Eric Clapton / Little Wing Budokan 1974 2nd Night / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Little Wing Budokan 1974 2nd Night / 2CD / SpeakEzy

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 1st November 1974

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The second day of the Budokan and the November 1st performance from the first performance in Japan in 1974 will be released on the press 2CD using the original master AUD sound source!
Valuable first appearance sound source!
A fragmentary soundboard sound source of the same day is recorded on the bonus track! Recording without pitch twist for the first time!

The main AUD source on this board is a monaural sound with a sense of distance, and although it is not said to have super high sound quality, it seems to be recorded from a master cassette, and it has good freshness with little hiss and is moody. It is a sound that you can enjoy a fresh atmosphere.
As you know, there is no sound source that is outstandingly good for this performance even in the existing titles, and there are things that are noisy and clear, and things that have lost their vividness due to sound processing closer to the midrange. .. .. Under such circumstances, this sound source can be said to be the top “level” with a sound that captures the freshness and the vivid atmosphere of the site while recording in monaural.
There is an intermittent swell of the sound from the live intro section to around 0:50 of the “Let It Glow” CD time, but after that, there is almost no major disturbance, and you can enjoy a generally stable sound until the end.

The bonus sound board sound source is a sound source of about 44 minutes that captured the middle part of the live, only here is the net.
With a monaural sound source, the cheers of the audience can be heard faintly from the center, like a PA out, and hiss is decent.
With the original sound source, it was difficult to hear the pitch up and down from “I Shot The Sheriff” to the end of “Have You Ever Loved A Woman”, but here it was thoroughly adjusted so that you can watch it to the end with almost no problems. It has become.
Of course, there are no titles that have been adjusted so far, so it is worth listening to.

The photos used for the jacket are also rare, and all of them are distant shots and are slightly blurred, but the point is that they are the type of clothes that are not seen in magazine articles at that time. I think you could see the white suit in the photos of other performances, but here the shirt under the suit looks different from the other performances. Also, it looks like there are two types of shirts, whether they changed clothes or because of the reflection of the lights (all photos are taken from the same angle and from the same position).
Also, in the photo, you can see the bucket beside the drum (which can be understood by those who understand it) and the sofa, and in the inner, you can also see Yvonne relaxing on the sofa (?)


ライブイントロ部から「Let It Glow」 CDタイム0:50付近まで音のうねりが断続的にありますが、そこを過ぎると大きな乱れもほとんどなく、最後まで概ね安定したサウンドを堪能できます。

もとの音源では「I Shot The Sheriff」から「Have You Ever Loved A Woman」終盤にかけてピッチの上下が激しく聞きづらいものでしたが、ここでは徹底的なアジャストがなされ、殆ど問題なく最後まで鑑賞頂けるようになっております。


Disc 1 (76:08)
01. Introduction ★断続的に音うねりあり
02. Let It Grow ★断続的に音うねりあり・0:50以降安定
03. Can’t Find My Way Home
04. Little Rachel
05. Tell The Truth
06. Singing The Blues
07. Badge
08. Willie And The Hand Jive
09. Get Ready
10. I Shot The Sheriff

Disc 2 (70:24)
01. Audience
02. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
03. Layla
04. Little Wing

Soundboard Recording
05. Singing The Blues ★cut in
06. Badge
07. Willie And The Hand Jive
08. Get Ready
09. I Shot The Sheriff★終盤ピッチヨレ解消
10. Have You Ever Loved A Woman ★ピッチヨレ解消 / カットアウト

Speak-Ezy. SPE-110174

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