from the beginning, is to receive and 遂 5 nail awards are blessed with standing ovation from all over the venue, and then to the back of the Jim Keltner et al. Live the “Tears In Heaven” . And from the right after the performance stage to the scene to award six is ​​eye of award “Record of the Year”, has been excerpted recording from the time of the live version of the historical scene of “one person wins Clapton” .

Just the history of the lock is moved, and the Unplugged broadcast version of 1992, the 1993 Grammy award ceremony, is the emergence in the permanent preservation of the press platen.

★お蔵入りとなった名曲”Circus Left Town”のライヴも収録!



90年代の”アンプラグド”ブームの発端となったこの奇跡のプロジェクト。クラプトンの以前にもP・マッカートニーやエルトン・ジョンなど大物が出演し素 晴らしい内容だったのですが、世界的に大ブレイクとなったのは、このクラプトンの出演した回でした。全ては・・・この”クラプトン~アンプラグド”から始 まったのです。

ここには、その余りにも有名過ぎるTVショウの「当時のTV放送版」を収録。そうです、熱心なマニアやファンの方はご存知の、未収録曲”Circus Left Town”もバッチリ演奏していてこのオリジナルTV版には収録されているのです。息子コナーの悲劇から生まれたこの曲、「亡くなる前日にサーカスを見に 行ったんだ・・」と、述懐するクラプトンのシーンもあります。数年前に発売されたデラックス版にも未収録であるこの曲のパフォーマンスは、今尚この放送 versionでしか観る事ができないのです。

また、このオリジナル放送版では曲間にクラプトンのインタビューが挿入されています。このインタビュー、アンプラグド収録にあたっての逸話やエピソード、 繊細なアコースティック・ギターの魅力、アンプリファイアされないバンドサウンドが如何に歌いやすいか等、そして皆が驚いた”Layla”の新アレンジに ついて・・などなど、非常に濃い内容の発言が多く、なぜセル版に収録されなかったのか不思議なほどです。

そして初回放送はされませんでしたが、後にパート2として公開された演奏曲や、ファンに望まれながらも未収録だった名曲”My Father’s Eyes”のリハーサルを追加収録。

更には、翌年のグラミー賞授賞式の模様から6部門を受賞するシーンを全場面収録。この夜は最初からクラプトンの圧勝ムードが漂い、5つめの賞を受けると遂 には会場中からのスタンディング・オベーションで祝福され、その後にジム・ケルトナーらをバックに”Tears In Heaven”を生演奏。そして演奏直後のステージ上から6つ目の賞である「レコード・オブ・ジ・イヤー」を受賞する場面まで、「クラプトン一人勝ち」の 歴史的場面を当時の生中継版から抜粋収録しています。


■JPDV-003■ Factory Pressed DVD / 109mins / PROSHOT
02. Program introduction
03. Before You Accuse Me
04. EC Interview 1
05. Lonely Stranger
06. EC Interview 2
07. Running on Faith
08. EC Interview 3/ CM break
09. EC Interview 4
10. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
11. Layla
12. EC Interview 5 / CM break
13. EC Interview 6
14. Tears in Heaven
15. EC Interview 7
16. Circus Left Town
17. Alberta (false Start)
18. Alberta
19. EC Interview 8
20. Rollin’ and Tumblin(part) / CM break
21. Rollin’ and Tumblin Jam
22. EC Interview 9
23. Old Love

[unbroadcast] 24. Signe
25. Hey Hey
26. Walkin’ Blues
27. San Francisco Bay Blues
28. Malted Milk

[rehearsal] 29. My Father’s Eyes

31. BEST POP VOCAL, MALE ; Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton
32. SONG OF THE YEAR ; Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton
33. BEST ROCK VOCAL, MALE ; Unplugged Eric Clapton
34. BEST ROCK SONG ; Layla Eric Clapton & Jim Gordon
35. ALBUM OF THE YEAR ; Unplugged Eric Clapton & Russ Titleman
36. Tears In Heaven (Live Performance)
37. RECORD OF THE YEAR ; Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton &Russ Titleman
38. Tears In Heaven (Re-broadcast ; Live Performance with Japanese Lyrics)
39. JPD Slate Ending

Johanna. JPDV – 003

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