Eric Clapton / Film Session For Tearing Us Apart / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Film Session For Tearing Us Apart / 2CD / Beano

Recorded during the filming of “Tearing Us Apart” video at Ronnie Scott’s, London, UK 16th August 1986

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A master of rare sound sources has arrived from the famous British resident taper who is a landlord of precious sound sources related to Eric Clapton! This is a leaked tape from the staff that recorded the whole story of the promotion clip shooting of the song Tearing Us Apart at the famous London club Ronnie Scotts on August 16, 1986! This sound source was actually released once a long time ago, but of course it is difficult to obtain it now, so this time it is a release that directly took over the first generation master of the heavyweight taper. Anyway, the contents of this tape are very interesting! First of all, it is not a sound board recording, but a superb audience recording by the staff. On the day of the event, a band of recording members of the album “AUGUST” such as Clapton, Nathan East, Greg Phillinganes, and Phil Collins performed miming according to the studio version of the song, but it was not limited to that. It is interesting that the miming for the studio version is only the first take, and the second and subsequent takes are live performances. Between the take shoots, the band jams the number of “AUGUST”, or maybe it is the influence of the black members of the band, I usually try to cover the numbers of Prince and Michael Jackson and the soul number. Playing songs that cannot be heard in Clapton and waiting for Clapton and band members at intervals are recorded over a length of 2 CDs (Phil’s song Easy Lover and hits at that time). Paul Young’s Every Time You Go Away was also played). Come to think of it, Prince and Michael Jackson were the flying bird-dropping superstars at the time (member Greg Phillinganes was Michael Jackson’s musical director). For that reason, Clapton was also paying attention to the cover performance, but now both of them are deceased. In a sense, I think you can listen to it with deep emotion. The recorder brought in by the staff seems to have been quite high spec, and its sound quality is described as “Aud 6”, which represents the highest level on Clapton’s underground source evaluation site Geetarz. So to speak, it is a tape that records improvisational live performances and jams at a club from a close distance with the highest sound quality. Here is a secret sound source that should not be leaked! Would you like to be excited? Now, let’s clarify the meaning of this event in this year in chronological order. ・ February 23, 1986: Performed in a memorial gig for the late Ian Stewart (Stones support pianist) at the 100 Club in London. During this time, he recorded the album “AUGUST” with a new lineup including Phil Collins. ・ June 20, 1986: Performed at “Prince’s Trust Concert” at Wembley Arena in London. ・ July 3-July 15, 1986: Short-term European tour with New Band ・ August 14, 1986: Jumped into Prince’s concert at Kensington Roof Gardens in London. ・ August 15, 1986: Participated in a special stage of the charity cricket match held in Finchley, England. ・ August 16, 1986: Promotional clip shooting of the new song Tearing Us Apart at Ronnie Scott’s, a club in London ← ★ Coco ★ During this time, ≪October 1, 1986: Album “AUGUST” released≫ ・ October 16, 1986: Appeared in Chuck Berry’s 60-year-old commemorative live recorded in St. Louis (this pattern was later made into a movie). ・ October 27, 1986: Entered Lionel Richie’s concert at Madison Square Garden, New York. ・ November 8, 1986: Entered the stage of the Robert Cray band who appeared in the London club Mean Fiddler. ・ November 20-24, 1986: Performed at the Boston club, Metro and New York club, The Ritz. Keith Richards jumped into the stage on the 23rd. ・ December 23, 1986: A charity show was held at Village Hall in Surrey, England. You can see that he made guest appearances and jumped in at numerous events and concerts while energetically recording and promoting the ambitious work “AUGUST”. Two days before that day, I was jumping into Prince’s concert. And on this day, Prince’s 1999 was covered. I even feel a little overkill. It can be said that Clapton was so full of vitality this year that he was “unbearable to play”. It was the shooting of the day that took the momentum. This promotional clip was shot assuming a single cut of the song, and because Tina Turner, who co-starred and duet in the studio version, couldn’t handle it, a black female model similar to her was appointed and made of leather. I made them wear bondage costumes and fishnet tights and made them appear as “dummy”. Therefore, the clip did not show Tina’s face (her hair feel, leather, and fishnet tights created the image of Tina). Considering the editing at a later date, it seems that it will be easy to finish with a few takes, but Clapton and the band seem to have enjoyed this shooting, and the band is playing lively for a long time. Nathan East is even showing off a stand-up comedy (a comic story). It can be seen that Clapton himself was even more motivated by the great success of his short-term European tour just before he got a new band. A staff recording tape that should be rarely heard and should be kept out of the gate. It is the first generation master that the heavyweight taper delivered. We hope you enjoy it as a record worth listening to. It will be released as a limited press CD with a sticker representing the first edition, so please order as soon as possible.

Recorded during the filming of “Tearing Us Apart” video at Ronnie Scott’s, London, UK 16th August 1986 TRULY PERFECT SOUND(from Original Masters)
エリック・クラプトン関連の貴重音源の大家であり、当店ではお馴染みのイギリス在住の重鎮テーパーから珍しい音源のマスターが到着致しました!1986年8月16日にロンドンの有名なクラブ、ロニー・スコッツで行なわれた、楽曲Tearing Us Apartのプロモーションクリップ撮影時の一部始終が録音された、スタッフからの流出テープです!この音源、実はかなり前に一度リリースされたことはあったのですが、当然現在では入手困難になっているため、今回重鎮テーパーのファーストジェネレーションマスターを直々に譲り受けてのリリースとなっております。とにかくこのテープの内容が非常に面白い!まず、サウンドボード録音ではなく、スタッフによる極上のオーディエンス録音であるということ。当日はクラプトン、ネイザン・イースト、グレッグ・フィリンゲインズ、フィル・コリンズというアルバム「AUGUST」の録音メンバーによるバンドが当曲のスタジオバージョンに合わせてマイミングを行なったわけですが、それだけに留まりませんでした。スタジオバージョンに合わせたマイミングは最初のテイクだけで、第2テイク以降は生演奏となっているという興味深い内容です。テイク撮影の合間にはバンドが「AUGUST」のナンバーをジャムったり、はたまたバンドの黒人メンバーの影響でしょうか、プリンスやマイケル・ジャクソンのナンバーやソウルナンバーをカバー演奏してみたりと普段のクラプトンでは聴くことのできない楽曲をプレイする様子やインターバルでクラプトンやバンドメンバーが待機している様子などが2CDの長さに亘って収録されています(フィルの持ち歌だったEasy Loverや当時ヒットしていたポール・ヤングのEvery Time You Go Awayも演奏されています)。考えてみれば、当時プリンスやマイケル・ジャクソンは飛ぶ鳥落とす勢いのスーパースターでした(メンバーのグレッグ・フィリンゲインズはマイケル・ジャクソンのミュージカルディレクターを務めていました)。それだけにクラプトンも注目してのカバー演奏だったわけですが、今では二人とも故人になっているというこの時代の流れ。ある意味、感慨深く聴いていただけるのではないでしょうか。スタッフが持ち込んだレコーダーはかなりのハイスペックだったと思われ、その音質は、クラプトンのアンダーグラウンドソースの評価サイトGeetarzでは極上(トップ)レベルを表わす「Aud 6」と記されています。言わば、クラブでの即興ライブ&ジャムを至近距離から最高音質でオーディエンス録音したテープというわけです。流出させてはいけないはずの秘匿音源がここに!ワクワクしませんか?
・1986年8月16日:ロンドンのクラブ、ロニー・スコッツにて、新曲Tearing Us Apartのプロモーション・クリップ撮影 ←★ココ★
Disc 1 (78:16)
1. Intro
2. Tearing Us Apart
3. Interval
4. Tearing Us Apart
5. Blues Jam
6. Tearing Us Apart
7. Take A Chance
8. Interval (Incl. Behind The Mask, Ain’t Too Proud To Beg)
9. Tearing Us Apart
10. Interval
11. Title Unknown
12. Title Unknown
13. Easy Lover
14. Tearing Us Apart
15. Every Time You Go Away *後半レゲエ風
16. September
Disc 2 (69:59)
1. Interval
2. Tearing Us Apart
3. 1999 *プリンス・カバー
4. Title Unknown
5. Billie Jean *マイケル・ジャクソン・カバー
6. On Broadway
7. Stuff Like That
8. Interval
9. Instrumental
10. Tearing Us Apart
11. Money for Nothing
12. Run
13. Nathan East’s standup comedy
14. Tearing Us Apart
15. MC / Outro.
Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals Greg Phillinganes – Keyboards Nathan East – Bass
Phil Collins – Drums, Vocals

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