Eric Clapton / Budokan 2009 5th Night / 2CD+1Bonus Single DVDR

Eric Clapton / Budokan 2009 5th Night / 2CD+1Bonus Single DVDR / Tricone
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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 25th February 2009 STEREO SBD Plus Bonus DVDR “BUDOKAN 2009 5TH NIGHT: THE VIDEO”

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Eric · Clapton From the Japan tour in February 2009, we examined the best thing from the relay video master of February 25 Budokan performance on air on the same year’s satellite broadcast, and stereo sound board directly pressed CD Source release! It is the official live board as it is, it has the best sound quality that you will be trusted even if you say. First of all, let’s take a look at the topics before and after what this position occupied in the activity of this year of Clapton.

· December 31, 2008: Concert “New Year’s Eve · Dance” held in Walking District Surrey
· 12th to 28th February 2009: 11 Japan tour over 11 performances (Including joint concert with Jeff Beck at Saitama Super Arena on 21st and 22nd) ← ★ Coco ★
· March 4 – 10, 2009: Short-term Oceania Tour
· March 19th and 20th 2009: appeared as a guest at the 40th anniversary concert of the Allman Brothers band

You can see that this Japan tour was the first big work of the New Year’s day. A tour in Japan that I love about the New Year. After that, Oceania tour was abandoned. There was also a meaning that this Japan tour’s accomplishment divides activity of this year. Yes, the clapton was filled with energy. This tour, which began in Osaka, has become whispered the reputation that it is outstanding performance even in the past 18 years of Japan tour, as the performances progressed. It was recorded at the Budokan performance on February 25 that hit the ninth performance at that timing. This picture was on air on satellite broadcast on March 15th of the following month. There were all the attractions of the band and set list at this time being caught there. On this tour, there is Doyle Blum Hall II, the best partner for Clapton’s right arm, and Ave Laboratory Jr. was borrowed from what Paul McCartney was borrowed from drums. Both light Steve Jordan and steady Steve Gad are different, Bottom and Tamey drumming blew a new breeze into Clapton’s repertoire. A combination with him and veteran name bassist, Willie Weeks also worked well. And the set list was only for this tour. Is not It A Pity dedicated to Clapton’s best friend, George Harrison who died in 2001, a band when this number was recorded with George, Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad of Derek & The Dominos, and Doyle Electric & standing Layla that I could play because it was there! Yes, Layla as the original version was played, this tour was the last. Clapton, which was successful in collaborating with old friend Jeff Beck in Saitama and was fulfilling both physical fitness and energy, is playing through the whole story. It is the main board that you can listen to the whole of this special tour with the best stereo sound board. It is a live board whose name you should have one piece in a family. Limited press release will be released so please do so as soon as possible.

★ That Sade – a decision board brought from the same broadcast master / route as “PROMISE IN TOKYO”. The main board is also recorded with equalization and re-mastering words and the highest sound quality of another dimension.


このジャパンツアーが、オフ明けの新年最初の大仕事だったことがお分かりいただけるでしょう。新年明けての大好きな日本でのツアー。その後にはオセアニアツアーが控えていました。このジャパンツアーの出来がこの年の活動を占うという意味合いもありました。そう、クラプトンには気合が入っていたのです。大阪で幕を開けたこのツアーは、公演が進むに従って、18回に及ぶ歴代のジャパンツアーにあっても際立ったパフォーマンスだという評判が囁かれるようになっていました。そのタイミングで9公演目に当たった2月25日の武道館公演が映像収録されたわけです。この映像は翌月の3月15日に衛星放送でオンエアされました。そこにはこの時のバンド、セットリストの魅力のすべてが捉えられていました。このツアーでは、クラプトンの右腕としては最高のパートナーであるドイル・ブラムホール二世がおり、ドラムには何とポール・マッカートニーから借り受ける形でエイヴ・ラボリアル・ジュニアが起用されていました。軽快なスティーヴ・ジョーダンともステディなスティーヴ・ガッドとも違う、ボトムとタメの利いたドラミングは、クラプトンのレパートリーに新風を吹き込みました。彼とベテラン名ベーシスト、ウィリー・ウィークスとのコンビネーションもうまく機能しました。そしてセットリストがこのツアーだけのものでした。2001年に亡くなったクラプトンの親友、故ジョージ・ハリスンに捧げるIsn’t It A Pity、このナンバーをジョージとレコーディングした時のバンド、デレク&ザ・ドミノスのWhy Does Love Got To Be So Sad、そしてドイルがいたからこそプレイできたエレクトリック&スタンディングのLayla!そう、オリジナル・バージョンどおりのLaylaがプレイされたのは、このツアーが最後だったのです。埼玉で旧友ジェフ・ベックとのコラボを成功させ、体調・気力共に充実していたクラプトンは全編を通じて弾き捲っています。この特別なツアーの全貌を最高のステレオ・サウンドボードで聴くことができるのが本盤です。一家に一枚、持っていただくべき名ライブ盤です。限定のプレスCDリリースとなりますので、どうぞお早めのオーダーをお願い致します。

★あのシャーデ―「PROMISE IN TOKYO」と同じ放送マスター・ルートからもたらされた決定盤。本盤もまたイコライズやリマスター云々とは別次元の最高音質で収録。
Disc 1(55:17)
1. Tell The Truth 2. Key To The Highway 3. Hoochie Coochie Man 4. I Shot The Sheriff
5. Isn’t It A Pity 6. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad 7. Driftin’ 8. Travelin’ Alone
9. That’s Alright

Disc 2(59:56)
1. Motherless Child 2. Running On Faith 3. Motherless Children 4. Little Queen of Spades
5. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 6. Wonderful Tonight 7. Layla 8. Cocaine 9. Crossroads

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals Doyle Bramhall II – guitar, dvocals Chris Stainton – keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass Abe Laboriel, Jr. – drums Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals


Tricone 159/160
Eric Clapton / Budokan 2009 5th Night The Video / 1Single Bonus DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 25th February 2009 PRO-SHOT

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It complements the press board “BUDOKAN 2009 5 TH NIGHT” from the image, bonus disc which is indispensable in this title. In the case of Clapton fans, there will be no one who does not have this prestigious Japanese performance picture. The Japanese tour of this year covered 11 concerts nationwide, especially the collaboration with Jeff Beck in Saitama 2 Days was not only Clapton, but also an epochal project lively shining in the history of Western music entertainment. This performance is on the 5th day of 6 Budokan 6 performances, taking a tour of Japan Tour 9. Clapton’s right arm Doyle Bramhall II, Paul Band’s Ave Laboral, Jr. and others played, the overwhelming power and the live of this period full of distinctive grooves are perfect after listening. It seems to be just before this, that actually it has been eight years since then. Please listen to the charm of the 2009 live which was also a culmination of crapon visits to Japan by all means with the highest quality CD and this bonus disc tonight.
プレス盤「BUDOKAN 2009 5TH NIGHT」を映像より補完してくれる、本タイトルには無くてはならないボーナスディスク。クラプトン・ファンならば、この屈指の日本公演映像はお持ちでない方はいらっしゃらないでしょう。この年の日本ツアーは全国11公演に及び、なかでも埼玉2デイズにおけるジェフ・ベックとの共演は、クラプトンのみならず、洋楽興行史に燦然と輝くエポックな企画ライヴでありました。本公演は日本ツアー9公演目にして、武道館6公演の5日目。クラプトンの右腕ドイル・ブラムホール二世、ポール・バンドのエイヴ・ラボリアル・ジュニアらと奏でられる、圧倒的なパワーと独特のグルーブに満ちたこの時期のライヴは終始、聴き応え満点。ついこの前のようで、実はあれからもう、8年も経ってしまったとは・・・。クラプトン来日史の中でも、一つの集大成でもあった2009年ライヴの魅力を、今宵、最高音質のCDと本ボーナスディスクで是非お楽しみ下さい。

1. Intro. 2. Tell The Truth 3. Key to the Highway 4. Hoochie Coochie Man 5. I Shot the Sheriff
6. Isn’t It A Pity 7. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad 8. Driftin’ 9. Travelin’ Alone
10. That’s Alright 11. Motherless Child 12. Running On Faith 13. Motherless Children
14. Little Queen of Spades 15. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 16. Wonderful Tonight
17. Layla 18. Cocaine 19. Crossroads

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals Doyle Bramhall II – guitar, vocals Chris Stainton – keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass Abe Laboriel, Jr. – drums Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals


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