Eric Clapton / Boston 1986 First Night / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Boston 1986 First Night / 2CD / Beano

Translated Text:
Live at The Metro Club, Boston, MA. USA 20th November 1986 STEREO SBD .


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Even more of a sound source that grade up is believed would not, one day is what suddenly appear. This week, our shop is of Eric Clapton to release master, November 20, 1986, the United States, was complete recording of the rare club gig that took place at the best stereo sound board recording in Massachusetts Boston club “Metro” is press 2CD. Speaking of this sound source, the only sound board title of crunchy is present in multiple already issued board, mania, which is get it it would be the situation that has been satisfied everyone. However, this board to this release is what as this sound has been upgraded for the first time in 10 years! If it is possible to listen to the Crossroads of the opening, the sound quality of up to glance (ear?) Ryozen. Of the keyboard in the intro that Greg Phillinganes of synthesizer is at stake come the “sense of touch” completely different. Of course hum of Clapton guitar amp that sounds to back also reduces the degree of distortion, I am transformed to the next incoming of Steve Feron Natural was also Tsubuda~tsu attack of the snare drum sound. I no longer came back is achieved in more sound is the sound source is imposing grade up that had been thought that there is no such thing to be polished. The introduction site GEETARZ of Clapton Collector’s CD originally, the only source you have knocked the high score one of the best that SBD6 in sound quality evaluation of 5-point scale, then you’ll be mania is also woven that seems to be enough in its outstanding panel. However, if there is on it, greedily being pursued or whether it would not be say that the true value of mania. Just thought of as a close to the feeling of when I heard the sound of a normal CD in the SHM-CD version. Sound quality is not that it has come to good.

In addition, this source is not only by far the sound quality, on it are those that capture a rare club gig also in Clapton career, the first time it hired black drummer of the original The Average White Band, Steve Feron it is a recording of a gig memorable that it was of the stage. It until the drum is not relied on Phil Collins that gave me support the album “AUGUST” but, Clapton, which fell to a situation where we must find the place of the drummer from the convenience of the hottest Phil schedule, participated in ’84 acquaintance with solo album session of Christine McVie, in Feron that showed off the tight drumming that he faces by scout and make a singled out it was this stage. But are is also noted that it is the first time showing off It’s In the Way You Use It you did not play in the enrollment age of Phil. No less to the studio version making it the tight workmanship. As far as listening to this board, the appointment of Feron may seem out with Gil, also Clapton will be still be using him until 1992 or later. Was so in addition to him you have to hear the tight play, also breath of N. East and G. Fi phosphorus Gaines LA team to show off the razor of such sharp play is perfectly appropriate, hear the very high-quality performance have. 1/10 high pitch corrected semitone of the original sound master. Fine petit noise does not exist in this board. Anyway, not relied your satisfaction with its outstanding panel, please try to listen to the sound of this board please. This I can affirm the decision version of the sound source. It will be a limited release of sticker with First Press Edition only, I am waiting for your early order.

また、この音源は音質がずば抜けているだけでなく、クラプトンのキャリアにおいても珍しいクラブ・ギグを捉えたものである上に、元アヴェレージ・ホワイト・バンドの黒人ドラマー、スティーヴ・フェローンを起用して初めてのステージだったという記念すべきギグを記録したものです。それまでドラムはアルバム「AUGUST」をサポートしてくれたフィル・コリンズに頼っていたわけですが、売れっ子フィルのスケジュールの都合から代わりのドラマーを探さねばならない状況に陥ったクラプトンが、84年に参加したクリスティン・マクヴィーのソロアルバム・セッションで知り合い、タイトなドラミングを披露したフェローンに白羽の矢を立ててスカウトして臨んだのがこのステージでした。それだけにフィルの在籍時代には演奏しなかったIt’s In the Way You Use Itを初披露していることにも注目です。スタジオ・ヴァージョンに劣らぬタイトな出来映えとなっています。本盤を聴く限りでは、フェローンの起用は吉と出ているようで、以降もクラプトンは彼を1992年まで使い続けることになります。それほどタイトなプレイを聴かせた彼に加え、剃刀の如きシャープなプレイを披露するN.イーストとG.フィリンゲインズのLAチームの息もばっちり合っており、非常にクオリティの高いパフォーマンスを聴かせています。原音マスターの半音の1/10 高いピッチは修正済み。細かいプチノイズも本盤にはありません。とにかく既発盤でご満足なさらず、どうぞ本盤のサウンドを聴いてみてください。これが本音源の決定版と断言できます。ステッカー付初回プレス盤のみの限定リリースとなりますので、お早めのオーダーをお待ちしております。 

Disc 1 (57:43)
1. Crossroads 2. White Room 3. I Shot The Sheriff 4. Wanna Make Love To You
5. It’s In The Way That You Use It 6. Run 7. Miss You 8. Same Old Blues 

Disc 2 (49:49)
1. Tearing Us Apart 2. Holy Mother 3. Badge 4. Let It Rain 5. Cocaine
6. Layla 7. Sunshine Of Your Love

Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals Nathan East – Bass Greg Phillinganes – Keyboards
Steve Ferrone – Drums



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