Eric Clapton / Rainbow Theatre 1981 / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Rainbow Theatre 1981 / 2CD / Beano
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Live at Rainbow Theatre, London, UK 5th February 1981

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The second piece of this week’s Eric Clapton title release is a complete recording board of the London, Rainbow Theater Show on February 5, 1981, which is “Japan’s first” release! Although it is the source which was uploaded on the Internet recently, this is not an audience source of the Budokan performance on December 3, 1979, which was camouflaged as if it was a boat race this time. It is a genuine first appearance of the 81st Rainbow Theater Show. However, the original source of the net had a fatal shortcoming. Although it will be described in detail later, it is the main board finished to the quality of clear and good stereo and audience recording which is worth listening, with its masterpiece of relief and trust by our professional engineer to splendidly and it is worth listening! First of all, before explanation of the sound quality, let’s confirm in chronological order what this meaning on the career of the clapton had this performance.

«Recording the live album” JUST ONE NIGHT “at the Japan Tour Budokan performance in December 1979»
«May 1, 1980: Release of live album” JUST ONE NIGHT “»
· May 2 – 18, 1980: UK tour
«July – August 1980: Recording the album” ANOTHER TICKET “»
· September 19 – 29, 1980: short-term Scandinavian tour
«February 1, 1981: Release of album” ANOTHER TICKET “»
· January 31 – February 5, 1981: short-term Irish Tour ← ★ Coco ★
· From March 2, 1981 ~ Long-term North American tour, even 14 days after digesting 8 performances collapsed with pancreatic ulcer and is hospitalized urgently. Then I will take medical treatment until autumn.

The recording of the album “ANOTHER TICKET” which was carried out in the British band newly accompanied by Gary Brucker, leader of former Procol Harum, who joined the Clapton band in the spring of 1980, also smoothly ended, and in the new set including the new song We also made the Scandinavian tour in autumn successfully made to confirm the feeling successfully. And an Irish Tour where Clapton who cultivated its spirit off for three months, departed at a speedy ahead of the release of the new album. It was the main day of the triumphant performance that nominated favorite Pakubura Duo, Chas & Dave as opening act, returning to home country as its tightening. “BRIGHTON 1980” which we released earlier from our shop was also the sound source of the tour after subscribing to Brooker, but it was a tour that intentionally removed popular song Layla from the set. However, in addition to resurrecting again in this board, we are setting Muddy Waters’ blues Blow Wind Blow from the new album. In addition, I’m showing off with Brooker’s Eighteen A Whiter Shade Of Pale. When listening to the news that Brooker joined the Clapton band, there would have been a lot of fans wanting to listen to this song on the back of the Clapton guitar. Not only has the set changed from the previous year, Clapton’s play of this day is also wonderful! If you think that you are listening to the emotional crying play with a delayed emphasis, you can also listen to aggressive play that cuts when stepping on a wah. It is a stage that you can not feel any sign of symptoms such as falling ill in the next month. A Listen to Whiter Shade Of Pale, due to its clear sound quality, clapping’s playfully played, spontaneously applause from the audience of the venue happens. Clapton’s Blackie starts crying. Clapton of this day was in good condition. Yes, it is also the victory of our mastering that we can listen to the real performance as it is. The original source of the net was in a state that it was 100 to 150% higher than how much a semitone in tape pitch. I can not resist listening very much. You would not have been far from enjoying wonderful play. On the contrary, you can see that Cocaine listening at the correct pitch was played slowly and with such tempo down. And it is captured privately that the opening and act actor Chas & Dave joins the clapton band which ended encore. It consists of convolving 4 familiar rock and roll from there. At a stretch the venue turns into a pub state in London. This mood is also unique to Clapton’s local people. In Ireland this is not going. Listen on our mastering, the first appearance sound source of the time to fill the back of “JUST ONE NIGHT”. Please enjoy plenty.


≪1979年12月のジャパン・ツアー武道館公演でライブアルバム「JUST ONE NIGHT」をレコーディング≫
≪1980年5月1日:ライブアルバム「JUST ONE NIGHT」リリース≫
≪1980年7月~8月:アルバム「ANOTHER TICKET」レコーディング≫
≪1981年2月1日:アルバム「ANOTHER TICKET」リリース≫
・1981年1月31日~2月5日:短期アイルランド・ツアー ←★ココ★

80年春にクラプトンバンドに加入した元プロコル・ハルムのリーダー、ゲイリー・ブルッカーを伴い、新たにイギリス人バンドで行なったアルバム「ANOTHER TICKET」のレコーディングもスムーズに終了させ、新曲を含んだニューセットでの感触を確かめるために出た秋のスカンジナビア・ツアーも無事成功させました。そして3ヶ月のオフで英気を養ったクラプトンがニューアルバムのリリースを控え、意気揚々と出発したアイルランド・ツアー。その締めとして本国に帰って来ての、お気に入りのパブロック・デュオ、チャス&デイヴをオープニング・アクトに指名しての凱旋公演が本盤の日だったのです。当店から先般リリースしました「BRIGHTON 1980」もブルッカー加入後のツアーの音源でしたが、何と意図的に人気曲Laylaをセットからはずしたというツアーでした。しかし本盤ではまた復活させた上に、ニューアルバムからマディ・ウォータースのブルースBlow Wind Blowをセットインさせています。さらにブルッカーの十八番A Whiter Shade Of Paleを満を持して披露しています。ブルッカーがクラプトンバンドに加入、というニュースを聞いた時、この曲をクラプトンのギターをバックに聴きたいファンは多かったことでしょう。セットが前年とは変わっただけではなく、この日のクラプトンのプレイがまた素晴らしい!緩急つけてのエモーショナルな泣きのプレイを聴かせたかと思えば、ワウを踏んでの切り込むようなアグレッシヴなプレイも聴かせています。翌月に病に倒れるなどいう予兆はまったく感じられないステージなのです。A Whiter Shade Of Paleを聴いてみてください、クリアな音質ゆえに、クラプトンのあまりに感極まったようなプレイに、会場のオーディエンスから自然発生的に拍手喝采が起こります。クラプトンのブラッキーが泣き捲る。この日のクラプトンは調子が良かったのです。そう、こうしてありのままのパフォーマンスをリアルに聴けるのは、当店のマスタリングの勝利でもあるのです。ネットの元ソースは、テープピッチにおいて何と半音の100~150%も高かったという状態でした。これではとても聴くに堪えません。素晴らしいプレイを楽しむどころではなかったでしょう。逆に正しいピッチで聴くCocaineが、これほどテンポダウンしてじっくりと演奏されていたことがお判りいただけるでしょう。そして特典的に収録されているのが、オープニング・アクトを務めたチャス&デイヴが何とアンコールを終えてしまったクラプトンバンドに加わってしまうという展開が捉えられています。そこからお馴染みのロックンロールを4曲畳みかけるという構成です。一気に会場はロンドンのパブ状態と化します。こうしたムードもクラプトンの地元ならではのことでしょう。アイルランドではこうはいかなかったということです。当店のマスタリングで聴く、「JUST ONE NIGHT」の後を埋める時期の初登場音源。どうぞたっぷりお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (45:16)
1. Tulsa Time 2. Worried Life Blues 3. Lay Down Sally 4. Wonderful Tonight
5. Blow Wind Blow 6. Ramblin’ On My Mind 7. A Whiter Shade Of Pale 8. Country Boy

Disc 2 (54:37)
1. Double Trouble 2. Blues Power 3. Cocaine 4. Layla 5. Band Introductions
6. Further On Up The Road 7. MC 8. Send Me Some Lovin’ * 9. Draw the Line *
10. Lawdy Miss Clawdy * 11. Roll Over Beethoven *

Eric Clapton – guitar vocals Albert Lee – guitar vocals Chris Stainton – keyboards
Gary Brooker – keyboards vocals Dave Markee – bass Henry Spinetti – drums
* with Chas & Dave


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