Eric Clapton / Silver Beauty / 2CDR

Eric Clapton / Silver Beauty / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at Osaka Stadium, Osaka, Japan 5th November 1988


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From ’88 Celebrate Japan tour was held to commemorate the pro debut 25 anniversary of Clapton, and complete recording of the Osaka stadium performances of the last day in a very good stereo audience recording. As the sound of the day proud of the highest quality to “WONDERFUL TONIGHT” (Wybern label) in the past, EC IS HERE label had released all performances recording 8CD box from the high-quality sound by a master of the same level in the form of follow it . Although this was a sound source that said two large-macrocephaly, this film with the same source as those employed in the latter, this time it is fabricated from a record themselves in direct leased master cassette tape. Where it was compared to listen, the sound is out sound pressure also become clear from the same day a sound source of box set. No doubt that it has jumped to the title to be comparable to “WONDERFUL TONIGHT” at this point. Intro compared to “WONDERFUL TONIGHT,” which had been missing head, this work appeared scene at the beginning are housed from the SE of the hall, it is intended to convey the tension of the day in the round. During the tour, but set list did not change, Mark Knopfler, playing of maturity of luxury band home to Elton John has been captured here. On the day due to the curtain in the daytime of 15:00, Clapton, Knopfler, appeared in the sunglasses to avoid the afternoon sun with three people of Elton. I would like you to intoxicated in performance that bitter three people Korezo professional. Day late, on the evening of the stage the wind became stronger, “Cocaine,” “Layla”, had denouement is waging that encore. Good to still drink in the previous year’s Japan tour, It was Clapton was Ayauka~tsu, had been full of vitality only of beyond recognition at this point. If from the standpoint that you get to celebrate in such a luxurious companion, it can be said that was not possible, such as boring unexpected play. That’s right, a perfect play to listen sound of Clapton.

★ name board using the original sound source which was released in 2010, is appeared in gift title. As has been acclaimed in beatleg review, using the master tape of its outstanding box set sound source, it is the same performance Ketteiban.

クラプトンのプロデビュー25周年を記念して行われた88年のセレブレート・ジャパン・ツアーから、最終日の大阪球場公演を非常に良好なステレオ・オーディエンス録音で完全収録。この日の音源としては「WONDERFUL TONIGHT」(Wybernレーベル)が過去に最高音質を誇り、それに追随する形でEC IS HEREレーベルが同レベルの高音質別マスターから全公演収録8CDボックスをリリースしていた。これが二大巨頭と言える音源だったが、本作は後者に採用されたものと同じソースながら、今回、録音者自身からマスター・カセット・テープを直に借り受けて製作されている。聴き比べたところ、ボックスセットの同日音源より音がクリアーになって音圧も出ている。この時点で「WONDERFUL TONIGHT」に比肩するタイトルに躍り出たことは間違いない。イントロが頭欠けしていた「WONDERFUL TONIGHT」に比べ、本作は冒頭の登場シーンは場内のSEから収められており、当日の緊張感をリアルに伝えるものである。ツアー中、セットリストは変わらなかったが、マーク・ノップラー、エルトン・ジョンを擁した豪華バンドの円熟の演奏がここに捉えられている。当日は午後3時という昼間に開演したため、クラプトン、ノップラー、エルトンの三人とも西日を避けてサングラスをして登場した。渋い三人のこれぞプロというパフォーマンスに酔いしれて頂きたい。日が暮れ、風邪も強くなった夕刻のステージには「Cocaine」「Layla」、アンコールという大団円が繰り広げられていた。前年のジャパン・ツアーではまだ酒に酔い、危うかったクラプトンだったが、この時点では見違えるばかりのバイタリティに溢れていた。こんな豪華な仲間に祝ってもらう立場からすれば、つまらぬプレイなどできなかったと言える。そのとおり、クラプトンの完璧なプレイが聴ける音源である。


Disc 1
1. Introduction 2. Crossroads 3. White Room 4. I Shot The Sheriff 5. Lay Down Sally
6. Wonderful Tonight 7. Tearing Us Apart 8. After Midnight 9. Can’t Find My Way Home
10. Money For Nothing

Disc 2
1. Candle In The Wind 2. I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues
3. I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That 4. I’m Still Standing 5. Daniel 6. Member Introduction
7. Cocaine 8. A Remark You Made 9. Layla 10. Solid Rock
11. Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting 12. Sunshine Of Your Love

Eric Clapton : Guitar & Vocals Mark Knopfler : Guitar & Vocals Elton John : Piano & Vocals
Nathan East : Bass Steve Ferrone : Drums Alan Clark : Keyboards Ray Cooper : Percussion
Tessa Niles : Backing Vocals Tracy Ackermann : Backing Vocals


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