Eric Clapton / Nothing But The Blues In The Spotlight / 1DVD

Eric Clapton / Nothing But The Blues In The Spotlight / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA USA 8th & 9th November 1994 Pro-Shot




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Live at The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA USA 8th & 9th November 1994 PRO-SHOTSpeaking of time which I represent Eric Clapton put their heart and soul to blues in most carriers, and 1995 of 1994 and would have been “Nothing But the Blues Tour”. I thought master Martin Scorsese movie is a big fan of rock and blues music as well, and want to put on the silver screen at any cost a passion, not only become of this Clapton. And November 8, 94, both days of the 9th, the movie he oversees, the completed, was the live documentary that contains the stage of the club in San Francisco “The Fillmore”. This work, in the media release and subsequent public is I was scheduled course, all I have been canceled due to reasons not known still. All media has not been released in Japan, overseas still. In fact, in this movie, version of the current four following there. Advanced copy made ​​for sale version, of ② Warner Home Video, which was broadcast on television station PBS in the United States only once in 1995 ①, Japanese subtitles version that was broadcast on satellite TV station WOWOW of ③ Japan, of ④ America It is a version, which is a direct copy from the master to broadcast before the TV station PBS. It is this movie that has been released in DVDR as the master one of the source of the four so far, but only the contents which can be called crystal passion Clapton and Scorsese, and what should be released in the press media highly conserved properly Our shop was considered. And now, to get the source of ④ to be described as quality of sound and image quality is the highest from the source of the four shop, I realized the release of the press DVD! The movie, in addition to performance and interview with Clapton, and archive live scene of Muddy Waters interviews and blues man, Jimmy Rogers has also been inserted.This means that I will be thinking through the performance of Narrative and Clapton, Scorsese that he wanted to reveal the spirits that was put in there with blues history. By this movie has not been open to the public, Scorsese might be having motivation later to the “Blues Project”. Despite not been released, among mania, and it is on what is said “Clapton not talk if you do not watch this movie” to the. By recording of the song is not the same as the actual concert, editing is carried out under a perfect calculation of Scorsese, it looks like traced the journey of up to tasteful last. There is no Japanese subtitles, this stage to listen to many of Bruce number of gem that will be played in this good sound, even just watching the figure of Clapton blazing, was an important part of his career is understanding I think that you can. Drums (was change to Steve Gadd then) name session man who enrolled only time of the ’94 club tour, is Andy Newmark. Please pay attention also to the spirit and technique of his Roxy Music, Roger Waters, to Joe Walsh from George Harrison, has been doing hit the music of all types show in deep blues. This board that the release of the DVD in the press for the first time in Japan. I ask to be a piece in the family, I will come in addition to the collection as eternal



1. Introduction 2. Blues Leave Me Alone 3. Standing Around Crying 4. Forty-Four Blues
5. It Hurts Me Too 6. Early In The Morning 7. Five Long Years 8. Crossroads
9. Malted Milk 10. Motherless Child 11. Reconsider Baby 12. Everyday I Have The Blues
13. Someday After A While 14. Have You Ever Loved A Woman 15. Groanin’ The Blues
16. Ain’t Nobody’s Business

Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals Andy Fairweather Low – Rhythm Guitar
Jerry Portnoy – Harmonica Chris Stainton – Keyboards Dave Bronze – Bass
Andy Newmark – Drums Roddy Lorimer – Trumpet Tim Sanders – Tenor Sax
Simon Clarke – Baritone Sax


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