Emerson Lakes & Powell / Definitive Boston 1986 /1CD+1Bonus CDR

Emerson Lakes & Powell / Definitive Boston 1986 /1CD+1Bonus CDR/ Virtuoso
Translated Text:
Live at Opera House, Boston, MA. USA 14th October 1986 plus Bonus CDR “DEFINITIVE LAKELAND 1986”

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A live album that updates the highest peak of “Miracle Trio” is a new excavation! A super unit, EL & POWELL, who got a drummer who loves drama and classic love, a cozy · pawel and showed a huge scale progressive rock. Although only a single album and a tour of eleven weeks collapsed, the remaining live record is an awesome masterpiece. It is famous for the Lakeland performance which also played official, but the audience recording other than that is only a masterpiece of abnormal high quality sound. We have also delivered the masterpiece “FABULOUS SHOW (Virtuoso 073/074)”, “HEADING FOR GLORY (Virtuoso 091/092)”, “TOUR ’86 (Virtuoso 276/277)” etc. “Soundboard also Kaku” It was. This work is one line in that row … No, it is a super sound that surpasses!
Such a work included in “Boston Performance on October 14, 1986”. Recordings of B rank were also known among core collectors since ancient times, but this work is totally different. Most recently, it is a new recording announced by its prestigious “Kro_Co”. Let’s first grasp the position of the show before the quality you care about.

· August 15 – 24: North America # 1 (7 performances)
– One week’s word
· September 1 – October 5: North America # 2 (20 performances)
– One week’s word
· October 12 – November 2: North America # 3 (17 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

This is the whole overview of only one time EL & POWELL tour. It was only one leg in North America, but when I look closely it was divided into three with a week off and the Boston performance of this work was a concert that was the third show of “North America # 3”.
Well, the main subject. The most powerful point of this work is the abnormal high quality sound! To tell the truth, the first half of the show is a lack of recording and it is incompletely recorded from the middle of “Tarkus”, but it is still super sound that can not be pressed. Bukkake, the best masterpiece. There is no doubt that there is audience recording from raw cheers between songs, but the performance sound is “as if it is a soundboard.” Well used to mean “soundboard-like” often, but this time it is not so. Actually, the master who appeared on the net had a slight lack at the beginning of “Touch and Go” and supplemented it with the soundboard of Lakeland. But I do not know the connection! It is not “where” like “っ ぽ い” but “the difference with the official is not understood” level.
The show drawn with that sound is also amazing. Cozy is a very legendary person and kept a diary during the tour, so he left a show of every night’s show. According to that diary, “9.5 points (10 points perfect score)” on this day. The famous Lakeland performance in the official board is “3 points” so it was a very satisfying show. And the live flowing out of this work is evidence of sound proving that it was not self-satisfied. It is EL & POWELL which was developing a spectacular show every night, but it is not a humpa when it gets sharp on this day. Each phrase is a Cozy stamp, and if it says it is a hand guse. However, it drives a bishibishi and a wedge into EL & P’s famous song group, and grandly rises up. This sense is the life of Koji. There are many technical drummers over him, but there is no drummer that can be “majestic” hotly majestically. Tony Iomi said, “Percussive drummers are not good when bad, but it’s amazing to be addicted, Cozy is such a school,” but this work is also the highest peak.
And the American audience who witnessed it is also wonderful. Although EL & P fans are packing up at the venue, it is understood that overlapping one song one overwhelmed by the awesomeness of Koji is getting overwhelmed. And the cheers of “Cozy! Mothefucker !!!” who was deeply impressed by the drum solo of “Mars” flies … …. It looks like a dirty word, but this is not a bad mood. It’s called the timing when the solo began to highlight, and it is clearly exciting that the voice of the highest elevated voice is good. Moreover, this cheering is (perhaps) the recording person himself / herself. It should be such a high quality sound so it should be quite accustomed to recording, but still, I’ve forgotten that I’m recording on the horrible nature of Koji and that is what I’m talking about! is. And when the solo ends, big cheers spread widely and widely in the hall. Such a mood is inscribed in super clear · super real.

This work that closes the curtain with voices of excited “ELP! ELP!” And “Koji ー! Cozy! Mothefucker !!” among the fanfare telling the concert’s end. Even though it returns, it is regrettable that it did not become a complete recording. It is regrettable. However, in terms of length, the highest value is higher than any record, regardless of past masterpieces. Sound, performance, and reality. A masterpiece of EL & POWELL that will be the best ever at all points. Beyond 31 years, it is born here now!

“奇跡のトリオ”の最高峰を更新するライヴアルバムが新発掘です! ドラマとクラシックをこよなく愛するドラマー、コージー・パウエルを得て巨大スケールのプログレッシヴ・ロックを見せつけたスーパー・ユニット、EL&POWELL。わずかアルバム1枚と11週間のツアーだけで崩壊してしまいましたが、残されたライヴ記録は凄まじい名作揃い。オフィシャル化も果たしたレイクランド公演が有名ですが、それ以外のオーディエンス録音も異常なハイクオリティ・サウンドの名盤ばかり。当店でも『FABULOUS SHOW(Virtuoso 073/074)』『HEADING FOR GLORY(Virtuoso 091/092)』『TOUR ’86(Virtuoso 276/277)』等々、“サウンドボードもかくや”という大傑作をお届けしてきました。本作は、その列に並ぶ1作……いえ、凌駕するスーパー・サウンドなのです!


さて、本題。本作の最大にして最強のポイントは、異常なハイクオリティ・サウンド! 実のところ、ショウの前半がばっさり録音漏れで「Tarkus」の途中からという不完全にもほどがある録音なのですが、それでもプレスせずにはいられない超サウンド。ぶっちゃけ、最高傑作。曲間の生々しい喝采からオーディエンス録音に間違いないのですが、その演奏音は「まるでサウンドボード」。よく「サウンドボードっぽい」の意味でも使う言葉ですが、今回はそうじゃない。実は、ネットに登場したマスターには「Touch and Go」の冒頭にわずかに欠けがあり、そこをレイクランドのサウンドボードで補完しました。しかし、その繋ぎが分からない! 「っぽい」どころではなく「オフィシャルと違いが分からない」レベルなのです。
そして、それを目の当たりにしたアメリカの観客も素晴らしい。会場にはEL&Pファンが詰めかけているわけですが、1曲1曲を重ねる事に、コージーの凄まじさに圧倒されていくのが手に取るように分かる。そして「火星」のドラムソロで感極まった「Cozy! Mothefucker!!!」の声援が飛ぶ……。汚い言葉のようですが、これは悪口ではない。ソロがハイライトを迎えたタイミングといい、何より高揚しきった声色といい、明らかにエキサイトしているのです。しかも、この声援は(恐らく)録音者本人。これだけのハイクオリティ・サウンドですから相当に録音慣れしているはずですが、それでも、コージーのあまりの凄さに、録音していることを忘れて叫んでしまった……そんな「こりゃ凄ぇ!」なのです。そして、ソロが終わるや大喝采が会場中に広く広く伝播していく。そんなムードが超クリア・超リアルに刻まれているのです。

コンサートの終演を告げるファンファーレの中、興奮しきった「ELP! ELP!」と「コージー!コージー!Mothefucker!!」の声と共に幕を閉じる本作。返す返すも、完全収録とならなかったのが惜しい。悔しい。しかし、長さでは過去の傑作群に引けを取ろうとも、最高値はどの記録よりも高いのです。サウンド、演奏、そしてリアリティ。あらゆるポイントで過去最高となるEL&POWELLの大傑作。31年の時を超え、今ここに誕生です!

1. Tarkus 2. Pictures at an Exhibition 3. Still You Turn Me On 4. Watching Over You
5. Dream Runner 6. Creole Dance 7. From the Beginning 8. Lucky Man
9. Fanfare for the Common Man 10. Touch and Go 11. Mars, The Bringer of War
12. Karn Evil 9 / America / Rondo 13. Finale

Virtuoso 367

Emerson Lakes & Palmer / Definitive Lakeland 1986 /1Single CDR/ Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Civic Center, Lakeland, Florida, USA 4th October 1986 STEREO SBD

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This episode press CD which updated the highest peak of “Miracle Trio” with the highest peak sound. Its only biggest weak point is incomplete recording time. I bought a full scale live album as a bonus to fill up the tastelessness … until I thought it was … but one problem has arisen here. Although I tried to listen to each one of the masterpiece recordings that I thought, I just feel “disappointing” after the ultra superb sound of this press press CD …. There is no way it can be done like this. Already, it is nothing but tours to appear “Ale” symbolizing EL & POWELL. Yes, it is one big masterpiece sound board “Lakeland performance on October 4, 1986” which has moved even an official as a super famous sound source!
Of course, this show is quite famous sound board. It is “Symbolic sound source” which has produced many episodes with a long history and also becomes an official board “LIVE IN CONCERT”. However, this work is not just a thing, unless we introduce it like this. It is a finest board reprinted from the original radio show show / disc. “No matter how much radio show / disc it is, there are official boards … …” I heard the voice, but the story is not so simple. Actually, the official board has many decisive drawbacks.
First of all incomplete recording. Broadcast itself is incomplete, but also come on it and cut “Learning To Fly”. From the recording time it should be enough for one CD to fit, but I cut it and turned it to the compilation board “FROM THE UNDERGROUND”. Furthermore “?” Is edited. Each song is subjected to fade processing one by one, cutting out the show (I do such a thing, who the hell is she …).
For the official board which does not understand such a wake, this work is a genuine broadcast master. There is also a fade process between “Pirates” and “Knife Edge” songs that occurred on the circumstances of “Tarkus” which was not broadcasted and on the circumstances of the frame, but almost the entire shaw show. “Learning To Fly” which is not included in the official is also recorded, and additionally recorded “Pictures At An Exhibition” of another broadcast. It is one that covers the existing Lakeland sound board with the highest quality and maximum scale.
When saying the wonderful thing of EL & POWELL painted with that sound … …. As mentioned in the commentary on the main press CD, this show was not satisfactory to Koji, but it was a mixed misunderstanding of “I could not make it to the top though …” though it was broadcasted all the time. It may not be the top, but more than enough EL & POWELL’s dreadfulness is demonstrated. Its powerful performance, huge spectacle is not the ratio of the studio “EMERSON, LAKE & POWELL” and the rehearsal “THE SPROCKET SESSIONS”. Honestly, those who are attracted by one word of “Studio” and listen only to these two (who may not exist) do not know the essence / essence of EL & POWELL. Their essence is only in the production live. Why do you keep being loved even after more than 30 years, are you getting more enthusiastic than the original EL & P, and even mania saying “Cozy’s top”? The reason is a live album that music speaks eloquently than a thousand words.
もちろん、このショウは言わずもがなの超有名サウンドボード。長い歴史で幾多の既発を生み出し、公式盤『LIVE IN CONCERT』にもなっている“象徴音源”です。しかし、こうしてご紹介する以上は、本作もただ物ではない。オリジナル放送のラジオショウ・ディスクから復刻した極上盤なのです。「いくらラジオショウ・ディスクでも、公式盤があるだろ……」という声も聞こえてきそうですが、話はそう単純でもありません。実は、オフィシャル盤には決定的な欠点がいくつもあるのです。
まず何と言っても不完全収録。放送自体が不完全でもあるのですが、その上に来て「Learning To Fly」もカット。収録タイムからすれば充分CD1枚に収まるはずなのですが、削ってコンピレーション盤『FROM THE UNDERGROUND』に回しているのです。さらに「?」なのが編集。各曲に逐一フェイド処理を施し、ショウをブツ切りにしているのです(そんな事をして、一体誰得なんでしょうか……)。
そんなワケの分からないオフィシャル盤に対し、本作は正真正銘の放送原盤。放送されなかった「Tarkus」のカットや枠の都合上で生じた「Pirates」「Knife Edge」曲間のフェイド処理もありますが、ほぼほぼショウ全景。オフィシャル未収録の「Learning To Fly」も収録していますし、別放送の「Pictures At An Exhibition」も追加収録。現存するレイクランド・サウンドボードを最高級クオリティ&最大限スケールで網羅した1枚なのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるEL&POWELLの素晴らしいことと言ったら……。本編プレスCDの解説でも触れた通り、コージーにとってこのショウは満足できないライヴだったわけですが、それは「せっかく放送されるのに、極めつけにできなかった……」の悔しさ混じりだったのでしょう。頂点ではないかも知れませんが、十二分にEL&POWELLの凄味が発揮されている。そのパワフルな演奏、巨大なスペクタクルは、スタジオ盤『EMERSON, LAKE & POWELL』やリハーサル盤『THE SPROCKET SESSIONS』の比ではありません。正直なところ、「スタジオ」の一言に惹かれてこの2作しか聴いていない方(そんな人はいないかも知れませんが)は、EL&POWELLの本領・本質を知らないでいる。彼らの真髄は本番ライヴにしかない。なぜ、30年以上経っても愛され続けているのか、本家EL&Pよりも心酔するファン、そして「コージーの頂点」とさえ言うマニアまでいるのか。その理由を千の言葉よりも雄弁に音楽が物語ってくれるライヴアルバムです。

全霊の敬意を込めて「鍵盤のジミヘン」と呼びたいヴァーチュオーソ:エマーソン、KING CRIMSONとEL&Pの2大バンドで“顔”を務めたレイク、そして彼らのスケール・ドラマティシズムを極限まで引き出して見せたパウエル。まさに“奇跡のトリオ”の真価を、現存するサウンドボードの最高峰で味わわせてくれる1枚です。唯一作『EMERSON, LAKE & POWELL』さえも超えた大傑作。衝撃の新登場ライヴアルバム『DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1986』と共に、じっくりとご堪能ください。

1. The Score 2. Learning To Fly 3. Pirates 4. Knife Edge 5. Pictures At An Exhibition
6. From The Beginning 7. Lucky Man 8. Fanfare For The Common Man 9. Touch And Go
10. Mars, The Bringer Of War 11. Karn Evil 9/America/Rondo 12. Finale

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