Eric Clapton / Royal Albert Hall 2017 1st Night / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Eric Clapton / Royal Albert Hall 2017 1st Night / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Beano
Translated Text:

Live At Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 22nd May 2017 plus Bonus DVDR “ROYAL ALBERT HALL 2017 1ST NIGHT: THE VIDEO”


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This week we will finally release the press CD titles of Eric Clapton ‘s latest London performance! Last week, we released a sound source of the same performance last weekend and speed release, but they were all good CD but they were released on CDR though. Every Master was the result of judging that it has not reached the strict standards that match our press title. Still it is a package release with a reasonable price with a sense of speed, I think that many fans were pleased. However, if I become a 72-year-old Clapton’s “freaky” live declaring retirement from the tour, I think that it is an event that should be properly released on press CD, unless you know the next time It was. And finally I finally released the master of the highest sound quality reaching that standard on press CD. Recorder is Duspyknows who upgraded the masters of Day 2 and Day 3 released last week on the net. He lives in the US and he went to see clapton this time and was recording for 3 days. Schoeps MK4 / NBox Platinum Tascam DR – 2D 24 Bit 48K is recorded on the high – end equipment and all the masters of the three performances that made into files are released on the net, but it is included in the main board Only the master of the first day was a quality that was suitable for saying “everything was superb”. Perhaps the sound quality was greatly influenced by the seat of 3 days. I think that the first day was his best position. The release of our shop, the first day performance will be the third work. It seems that drama and passion can be felt for the sake of the source which each student had a passion, with Japanese fans who passed, famous British heavy taper tapers, and famous tapers who went from the United States. This is also the result of positioning fans around the world who wish to see Clapton hinting retirement as an important performance, and I feel that it comes from the greatness of the artist Eric Clapton I will. As a result, it will be a press CD release in a form suitable for permanent preservation. In order to make the original master sound more perfect sound quality, it is a fine adjustment level, but individually reduces the clapping sound of the audience and conspicuous finger whites, making the whole sound image bright and clearer. It has become even wonderful sound quality than the master on the net. Although we have also stated in reviews so far, Clapton in this London performance was full of physical condition and felt at the same time good condition. Royal Albert Hall, the venue he loves. Feeling fellow musicians. Under such a favorable environment, the first day performance which greeted fullness. A reggae arrange version of Bell Bottom Blues, a surprise song that he prepared on the first day. Please listen with the highest sound quality of this board by all means. Badge and Cocaine are also preeminent for calling that it was a highlight of the day. As if to release the spirit, Badge played solo high, Cocaine who showed off the wild solo with stepping on a wah pedal for a while. It is listening. Doyle Bramhall II who served as support act of the day participates in Little Queen Of Spades and Cocaine, Encore, so this is also a listening performance with Clapton. There is a moment when the performance is awkward after the solo of Doyle of Cocaine of this day, and the song enters wrong, but it is also a factor that can be enjoyed now. After all live shows are various, so it’s fun. A memorable first day performance in London. Please save it permanently with the main board of the press CD. It will be a limited release only for the first press, so please do as soon as possible.

今週は、遂にエリック・クラプトン最新ロンドン公演のプレスCDタイトルをリリースします!先週、先々週とスピードリリースで同公演の音源をリリースしてまいりましたが、それらは良好な音質ながらもすべてCDRでのリリースでした。どのマスターも、当店のプレスタイトルに見合う厳しい基準には今一つ達していないという判断の結果でした。それでもスピード感をもったリーズナブル価格でのパッケージリリースで、多くのファンの方に喜んでいただけたと思います。しかし、ツアーからの引退を宣言している72歳のクラプトンの「気紛れ」ライブともなれば、次回はいつあるか分からないだけに、プレスCDできちんとリリースしておくべきイベントであると考えておりました。そして、遂にその基準に達する極上音質のマスターをプレスCDでリリースするに至りました。録音者は、先週リリースしたDay 2とDay 3のマスターをネット上にアップしていたDuspyknowsです。アメリカ在住の彼が今回はクラプトンを観るために渡英し、3日間とも録音を敢行していたわけです。Schoeps MK4/NBox Platinum Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48Kというハイエンドな機材で録音し、ファイル化した3公演のマスターすべてを彼はネット上に公開しているわけですが、その中で本盤に収録された初日のマスターだけが、どこをとっても「極上」というに相応しいクオリティだったのです。恐らく3日間の座席で音質が大きく左右されたのでしょう。初日が彼のベスト・ポジションだったと思われます。当店のリリースも、初日公演はこれで3作目になります。渡英した日本人ファン、お馴染みの英国重鎮テーパー、そしてアメリカより参戦した有名テーパーと、それぞれの思いを秘めたソースにはドラマと情熱が感じられるかのようです。これも引退をほのめかすクラプトンを今のうちに観ておきたいという世界中のファンが、重要公演と位置づけた結果であり、エリック・クラプトンというアーティストの偉大性から来るものなのではないかという気がします。それだけに、永久保存していただくに相応しい形でのプレスCDリリースとなります。元マスターをより完璧な音質にするため、微調整レベルですが、オーディエンスの拍手音と目立つ指笛を個別で軽減し、全体の音像をブライトにして鮮明にしました。ネット上のマスターよりもさらに素晴らしい音質になっています。これまでのレビューでも述べてまいりましたが、このロンドン公演でのクラプトンは一際体調の良さが感じられ、元気いっぱいでした。彼が大好きな会場ロイヤル・アルバート・ホール。気心の知れた仲間ミュージシャンたち。そうした好環境の下、満を持して迎えた初日公演。その初日に彼が用意したサプライズ曲、Bell Bottom Bluesのレゲエ・アレンジ・バージョン。是非、本盤の極上音質でお聴きください。当日のハイライトだったとの呼び声が高いBadgeとCocaineも抜群の迫力です。精神を解放するかのように、ソロを高らかに奏でたBadge、久々にワウペダルを踏み捲ってのワイルドなソロを披露したCocaine。聴きものです。当日のサポートアクトを務めたドイル・ブラムホール二世が Little Queen Of SpadesとCocaine、アンコールに飛入り参加していますので、これもまたクラプトンとの共演が聴きどころとなっています。この日のCocaineのドイルのソロ後に演奏がぎこちなくなり、歌入りがおかしくなってしまう瞬間がありますが、それも今となっては楽しめる要素です。やはり生もののライブはいろいろ起こるから楽しいのです。記念すべきロンドンでの初日公演。プレスCDの本盤で、永久保存してください。初回プレスのみの限定リリースとなりますので、どうぞお早めのオーダーをお願い致します。
Disc 1 (51:12)
1. Intro 2. Somebody Knocking 3. Key To The Highway 4. Hoochie Coochie Man
5. I Shot The Sheriff 6. Driftin’ 7. Bell Bottom Blues 8. Layla
9. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out 10. Tears In Heaven

Disc 2 (43:12)
1. Badge 2. Wonderful Tonight 3. Crossroads 4. Little Queen Of Spades with Doyle Bramhall II
5. Cocaine with Doyle Bramhall II 6. Hight Time We Went with Doyle Bramhall II

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals Chris Stainton – piano, keyboards
Paul Carrack – organ, keyboards, vocals Nathan East – bass
Steve Gadd – drums Sharlotte Gibson – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals



Eric Clapton / Royal Albert Hall 2017 1st Night The Video / 1DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 22nd May 2017


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This week we will release the long-awaited press CD title “Royal Albert Hall 2017 1st Night” on the first day of Eric Clapton’s latest London performance, but some of our customers have been waiting for this title, or until now I think that you have purchased a CDR title of this title and there are maniacs of all titles who will purchase press titles this time as well. In order to respond to such appreciated guests, we have prepared bonus gift items best suited to “Royal Albert Hall 2017 1st Night”! It is an excellent recorded picture of 91 minutes excellent that I shot this first day performance from the front of the 2nd floor to the front in the state without any obstacles from the beginning to the end. In other words, we will attach a video version of “Royal Albert Hall 2017 1st Night”. Please enjoy together with CD.
The excellent point of this video is not only that it is completely recorded with a tripod firmly fixed, it is completely recorded in a blur-free state, but at the angle overlooking the whole stage of the stage, the stage set is just put in the frame . Although I occasionally zoom in on Clapton, basically it is recording it without any troubles while protecting this whole shot shot. In the acoustic set where the stage set is beautifully presented, while zooming in the whole, zooming up at exceptional timing. Because of that, it is very easy to see and you can feel the reality as if you are watching it while holding an opera glass at this seat of Royal Albert Hall. Regarding sound, from the structure peculiar to this hole, although it is slightly echoed, it is very beautifully recorded.
What kind of feeling was played by reggae arrange version of surprise song, Bell Bottom Blues prepared on this first day? What is the excitement of the venue at Badge and Cocaine, which was said to be the highlight of the day? What was it like when the performance got awkward after the solo of Doyle Bramhall II who jumped into Cocaine? Was the condition of Clapton really good? All the doubts that are difficult to understand with sound alone will be solved with this image. You can also see how Clapton steps on the wah pedal.
The stage set of this time was a performance that arranged 12 rows of plasma screens in a row in the background and reflected various effect images there. It is this picture that captured all of it. You can fully understand what sort of song and which image effect was applied. After the show, there is Clapton who hugs each band member, conveys gratitude and consolidates. And when we reward the audience with the members shoulder, we are standing at the right end, not the center. If it is normal, it would be a big artist to do “I am the leader, please leave the center free.” But Clapton does not do it. Thanks to the members, setting up members, I will fit in the corner. This is why Clapton has been keenly appreciated by musicians and staff for many years. It is this picture that makes me realize this again.
Special bonus DVD that will be immersed in feeling as if you actually watched Clapton’s latest Royal Albert Hall performance first day. Please do so by all means on this occasion. However, since it will be a bonus only for the initial press of “Royal Albert Hall 2017 1st Night”, please take your order as soon as possible.

今週は、エリック・クラプトン最新ロンドン公演初日の待望プレスCDタイトル「Royal Albert Hall 2017 1st Night」をリリースしますが、当店のお客様の中には当タイトルを待ちかねておられた方、あるいは、これまでのCDRタイトルをお買い求めいただき、今回もプレスタイトルをご購入いただく全タイトル制覇のマニアもいらっしゃることと思います。そんなありがたいお客様にお応えすべく、「Royal Albert Hall 2017 1st Night」に最適のボーナスギフトアイテムをご用意致しました!この初日公演を2階席正面前列から何の障害物もない状態で最初から最後まで撮り切ったという優れた91分の完全収録映像です。つまり、「Royal Albert Hall 2017 1st Night」の映像版をお付けしようというわけです。どうぞCDと併せてお楽しみくださいませ。
この初日に用意されたサプライズ曲、Bell Bottom Bluesのレゲエ・アレンジ・バージョンがどのような感じで演奏されたのか?この日のハイライトと言われたBadgeとCocaineでの会場の盛り上がり具合は?Cocaineに飛入りしたドイル・ブラムホール二世のソロ後の、演奏がちょっとぎこちなくなった時の様子はどんなだったのか?クラプトンの体調は本当に良かったのか?音からだけでは分かりにくい疑問点がすべてこの映像で解消されるでしょう。クラプトンがワウペダルを踏む様子もよく分かります。
クラプトン最新のロイヤル・アルバート・ホール公演初日を実際に観たかのような気分に浸れる特別ボーナスDVD。是非この機会にゲットしてください。但し、「Royal Albert Hall 2017 1st Night」の初回プレス分だけのボーナスとなりますので、どうぞお早めのオーダーをお願い致します。

1. Somebody Knocking 2. Key To The Highway 3. Hoochie Coochie Man 4. I Shot The Sheriff
5. Driftin’ 6. Bell Bottom Blues 7. Layla 8. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
9. Tears In Heaven 10. Badge 11. Wonderful Tonight 12. Crossroads
13. Little Queen Of Spades with Doyle Bramhall II 14. Cocaine with Doyle Bramhall II
15. Hight Time We Went with Doyle Bramhall II

Colour NTSC Approx 91min.

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