Eric Clapton / Royal Albert Hall 2015 4th Night / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Royal Albert Hall 2015 4th Night / 2CD / Beano

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Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 18th May 2015


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The best title of the 70-year-old Memorial Royal Albert Hall continuous performances of Eric Clapton, which was held in May after another release, but our shop has gained a good reputation, this week became the fourth day, net Where it will release the original sound source of valuable performances that are not floating around in press CD also on! What this board, you are using the original sound source of the went to England the Japanese taper in order to see the RAH performance of Clapton. This alone, for Clapton Mania, you’ll say that a sensational event. In addition, it is the sound quality is great to happy! So far RAH performance to our release of I recording by stalwarts of British resident was almost, but the present sound source provided by the new route also asserts that those great not inferior also superior to taper up to this.

As I mentioned earlier, for the fourth day performance has not yet been up to on the net, it seems that there are more that are not folded also heard the people of mania. But we are willing to be who can I no doubt, but the value of this sound source for some reason even Let’s say that high. It is the first day of the continuous performance, Clapton which is not Yara awoke from death was BB King obituary of shock in 14 days, in the Little Queen of Spades of this day, as if squeezing the soul part of the No. 4 lyrics ” BB King …. BB King ….. BB King …. “is there was a topic that was replaced sing that song, chanted with. During play of this slow blues, I thought to Clapton of BB will was Kiwama~tsu. Second day, although Clapton performances of the 15th was dedicated to the BB, it just I did not fit in his feelings. When you wrote this part correctly, the original lyrics were following.

Now, little girl, since I am the king, baby, and you is a queen
Whoo hoo, since I am the king, baby, and you is a queen
Let’s us put our heads together, hoo fair brown, then we make our money green

This Clapton in improvisation

BB King …. BB King ….. BB King …. BB King ….. BB King …. Our love … .BB ….

And it was replaced sing with. Venue at first you do not know everything, it seethes in large excitement as soon as notice to its meaning. If retrospect, acquaintances and BB in the United States performances of ’67 cream era, despite the white, by being multiplied by the eye because of their play spirit, during the American tour of ’70 of Derek and the Dominos era The it was also that BB was me every day flying into. Then to deepen the friendship while being loved to BB, Clapton also has been played many times over the years has led to the 2000, finally to achieve a joint album “RIDING WITH THE KING” release. And lead to even Clapton every time later BB in “Crossroads Guitar Festival”, it played a stage also played many times. BB is a translation Clapton is respect, continued to be the inspiration for the blues man that yearns. This time, Although it is Clapton that alluding to retire from the tour, temporary “is that you are standing on the stage to the death as BB’s my goal,” There was also professed a. But in the end, it was Clapton you have realized that it is not possible to continue until there. Great presence was realized that it can not be overcome, so to speak, against the large death Hou of BB, it was a junior Clapton should forego without regrets the long time relationship with BB, in his mind are organized up there it would be that had not. Feelings that have been bubbling up from the bottom of my heart is, is not forced to think that he was allowed to changing the lyrics of this song of the day. And not Clapton fan only, the reverse of ties with the predecessors that has haunted the mind beyond the color of skin through music has finally appeared in this song. Rock fans, blues fans will not pass it to avoid this. This board is, for people who love Clapton music and himself, also it is to no doubt that it is one of the monumental title, in this time of RAH continuous performances, is positioned and a sense this day was the most important It may be. Set list Although it was almost the same every day, feelings of Clapton that was put on the stage of the day, spirit or is exceptional. We would like for yourself the whole picture by all means this board. It will be released in limited press CD, We look forward to your early order.


先ほども述べましたように、この4日目公演は未だネット上にもアップされていないため、マニアの方でも聴いておられない方が多いと思われます。それだけに喜んでいただけることは間違いないのですが、さらにある理由でこの音源の価値は高いと言えましょう。それは、この連続公演の初日、14日に逝去したB.B.キングの訃報のショックから覚めやらぬクラプトンが、この日のLittle Queen of Spadesにおいて、4番の詞の部分を魂を絞り出すかのように「BB King …. BB King ….. BB King ….」と連呼して歌い換えたというトピックがあったのです。このスローブルースのプレイ中に、クラプトンのB.B.への想いは極まったのでしょう。2日目、15日の公演をクラプトンはB.B.に捧げましたが、それだけでは彼の気持ちは収まらなかったのです。この部分を正確に記しますと、元来の歌詞は以下でした。

Now, little girl, since I am the king, baby, and you is a queen
Whoo hoo, since I am the king, baby, and you is a queen
Let’s us put our heads together, hoo fair brown, then we make our money green


BB King …. BB King ….. BB King …. BB King ….. BB King ….Our love….BB….

と歌い換えたのです。最初は何事か分からなかった会場は、その意味に気づくやいなや大興奮に沸き返ります。思い返せば、67年のクリーム時代のアメリカ公演中にB.B.と知り合い、白人にもかかわらず、そのプレイ・スピリットゆえに目をかけられて、70年のデレク・アンド・ザ・ドミノス時代のアメリカン・ツアー中にはB.B.が連日飛入りしてくれたこともありました。そうしてB.B.に可愛がられながら親交を深めつつ、長年に渡り何度も共演してきたクラプトンは2000年、遂にジョイントアルバム「RIDING WITH THE KING」を実現しリリースするに至りました。そしてそれ以降もクラプトンは毎回B.B.を「クロスロード・ギター・フェスティバル」に招き、何度もステージ共演を果たしました。B.B.はクラプトンがリスペクトし、慕うお手本のブルースマンであり続けたわけです。今回、ツアーからの引退をほのめかしているクラプトンですが、一時は「B.B.のように死ぬまでステージに立っていることが自分の目標だ」と公言したこともありました。しかし結局、そこまで続けることはできないと悟ったクラプトンでした。言わば乗り越えることができないと悟った偉大な存在、B.B.の大往生の報に接し、B.B.との長き付き合いに思い残すことなく見送るべき後輩のクラプトンでしたが、彼の心の中はそこまで整理されてはいなかったということでしょう。心の底から湧き上がってきた想いが、この日のこの曲の詞を換えさせたのだと思わざるを得ません。クラプトンファンのみならず、音楽を通じて肌の色を超えて心を通わせた先人と後進の絆が最後にこの曲に現われています。ロックファン、ブルースファンはこれを避けては通れないでしょう。本盤が、クラプトンの音楽と彼自身を愛する人たちにとって、また一つの記念碑的なタイトルとなることは間違いありませんし、今回のRAH連続公演において、ある意味この日が最重要だったと位置付けられるかもしれません。セットリストは連日ほぼ同じでしたが、この日のステージに込めたクラプトンの想い、心意気はまた格別です。その全貌を是非本盤でお確かめいただきたいと思います。限定プレスCDでのリリースとなりますので、お早めのオーダーをお待ちしております。


Disc 1 (66:12)
1. Intro 2. Somebody’s Knocking 3. Key To The Highway 4. Pretending
5. Hoochie Coochie Man 6. You Are So Beautiful 7. Can’t Find My Way Home
8. I Shot The Sheriff 9. Driftin’ Blues 10. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
11. Tears In Heaven 12. Layla

Disc 2 (45:16)
1. Let It Rain 2. Wonderful Tonight 3. Crossroads 4. Little Queen of Spades
5. Cocaine 6. High Time We Went (with Andy Fairweather Low)

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals Chris Stainton – piano, keyboards
Paul Carrack – organ, keyboards, vocals Nathan East – bass
Steve Gadd – drums Michelle John – backing vocals Sharon White – backing vocals


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