Eric Clapton / Denver 1985 / 4CD

Eric Clapton / Denver 1985 / 4CD / Beano

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Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, CO. USA 11th & 14th July 1985



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The other day, a 3CD of Eric Clapton from unpublished New master “Complete Toronto 1985” was released and gained great popularity, but we extend the sales also the same title now, here also the determination of the 1985 North American tour We will release a version specific title! Of course all our shop is unpublished master newly excavated. And to have been recorded, the tour is also the Denver concert two days of July 11th and 14th days were approaching the final stage. Both good sound balance, are fully recorded in clear sound quality. Schedule basis will be woven even those who seemed to be “there?”. Even though two-day performances in the same cities and venues, why between that had been vacant than two day? So yes, this is on July 13 between two days that historic event, “Live Aid” is performed in Philadelphia, Clapton and the band it is because had appeared in it. Brave figure of Clapton in the “Live Aid” has become apparent in the official DVD work, but he is with pleasing fans of a long time in this event, it was won also a new fan. It was the timing that was addicted to superb in promotional. And this board is, and Clapton performance all fired up before the event appearance, after the appearance, you mean that extensive performance of to improve the care has been recorded. Why uke Taka Clapton is “Live Aid”? It is that you have to play it to reproduce the classic White Room of cream era until the wah-wah solo, playing the She’s Waiting from new at the time, “BEHIND THE SUN”, it showed the current Clapton, and in the eternal classic Layla It shows the presence of Clapton vividly, it did not become other to because I can presentation the three at the same time. In other words, Eric Clapton before a large crowd of 70,000 rather than the past of people, is an active crunching of artists, firmly inherited the masterpieces, the arm to play it I proved that undiminished in any way . Probably the result he would have been expected. If it is possible to listen to the play performances of 11th housed here, play Kirekire born from unwavering confidence has exploded. And the 14th raging performance of full of further confidence of only does said “How’s”. No longer do not have to Mosu need harping. However, I would like you to listen. That’s all. The sound source 11th Sunde-hatsu-ban exists, but the present board was newly excavated, it is made from completely different master. Musical tone is somewhat narrow impression, but it is clear in respectable stereo sound. And this board of centerpiece is 14 days. Until now completely unpublished, a sound source of the day it was not any of its outstanding board has finally seen the light of day. This is also a new master that our shop has its own excavation. This 14-day, good further sound quality than the 11th, is a big sound of the stereo feeling full of scale. The sound quality is undisputed, it is a wonderful thing. Although both days set list is the same, sharpness sharp slide of judgment in the Motherless Children, fast in I Shot The elegant phrase in the Sheriff, Kiki approaching blues guitar of angry waves over the full-length in the Same Old Blues, Tangled In Love interpolation seen how the passage, and sharpness of wah-wah over cream era in the White Room. It is completely knocked out by far of the first half. The second half is also Tsuppashiri in this momentum, until the last encore of Further On Up The Road, never high tension is interrupted. ’85 Of Clapton or was how amazing, is it well understood for by the present board. Title to leave a name to live the history of Clapton is also one release. Thank you a reply as soon as possible of the order.

先日は、未発表ニューマスターからエリック・クラプトンの3CD「Complete Toronto 1985」をリリースして大好評を博し、現在も同タイトルは売れ行きを伸ばしておりますが、ここにまた1985年北米ツアーの決定版的タイトルをリリースします!もちろんすべて当店が新たに発掘した未発表マスターです。収録していますのは、ツアーも終盤に差し掛かった7月11日と14日のデンヴァー2日間公演です。どちらもサウンドバランスのよい、クリアな音質で完全収録されています。日程的に「あれ?」と思われた方もおられるでしょう。同じ都市・会場での2日間公演なのに、なぜ間が2日も空いていたのか?そうです、この2日の間の7月13日にはあの歴史的イベント「ライブ・エイド」がフィラデルフィアで行なわれ、クラプトンとバンドはそれに出演していたからなのです。「ライブ・エイド」でのクラプトンの勇姿はオフィシャルDVD作品で明らかになっていますが、彼はこのイベントで古くからのファンを喜ばせたとともに、新しいファンをも獲得したのです。プロモーション的には見事にはまったタイミングでした。そして本盤には、そのイベント出演を前に意気込むクラプトンのパフォーマンスと、出演後、気を良くしての充実したパフォーマンスが収録されているという訳です。クラプトンが「ライブ・エイド」でなぜウケたか?それはクリーム時代の名曲White Roomをワウワウ・ソロまで再現して演奏したこと、当時の新作「BEHIND THE SUN」からのShe’s Waitingを演奏して、現在のクラプトンを見せたこと、そして永遠の名曲Laylaでクラプトンの存在感を如実に示したこと、この3つを同時にプレゼンテーションできたからに他なりませんでした。つまり、7万人の大観衆を前にエリック・クラプトンは過去の人ではなく、現役バリバリのアーティストであり、名曲をしっかり受け継ぎ、それをプレイする腕は些かも衰えていないことを証明したのです。恐らくこの結果を彼は予想していたでしょう。ここに収められた11日の公演のプレイを聴いていただければ、揺るぎない自信から生まれるキレキレのプレイが炸裂しています。そして「どうだ」と言わんばかりのさらなる自信に満ちての14日の怒涛のパフォーマンス。もはやくどくど申す必要はありません。ただ、聴いていただきたい。それだけです。11日の音源には既発盤は存在しますが、本盤は新たに発掘した、まったくの別マスターから製作されています。楽音はややナロウな印象ですが、立派なステレオ・サウンドでクリアです。そして本盤の目玉は14日です。これまで完全未発表、既発盤の一切なかった日の音源が遂に日の目を見ました。これも当店が独自に発掘したニューマスターです。この14日は、11日よりもさらに音質の良い、ステレオ感いっぱいのスケールの大きなサウンドです。この音質は文句なし、素晴らしいものです。両日ともセットリストは同じですが、Motherless Childrenでの切れ味鋭いスライドさばき、I Shot The Sheriffでの流麗なフレーズ、Same Old Bluesでの全編に亘る鬼気迫る怒涛のブルース・ギター、Tangled In Loveでの速いパッセージの挿み方、そしてWhite Roomでのクリーム時代を上回るワウワウのキレ。前半のここまでで完全にノックアウトされます。後半もこの勢いで突っ走り、アンコールのFurther On Up The Roadの最後まで、ハイテンションが途切れることはありません。85年のクラプトンがいかに凄かったか、それがよく判るのが本盤です。クラプトンのライブ史に名を残すタイトルがまた一つリリースされます。どうぞお早めのオーダーをよろしくお願いします。

Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, CO. USA 11th July 1985

Disc 1 (78:51)
1. Intro 2. Tulsa Time 3. Motherless Children 4. I Shot The Sheriff 5. Same Old Blues
6. Tangled In Love 7. White Room 8. Steppin’ Out (featuring Shaun Murphy)
9. Wonderful Tonight 10. She’s Waiting 11. She Loves You (featuring Marcy Levy)
12. Badge 13. Let It Rain 14. Double Trouble

Disc 2 (27:50)
1. Cocaine 2. Layla 3. Forever Man 4. Member Introduction 5. Further On Up The Road

Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, CO. USA 14th July 1985

Disc 3 (59:36)
1. Intro 2. Tulsa Time 3. Motherless Children 4. I Shot The Sheriff 5. Same Old Blues
6. Tangled In Love 7. White Room 8. Steppin’ Out (featuring Shaun Murphy)
9. Wonderful Tonight 10. She’s Waiting 11. She Loves You (featuring Marcy Levy)

Disc 4 (48:39)
1. Badge 2. Let It Rain 3. Double Trouble 4. Cocaine 5. Layla 6. Forever Man
7. Member Introduction 8. Further On Up The Road

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals Tim Renwick – guitar Chris Stainton – keyboards
Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn – bass Jamie Oldaker – drums Marcy Levy – backing vocals
Shaun Murphy – backing vocals


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