Eric Clapton / In Frankfurt 2004 / 2CD

Eric Clapton / In Frankfurt 2004 / 2CD / Beano

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Live at Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany 8th April 2004


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Once Masterport label in 2004, which had been released from “Robert Johnson Tribute Tour”, of April 8 Germany, Frankfurt performances sound source, we have unearthed a complete different sound source New master. It is the name taper of the master source of the renowned German living in the ’70s of the recording such as Queen. This New Master has become a far more natural best level stereo audience recording in clear than Sundehatsuban. Its outstanding panel was also originally fairly high sound quality, noise due to poor contact of the microphone on the right channel have included the disadvantage that have occurred at multiple locations. In this excavation the New master these drawbacks is without any. Moreover, equipped with a clear and powerful sound quality is higher than the already issued, drum kind of Steve Gadd, it has been captured by the natural sound that would listen in on the day of the venue. Playing the part itself is excellent clear of, so we finish on those who can feel the full spread and powerful sense of reality, there is no happy doubt that serving for those who have a pre-departure board.

This tour, in which for many years Clapton of the right arm existence and going on Doyle Bramhall II has been appointed for the first time, we will see whether his support be returned to listen to now had been on how those overflowing vitality of the music. In addition to the keyboard late Billy Preston was a close friend from the 60s of Clapton had participated Following the 2001 tour. Got To Get Better In A Little While lively Krabi net listen in is a play that just also say his true value. And in the back of the female chorus, Michelle John and Sharon White to lead to the current there was also the first appointment has been tour. Black woman unique soulful chorus work you can enjoy. But also noteworthy what to say is the play of Doyle Bramhall. Will be deprived of the ear to the aggressive play of the changes hit the sober support of Andy Fairweather Low up to the previous tour. Beginning in glossy play at the bridge portion of the Let It Rain, Got To Get Better In A Little Clapton shame solo made full use of the wah-wah of a While and intro of Layla that can be asserted that not a person who goes out to the right of this people, Nice support the first time with an emphasis on original version in has glowing. Clapton was convinced of his ability in the 2000 album of the B.B. King of “RIDING WITH THE KING” is, has become to leave the solo played after Layla to be George since Terry in the 1970s to Doyle. And the taking over by shred guitar, such as the flash from his Clapton to burst. It is clear that Clapton by the participation of Doyle has been fueled stimulated, solo response rates after I Shot The Sheriff, is it also the tremendous solo in Have You Ever Loved A Woman will not appear. Two songs Clapton favorite young guitarist who served as the opening act for the encore, Robert Randolph and flying filled, shows off the play at the outstanding pedal steel. Listen far from full, listen Gotae tenths 2004 Frankfurt. Of than Beano label, it will be released in limited press, thank you as soon as possible of the order.



このツアーは、長年クラプトンの右腕的存在となっているドイル・ブラムホール二世が初めて起用されたもので、今聴き返しても彼のサポートがいかに楽曲を活力溢れたものにしていたかが判ります。さらにキーボードにはクラプトンの60年代からの親友だった故ビリー・プレストンが2001年ツアーに続いて参加していました。Got To Get Better In A Little Whileで聴かれる躍動感溢れるクラビネットは、まさに彼の真骨頂とも言えるプレイです。そしてバックの女性コーラスには、現在にも繋がるミシェル・ジョンとシャロン・ホワイトが初めて起用されたツアーでもありました。黒人女性ならではのソウルフルなコーラスワークが楽しめます。しかし何といっても注目すべきはドイル・ブラムホールのプレイです。前ツアーまでのアンディ・フェアウェザー・ロウの地味なサポートとは打って変わってのアグレッシヴなプレイには耳を奪われます。Let It Rainのブリッジ部での艶やかなプレイに始まり、Got To Get Better In A Little Whileでのクラプトン顔負けのワウワウを駆使したソロ、そしてこの人の右に出る者はいないと断言できるLaylaのイントロでのオリジナル・バージョンを重視したナイスなサポートぶりが光っています。2000年のB.B.キングとのアルバム『RIDING WITH THE KING』で彼の実力を確信したクラプトンは、70年代のジョージ・テリー以来となるLaylaの後奏でのソロをドイルに任せるまでになっています。そして彼から引き継いで閃光のような速弾きをクラプトンは炸裂させます。ドイルの参加によってクラプトンが刺激を受け煽られていたことは明らかで、I Shot The Sheriffの後奏のソロ、Have You Ever Loved A Womanでの凄まじいソロにもそれが現われています。アンコールの2曲にはオープニング・アクトを務めたクラプトンのお気に入り若手ギタリスト、ロバート・ランドルフが飛入りし、卓越したペダル・スティールでのプレイを披露しています。聴きどころ満載、聴きごたえ十分の2004フランクフルト。Beanoレーベルよりの、限定プレスでのリリースとなりますので、お早めのオーダーをお願いします。

Disc 1 (52:41)
1. Intro. 2. Let It Rain 3. Hoochie Coochie Man 4. Bell Bottom Blues 5. I Shot The Sheriff
6. Milkcow’s Calf Blues 7. When You Got A Good Friend 8. They’re Red Hot
9. Kind Hearted Woman Blues 10. Got To Get Better In A Little While

Disc 2 (58:03)
1. I Wanna little Girl 2. Change The World 3. Have You Ever Loved A Woman 4. Badge
5. Wonderful Tonight 6. Layla 7. Cocaine 8. Member Introduction 9. Sunshine Of Your Love
10. Got My Mojo Working

Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals Nathan East – Bass, Vocals Chris Stainton – Keyboards
Steve Gadd – Drums Doyle Bramhall II – Guitar, Vocals Billy Preston – Keyboards, Vocals
Sharon White – Backing Vocals Michelle John – Backing Vocals


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