Eric Clapton / Tempe 1974 / 1CD

Eric Clapton / Tempe 1974 / 1CD / Beano

Translated text:
Live at Tempe Diablo Stadium, Tempe, Arizona, USA 18th July 1974 SBD

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In the Eric Clapton sound source, the second part of the excavation master from heavyweight tapers living in Britain famous as authority was hit in the middle of the tour from the 1974 national tour where Clapton came back from three years retirement due to drug addiction July 18 It is “master cassette” which recorded the first half of Tempe performance in Arizona on the day in mono sound board recording. This soundboard source was recorded as a PA out for engineer’s check at the concert venue and it is the same source that was once released as “Smiling Away” made in Japan Paper Jacket 1CD already boot leg. But this time the master of the heavyweight was called “master cassette”, there was one song blues power that was not recorded in the already released board. However, this Blues Power has “WAKE”, the operating sounds (so-called “Kyur tones”) in which mixing consoles engineers forcibly fast-forwarding the tape in the song part and in the latter part of the guitar frequently occurred. There were six places in that part, 2: 01, 2: 49, 2: 54, 3: 24, 3: 33, 3: 44. Although there is a possibility that the maker of the already-to-be-made board may have obtained the master on which this Blues Power was recorded, it is possible to deny the possibility of hearing this state and cutting it daringly. It was a song with so much damage. However, this time, our engineers who got a reputation for adjusting and compensating for difficult masters of numerous artists showed “magic skill” again. At the 2:01 point where the tempo did not go mad and the damage was small, leave as it is, the other five places adjust the tempo of all the performance, deliberately drop the sound pressure of the corresponding part, reduce cloudiness due to the gutter sound, By the detailed work of fade processing, it restored to a state which can be listened almost almost non-stressfully. Blues Power actually being played. Clapton here also showed a sharp play. You can assert that even if you can listen to this song it is worth the main board. Regarding this sound source, although it is hard to understand the clear difference (improvement) in the sound quality with the already-to-be-released board, it is hard to understand, although it is the master version, it is overwhelmingly thought that it existed in all outflow master of this day All our noise has been relaxed by our engineers. Therefore it is obvious that it is far easier to hear than the originating platform. Speaking of the stage on this day, as Clapton himself was also considerably drunk, there are many mistones and the play quality of the performance is a little low even during this tour, but only Have You Ever Loved A Woman Starting with shuffle and slowing down slowly on the way, George Terry of the second guitar and a twin lead guitar battle sparkling a spark are deployed in the second half, which is an unusual version in 14 minutes. It will be worth listening to this take as well.

Well, let’s review what kind of position this performance of this day was in this comeback year.

· June 19, 1974, 20: Warm-up · Gig in Northern Europe for the national comeback tour
· June 28 – August 4, 1974: National Tour ← ★ Coco ★
«August 5, 1974: Release of album ‘461 OCEAN BOULEVARD’»
· August – September 1974: Recording the album “THERE’S ONE IN EVERY CROWD” in Miami
· September 28 – October 6, 1974: 2 nd National Tour
· October 31 – November 6, 1974: First Japan Tour
· November 27 – December 5, 1974: European tour

You can see that this performance was the schedule of the midfield of the nationwide tour of Comeback from June this year when Clapton restarted. This national tour, tour after a warm-up gig, Crapton who decided to return to the live stage was a drunk tour drunk to drink to ease the tension to the live stage after a long absence. For that reason it is possible to see drunkenness even on the main board day, but the early stage acoustic set also develops a relatively polite performance, there is no unstable part. In the Tempe performance, polish the sound, relieve the trouble spots and alleviate the trouble spots and decide that the main board which recorded the first song plus for the first time is the best quality, the definitive version. This release that you can recommend to buy maniacs who have already launched inevitably inevitably. It will be released on the limited press CD for the first time only, so please order as soon as possible.

エリック・クラプトン音源では権威として名高いイギリス在住の重鎮テーパーからの発掘マスターの第2弾は、クラプトンがドラッグ中毒による3年間のリタイアからカムバックした1974年の全米ツアーから、ツアー中盤に当たった7月18日のアリゾナ州テンペ公演の前半部分をモノラル・サウンドボード録音で収録した「マスターカセット」です。このサウンドボードソースはコンサート会場でエンジニアのチェック用にPAアウトとして録音されていたもので、かつて「Smiling Away」という日本製の紙ジャケ1CD既発ブートレッグでリリースされていたものと同ソースです。しかし今回の重鎮マスターは「マスターカセット」というだけあって、既発盤では未収録だったBlues Powerが1曲多く収録されていました。但し、このBlues Powerには「ワケあり」で、歌部分、ギターの後奏部分においてミキシング卓のエンジニアがなぜかテープを早送りする操作音(いわゆる「キュル音」)が頻発していました。その箇所たるや、2:01、2:49、2:54、3:24、3:33、3:44の6ヶ所に及んでいました。既発盤の製作者もこのBlues Powerが収録されたマスターを入手した可能性はありますが、この状態を聴き、敢えてカットした可能性は否めません。それほどダメージがあった曲でした。ところが今回、数々のアーティストの難ありマスターの調整補填等で定評をいただく当店のエンジニアはまたしても「魔法の技」を見せました。テンポが狂わず、ダメージも少なかった2:01時点はそのまま残し、他の5ヶ所はすべて演奏のテンポを合わせ、該当箇所の音圧を故意に落としてギター音の被さりによる濁りを軽減させてクロスフェード処理をするという細かな作業により、ほぼノンストレスで聴き通せる状態に修復したのです。実際には演奏されていたBlues Power。ここでのクラプトンも切れ味のあるプレイを披露していました。この曲が聴けるだけでも本盤の価値はあると断言できます。本音源については、マスターバージョンとは言え、既発盤との音質の明確な差(向上)は判り辛かったのですが、この日のすべての流出マスターに存在していたと思われる複数箇所に亘るノイズも当店エンジニアがすべて緩和しました。そのため、既発盤よりははるかに聴き易くなっていることは明らかです。この日のステージの出来は、と言えば、クラプトン自身も相当酩酊していたことからミストーンが多く、パフォーマンスのプレイクオリティは本ツアー中でもやや低い位置づけになりますが、唯一Have You Ever Loved A Womanは、シャッフルで始めて途中でスローにテンポチェンジし、後半ではセカンド・ギターのジョージ・テリーと火花散るツインリードのギターバトルが展開される14分もの珍しいバージョンになっています。このテイクも聴く価値があるでしょう。


・1974年6月28日~8月4日:全米ツアー ←★ココ★
≪1974年8月5日:アルバム「461 OCEAN BOULEVARD」リリース≫
・1974年8月~9月:アルバム「THERE’S ONE IN EVERY CROWD」をマイアミにてレコーディング



1. Intro. 2. Smile 3. Can’t Find My Way Home 4. Layla 5. Willie And The Hand Jive
6. Get Ready 7. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
8. Badge 9. Blues Power★ 10. Presence of The Lord

Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals George Terry – Guitar Dicks Sims – Keyboards
Carl Radle – Bass Jamie Oldaker – Drums Yvonne Elliman – Backing Vocals



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