Eric Clapton / Complete Blues Nights 1990 / 6CD

Eric Clapton / Complete Blues Nights 1990 / 6CD /Beano Label

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Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 3rd, 4th & 5th February 1990


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Royal Albert Hall 18 consecutive performances of 1990 say Eric Clapton has built one of the epoch. I think one night of blues pickled is surrounded by seniors and juniors blues man he wanted to achieve most if there in it, when it did not a “blues night”. Was performed in three performances consecutive “blues night”, February 3 on the first day or relayed broadcast on BBC Radio in the UK, sound board sound of the 5th is in or outflow, two shows these one-off in the past it had been released as the title. But this time, the full version master tape of the broadcast version of stereo sound board source of February 3, full stereo sound board master tape of February 5, recording Sarezu, until now officially more in our store Obtain your own best stereo audience, the original master tape of February 4 was completely unpublished, to achieve the feat of 6CD press release! You have a sound board titles will most likely already, this board is very different and its outstanding board. First, there was Journeyman label release in ’90 and “Blues Night” in the title you have enjoyed sound board source of February 3, but it Have You Ever Loved A while enjoyed air check sound broadcast of BBC Radio Woman, Howling For My Baby, My Time After A While was a non-collecting. That in addition to being a complete recording that contains also three songs these, bass hum of broadcasting sound peculiar that was in its outstanding panel and not in, this board is one that has been produced directly from the master tape is you can understand your . Vivid sound board sound is the best in the dynamic that can be felt over this entire range! And in the new master of February 4 to be unveiled this time, I am using the original stereo master audience that was obtained from the person the person who actually recorded in the field. The audience recording, was recorded was released a few years ago “BLUES NIGHT” in (Uxbridge 312), its outstanding board of CDR poor sound quality in circulation only trader between, head of Key To The Highway is missing another, the first appearance of genuine master is. And be incorporated into the set of the best sound board of this time, not only does not feel uncomfortable, sound quality, sound quality is excellent at about the feel and compare favorably to them. Thus, making it the best sound quality great power, great sound balance is not only sense that first appearance simply, that would affect listening and sound board.Kyokuatama-Kyoku-chu cut the full inclusion of none of course. On which it can be said that the class A is the valuable degree, you can assert that the super A grade in quality! February 5 is not a broadcast, the day it was recorded officially for live album there was a release scheduled for after the (“24 Nights”), Worried Life Blues, Watch Yourself, Have You from the take of the day Ever Loved a Woman has been adopted in the “24 Nights”. Its outstanding board that complete recording from the sound board sound source outflow of the day in the “Blues Night London 1990”, there was a fade-out and fade-in process in the song of Wee Wee Baby of Angkor. It Rather instead of posting and try to verify, whether those connecting the cuts between songs, songs despite being followed without a break, inexplicable simply processing is only being subject to found striped were. It was those same processing as its outstanding board has also given master of this board, but connect perfectly this part by a fine validation, I realize the flow of the music of the original, we eliminate the discomfort. I am also connected smoothly tape change point further. It was recorded clearly both low range and high range clearly than Sunde-hatsu-ban, sound quality, is one that can be asserted with the highest level as well.It is a master of low generation than Sunde-hatsu-ban clearly will able to understand it! And I think that what this master is a volume and quality of more than “24 Nights” is able to understand us. Based on the four-piece band simple, the big blues jam session greeted in turn R. Clay, and B. Guy. And encore of angry waves by the All-Star. It is this board in addition to the master of the highest level in all three performances, brush up work by our store is successful, it can enjoy the full picture of the perfect quality of “Blues Night”. I play All Your Love On the first day, but the second day, third day has been changed to Watch Yourself. Encore is also different each in three days. And What was the “blues night”? Can not know hardly official live album in the “24 Nights”, it was a show that took place in the overwhelming volume. The whole picture it? Will have no choice but to have you listening to this board anymore this. This board is the answer. Exactly, masterpiece to surpass all titles in the past of “Blues Night” is a book I board! It will be a limited release in the press CD, you thank you for order at your earliest convenience. ★ 80 pieces of only the first will be the release of a sticker with numbering into. Live at The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 3rd February 1990

まず、2月3日のサウンドボード・ソースを収めたタイトルには90年リリースのJourneymanレーベル「Blues Night」がありましたが、それはBBCラジオの放送のエアチェック音源を収めながらもHave You Ever Loved A Woman、Howling For My Baby、My Time After A Whileが未収録でした。本盤はこれら3曲も収めた完全収録である上に、既発盤にあった放送音源特有の低音ハムノイズなど入っていない、マスターテープからダイレクトに制作されたものであることがお判りいただけます。この全音域に感じられるダイナミックで生々しいサウンドボード・サウンドは最高です!
そして今回初公開となる2月4日のニューマスターでは、現地で実際に録音した人物本人から入手したオリジナル・ステレオ・オーディエンス・マスターを使用しています。数年前にリリースされた「BLUES NIGHT」(Uxbridge 312)に収録されたオーディエンス録音、また、トレーダー間のみで流通している、Key To The Highwayの頭が欠落した音質の悪いCDRの既発盤とは別の、正真正銘の初登場マスター。音質は、今回の極上サウンドボードのセットに組み込まれても、違和感を感じないばかりか、それらに引けを取らないと感じるほどの抜群のサウンド・クオリティ。このように、単に初登場という意味合いだけでなく、サウンドボードと聴き違えるような大迫力、素晴らしいサウンドバランスの極上音質となっています。もちろん曲頭・曲中カットも皆無の完全収録。その貴重度はA級と言える上に、音質では超A級と断言できます!
2月5日は放送用ではなく、後にリリース予定があったライブアルバム(「24 Nights」)のために正式にレコーディングされた日で、この日のテイクからはWorried Life Blues、Watch Yourself、Have You Ever Loved a Womanが「24 Nights」に採用されました。この日の流出サウンドボード音源から完全収録した既発盤「Blues Night London 1990」では、アンコールのWee Wee Babyの曲中においてフェイドアウト&フェイドイン処理がありました。検証してみると、曲間のカット部分を繋いだものかと思えばそうではなく、曲は切れ目なく続いているにもかかわらず、単に不可解な処理が施されているだけであることが判明しました。本盤のマスターも既発盤と同じ処理が施されたものでしたが、細密な検証によりこの部分を完璧に繋ぎ、本来の曲の流れを実現し、違和感を排除しました。さらにテープチェンジ箇所も滑らかに繋いでいます。音質は、既発盤よりも明らかに低音域・高音域共に鮮明に収録された、これもまた極上レベルと断言できるものです。明らかに既発盤よりもロウ・ジェネレーションのマスターであることがお判りいただけるでしょう!そしてこのマスターこそが「24 Nights」を超えるクオリティとボリュームであることがお判りいただけると思います。
シンプルな4ピースバンドをベースに、R.クレイ、B.ガイを順々に迎えての一大ブルース・ジャムセッション。そしてオールスターによる怒涛のアンコール。3公演とも極上レベルのマスターに加え、当店によるブラッシュアップワークが奏功し、完璧なクオリティの「ブルースナイト」の全貌をお楽しみいただけるのが本盤です。初日にはAll Your Loveをプレイしていますが、2日目、3日目はWatch Yourselfに変わりました。アンコールも3日間でそれぞれ異なっています。「ブルースナイト」とは何だったのか?それはオフィシャルライブ盤「24 Nights」では到底知ることができない、圧倒的なボリュームで行なわれたショーでした。その全貌は?これはもう本盤を聴いていただくしかないでしょう。本盤が答えです。まさに、過去のすべてのタイトルを凌駕する「ブルースナイト」の最高傑作が本盤なのです!プレスCDでの限定リリースとなりますので、お早めのオーダーをお願い致します。


Live at The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 3rd February 1990

Disc 1 (74:06)
1. Opening 2. Key To The Highway 3. Worried Life Blues 4. All Your Love
5. Have You Ever Loved A Woman 6. Standing Around Crying / Long Distance Call
7. Johnnie’s Boogie 8. Going Down Slow 9. You Belong To Me 10. Cry For Me
11. Howling For My Baby 12. Same Thing

Disc 2 (71:01)
1. Money 2. Five Long Years 3. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 4. Something On Your Mind
5. My Time After A While 6. Sweet Home Chicago 7. Hoochie Coochie Man 8. Wee Wee Baby


Live at The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 4th February 1990

Disc 3 (60:40)
1. Opening 2. Key To The Highway 3. Worried Life Blues 4. Watch Yourself
5. Have You Ever Loved A Woman 6. Johnnie’s Boogie 7. Standing Around Crying / Long Distance Call
8. Going Down Slow 9. You Belong To Me 10. Cry For Me

Disc 4 (64:29)
1. Howling For My Baby 2. Same Thing 3. Money 4. Five Long Years 5. Something On Your Mind
6. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 7. Sweet Home Chicago 8. My Time After A While

Live at The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 5th February 1990

Disc 5 (70:43)
1. Opening 2. Key To The Highway 3. Worried Life Blues 4. Watch Yourself
5. Have You Ever Loved a Woman 6. Johnnie’s Boogie 7. Standing Around Crying / Long Distance Call
8. Member Introduction 9. Going Down Slow 10. You Belong To Me 11. Cry For Me
12. Howling For My Baby 13. Same Thing

Disc 6 (60:53)
1. Money 2. Five Long Years 3. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 4. Something On Your Mind
5. Sweet Home Chicago 6. My Time After A While 7. Wee Wee Baby


Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocal Johnny Johnson – Piano Robert Cousins – Bass
Jamie Oldaker – Drums

Robert Cray – Guitar, Vocal (Going Down Slow, You Belong To Me, Cry For Me, Howling For My Baby, Same Thing & encore)
Buddy Guy – Guitar, Vocal (Money, Five Long Years, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, Something On Your Mind, Sweet Home Chicago & encore)

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