Eric Clapton / Louisana State University 1976 / 2CD / Mid Valley Records

Eric Clapton / Louisana State University 1976 / 2CD / Mid Valley Records
Translated Text
Louisiana State University, Assembly Center Baton Rouge, LA – Nov 11, 1976 without bonusz zeppelin disc. Audience

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Limited arrival with reasonable specification without bonus disc. As few sheets as possible sooner!

Use the first appearance master! November 11, 1976 High live quality recorded at the Louisiana State University Assembly Center! It is master of Mr. Freezer famous for Zep’s taper. As expected! Sounds good! He also recorded Zep’s live at the same venue in 1975. Clapton of this day also played really good, especially “I SHOT THE SHERIFF” is good. Groove reminiscent of raster color! It is! Solos that use extraordinary wah treads and chalking are obligatory!


初登場マスターを使用!1976年11月11日ルイジアナ州立大学アッセンブリーセンターでの熱いライブを高音質収録!ゼップのテーパーで有名なフリーザー氏録音のマスターです。さすが!音がいい!彼は1975年同会場でのゼップのライヴも録音しております。この日のクラプトンも実に良いプレイをしておりまして、特に”I SHOT THE SHERIFF”はグッドです。ラスタカラーを思い起こさせるグルーヴ!!絶妙なワウ踏みとチョーキングを多用するソロは必聴ですぞ!

Disc 1
01. Hello Old Friend
02. Sign Language
03. Key to the Highway
04. I shot the sheriff
05. All Our Past Times
06. Tell The Truth
07. Love Me
08. Blues Power

Disc 2
01. One Night
02. Knocking on Heavens Door
03. Double Trouble
04. Badge
05. Layla
Recorded live at Louisiana State Univercity Assembly Centre, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. November 11 1976

Mid Valley Records. MVR-519/520

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