Eric Clapton / Tokyo 1975 2nd Night / 2CDR

Eric Clapton / Tokyo 1975 2nd Night / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 2nd November 1975


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In 1975 Budokan second day, the Japan tour final performance, 2-Disc was recorded live on November 2. 2011 has been uploaded to the May to suddenly net, recorded a new source at the time that were not floating around to it. This treasured sound source that did not pass only part of friendship is, at that time, by Sony’s legendary high-spec cassette deck “Densuke” mono microphone, recording in position of about PA speakers before 10m of Budokan arena right block and that those that have been. Recording in person is the version that was remastered in later years it. By the tape change, and that there is a missing 7:39 point of “Stormy Monday”, that the intro of “Badge” is set to slightly cut-in, and the 1:50 time the song “Further On Up The Road” Although there are drawbacks that there is a jump sound to 5:59 time, at that time in 2011, this source who saw the light of day beyond the time of the ’36, it is just that is the person in question was decided to go ahead in the public interest It is equipped with a high-quality. In this take, without losing the charm of the original sound, to further enhance the quality of the sound, it is the appropriate re-master processing. In the original master to improve the balance of the sound image that bass had been too much emphasis, as a result of the treble was clearly portrays, it is possible to eliminate the muffled sound, it was then transformed into a remarkably and easy-to-hear sound quality. Exactly, is the impression as if it were stripped off a piece of the veil that had been covered, it also has realized the quality of enhancement of about no problem released in this state press CD this. Even those who have already issued board, at that time, even those who are available for download, on this occasion, to touch on this wonderful recording, Why not been realized the height of the quality of the sound source. In particular, the present board in the sense that remastered already excellent by the master, it can be said sound source that is worth listening.
1975年武道館2日目にして、ジャパン・ツアー最終公演の、11月2日のライヴを収録した2枚組。2011年の5月に突如ネットにアップロードされた、それまで出回っていなかった当時の新ソースを収録。一部の友人関係にしか渡していなかったというこの秘蔵音源は、当時、ソニーの伝説的ハイスペック・カセットデッキ「デンスケ」とモノラルマイクにより、武道館アリーナ右ブロックのPAスピーカー前10mほどのポジションで録音されたものとのこと。それを録音者本人が後年にリマスターしたバージョンです。テープチェンジにより、「Stormy Monday」の7:39時点に欠落があることと、「Badge」のイントロが僅かにカットインになっていること、同曲1:50時点と「Further On Up The Road」5:59時点に音跳びがあるという欠点はありますが、2011年当時、36年の時を超えて日の目を見たこの音源は、ご本人が公開に踏み切る決意をしただけのことはある、注目の高音質を備えています。本テイクでは、原音の魅力を損なわず、更に音のクオリティを高めるための、適切なリマスター処理を行っています。元マスターでは低音域が強調され過ぎていた音像のバランスを改善し、高音域を鮮明に描き出した結果、音のこもりをなくし、格段に聴きやすい音質に変貌させました。まさに、覆っていたヴェールを一枚剥ぎ取ったかのような印象であり、これをこのままプレスCDでリリースしても問題ない程の充実のクオリティを実現しています。既発盤をお持ちの方も、当時、ダウンロードで入手された方も、この機会に、この素晴らしい録音に触れて、この音源の質の高さを実感されてはいかがでしょうか。特に本盤はリマスター済み優良別マスターという意味で、聴いてみる価値がある音源と言えます。

Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Layla 3. I Shot The Sheriff 4. Little Rachel 5. Can’t Find My Way Home
6. Blues Power 7. Stormy Monday

Disc 2
1. Teach Me To Be Your Woman 2. Little Wing 3. Badge 4. Percussion & Drum Solo
5. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad? 6. Further On Up The Road

Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals George Terry – Guitar Carl Radle – Bass
Dick Sims – Keyboards Jamie Oldaker – Drums Sergio Rodriguez – Percussion
Yvonne Elliman – Backing Vocals Marcy Levy – Backing Vocals

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