Eric Clapton / Shizuoka 1975 / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Shizuoka 1975 / 2CD / Tricone

Translated Text:
Live at Sunpu Kaikan, Shizuoka, Japan 29th October 1975


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Present in myriad But “Clapton-in-Japan”, history only Shizuoka performances appeared in the press 2CD of permanent preservation. The are contained in this work, the second time in Japan than the tour, “October 29, 1975, Shizuoka Sumpu Hall (sounds very unusual venue) performance.” Many of its outstanding also exists, but is full inclusion in our own best audience master. This Shizuoka performance of recording does not have only one extant, this work, which was using the cassette that has been dubbed directly from the Omoto master. Those with many of its outstanding panel has been left completely in a different route, it’s a recording that can you tell the most excellent sound to the modern.
In fact, also recorded cheers after the curtain before and the show is long compared with its outstanding title, cheers before the encore has been recorded briefly in reverse. This route is different from the fact is clear, but more than that different from the essential cornerstone of sound. Than the middle bass, treble the existing departure board that was amplified, it has been recorded in natural sound quality to much, until now even less sound-off point of the moment of one channel that occurred several places. The master that greatly exceeds the number of already issued is I obvious.
Well, here “of 75 years Shizuoka”, who came pins and with “its own master” will come a keen insight. So, this work is the sound source that has been gift-released as “THE CARNIVAL”. This “THE CARNIVAL”, while gift-title, its sound and long recording time is a big topic, we received an evaluation of the “best of stereo audience recording” until now. This echo is intended in me that was not even expected to be “Why, here until either keep a good sound source remains CDR,” “us to forever to listen press”, as it was received until the words of rebuked middle. Even as our shop, we want to meet as much as possible of our customers, and I was supposed to be delivered as a live album of this time press CD.
In this way, the existence itself is valuable this work, there are what the music that was jammed into the true value of its “precious”. What to say of great even if the “So Many Roads”. Clapton is the Otis Rush late representative song revered but, you’re playing the ultra-classic, such as collecting the best of guitar blues. Moreover, the remaining recording of live performance by Clapton, this is Shizuoka performances I only (this day a large possibility you are not playing only). Of course, it is not only “So Many Roads”. The other, “Layla” of opening to be played in the majestic scale while still laid back, masterpieces that are Tatamikake on the same scale “Little Wing”, and unusual medley you do not hear in the US tour of the same year “Eyesight To The Blind / such as Carnival, “and so on, it is the” precious “to” listen meeting “is over and over again plus has been name live.

Young ANTICIPATED era of Clapton of passionate 1975 of Japan tour of the 30-year-old. The Shizuoka performances, this is not limited only to the year, even in the entire Clapton career full of shine of the “special”. This work, I and serving as a live album the highest record. “Why, this recording you do not press” to those who had rebuked me and, in gratitude of the whole soul. A single is also a rich musical heritage should leave the era, this weekend to your handy.

さて、ここで“75年の静岡”・“独自マスター”でピンと来られた方は慧眼でいらっしゃる。そう、本作は「THE CARNIVAL」としてギフト・リリースされた音源なのです。この「THE CARNIVAL」、ギフト・タイトルながら、そのサウンドと長い収録時間が大きな話題となり、現在に至るまで“極上のステレオ・オーディエンス録音”との評価をいただきました。この反響は当方では予想さえしていなかったもので、「なぜ、ここまで良い音源をCDRのままにしておくのか」「いつまでも聴けるプレスにしてくれ」と、半ばお叱りの言葉まで頂いたほど。当店としても、お客様のご要望にできるだけお応えしたく、この度プレスCDのライヴアルバムとしてお届けすることになったのです。
このように、存在自体が貴重な本作ですが、その“貴重”の真の価値は中に詰まった音楽にこそあります。なんと言っても素晴らしいのが「So Many Roads」。クラプトンが敬愛するオーティス・ラッシュ後期の代表曲ですが、ギター・ブルースの粋を集めたような超名曲を演奏している。しかも、クラプトンによる生演奏の記録が残っているのは、この静岡公演だけなのです(この日しか演奏していない可能性も大)。もちろん、「So Many Roads」だけではありません。他にも、レイドバックしながらも雄大なスケールでプレイされるオープニングの「Layla」、同じスケールで畳みかけられる名曲「Little Wing」、そして同年の全米ツアーでは聴けない珍しいメドレー「Eyesight To The Blind / Carnival」等々など、“貴重”に“聴き応え”が幾重にも上乗せされた名ライヴなのです。


Disc 1(41:03)
1. Intro. 2. Layla 3. Little Wing 4. Blues Power 5. Can’t Find My Way Home

Disc 2(69:07)
1. So Many Roads 2. Badge 3. Teach Me To Be Your Woman 4. Tell The Truth
5. Eyesight To The Blind 6. Carnival

Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals George Terry – Guitar Carl Radle – Bass
Dick Sims – Keyboards Jamie Oldaker – Drums Sergio Rodriguez – Percussion
Yvonne Elliman – Backing Vocals Marcy Levy – Backing Vocals

Tricone 143/144

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