Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood / The Final Budokan / 2CD

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood / The Final Budokan / 2CD / Non Label

Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 10th December 2011.

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, p 2 011 ULTIMATE SOUND December 10th (from Original Masters) 2011 Japan Joint Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton · Tours of, tracks from ultra-high quality audience recording of the finest level of performance at Nippon Budokan on December 10 was the final performance. Press release on CD. Of course, recently, performances and sound the same title was released as a separate gift items are complete masters. Was a substantial high-quality gift titles, this new instrument, in every sense, is a super take much more than that. The conditions for recording all sound can only say it worked wonders the best way. Honestly, it is also very high sound quality CD Gift Items, “will suffice in this day,” but I assure you, on the ones that listen to this master copy, too Is not it had marveled at the quality of the dreadfulness. Therefore, it is determined that both come into the world出Subeshi decided in the press release CD. Recording, the recording of a pure audience, in addition to such high intensity and clear sound that plays like a band in front of the balance outstanding stereo and the thickness of the sound has a depth and breadth . Clarity of the sound of drums in particular, stands out the outline,粒Datta crisp cymbals, toms, has already appeared on the bass drum from the difference between the master. And notable is that the noise is extremely small audience. The burden is nil. Anyway, the dreadfulness of the sound is only heard our first try. In this tour, but also out of the instrument panel and audience matrix mix ear monitor sound waves intercepted Winwood, Winwood’s SBD recording absolutely can not wipe that is something between discomfort AUD recording of Clapton Whereas, this CD sound quality and this I have simply imposing a master of pure audience. The recording quality can assure the highest modern audiences. On this day in the context of performances last, but I also wrote the release of gift items, with performances until then, suddenly it emerged “Had To Cry Today” that Clapton had started, and then the greeting at the beginning trouble . We thank you for that audience乗Ri切Reta safely enjoy the tour so far, heard the news that died on this day, the former top member of the Tulsa, comment and dedicate this day to play Maximus Dick . It came in a spirited performance that last more than Soredakeni Clapton is just no doubt. To prove it some day and play this day is not apart from, and other performances, such as the guitar solo出Dashi “uh-oh?” Never has been committing unforced errors so as to seem . The increasing age of course, defeat, maintaining a much higher tension in general impossible for concerts, it was so put乗Ri切Ri pivotal force at the park at some future time in an extreme case it is “Voodoo Chile “There was only like one song for days. But this day is different. “Had To Cry Today” twin lead parts, “Presence Of The Lord” in the middle part, “Hoochie Coochie Man”, “Key To The Highway”, “Crossroads” solo without any flow without difficulty, one note The hard-hitting phrases heard a sound. And “Voodoo Chile” So we are playing like a large explosion to sum ​​up this tour, the audience excited叩Ki込Mimasu crucible. One day I can say this just shows the culmination of the tour. The title of the new instrument representing interest recent tour of Japan, at the Overseas Press CD in stock only more urgent. Only the first 50 pages ★, will be released in numbered with a sticker into. A Disc (60:35) 1. Opening 2. Introduction Speech three. Had To Cry Today 4. Low Down 5. After Midnight 6. Presence Of The Lord seven. Glad 8. Well Alright nine. Hoochie Coochie Man 10. While You See A Chance 11. Key To The Highway 12. Pearly Queen thirteen. Crossroads Disc two (69:49) one. Georgia On My Mind 2. Driftin ‘3. That’s No Way To Get Along 4. Wonderful Tonight 5. Can not Find My Way Home six. Gimme Some Lovin ‘seven. Voodoo Chile eight. Dear Mr.. Fantasy 9. Cocaine Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals Steve Winwood – Hammond Organ, Piano, Guitar, Vocals Chris Stainton – Keyboards Willie Weeks – Bass Steve Gadd – Drums Michelle John – Backing Vocals Sharon White – Backing Vocals 30

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