Emerson Lakes & Palmer / Des Moines 1977 / 2CD

Emerson Lakes & Palmer / Des Moines 1977 / 2CD / Virtuoso

Translated Text:
Live at Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, Des Moines, Iowa, USA 12th June 1977 (with Orchestra)


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Orchestra concert accompanied by limited orchestra, although it is the centerpiece of “WORKS TOUR”. The valuable new excavation live album appears.
The collaboration with the orchestra originating from the album “WORKS VOLUME 1” was a big project that changed the way to EL & P’s fate while realizing Keith Emerson’s dream tour. But all of “WORKS TOUR” was not an orchestra collaboration. The fact is famous, but it is not surprisingly known what specific schedule it was. Since it is a good opportunity, let’s first check from the full appearance of the orchestra collaboration.

· May 24th and 25th, 1977: Louisville (2 performances)
· May 29, 1977: Cincinnati
· May 31, 1977 + June 1: Detroit (2 shows) *
· June 4, 1977: Chicago
· June 5, 1977: Milwaukee *
· 7th June 1977: Indianapolis
· June 9, 1977: Madison *
· June 11, 1977: Minneapolis *
· June 12, 1977: Des Moines 【this work】
“About 15 shows of trio”
· July 7th – 9th 1977: New York (3 performances) *
“About 30 performances by trio”
· August 26, 1977: Montreal *
(Asterisks are performances confirmed by sound sources)

In this way, all 15 orchestral performances are performed. There were some obscure parts in the concert record at the time, but “WORKS TOUR” was around 145 performances (all in North America). Although it is not strict because the trio performances are inserted between the co-star concerts, it was roughly the flow that “Oke co-star 11 – trio 15 – orchestrating 3 -> trio 30 – orchestrating 1 -> trio 80”. This work is the audience album of the final day of the orchestrating 11 performances decorating its opening “Des Moines Show on June 12, 1977”.
The biggest charm of such books is what sounds like anything. Although this recording itself was known to a limited mania from before, the source of this work is the one digitized directly from the master cassette in recent years. Its freshness is preeminent, the musical tones reaching straight are revolutionary, and it resonates clearly with no gouge or distortion. It is also nice to have powerful bass that tends to be a weak point in audience recording. The essence of orchestra collaboration is a heavy feeling, so if the bass is weak it will turn white, but the deep bass of this work is perfect. Also the spectacle of the cheers is wonderful. Although it is nothing but the distance feeling, it is not a fault but a beauty point. Its crystal clear to crystal clear, the audience drinks burning with a spectacular orchestra. Even though the big appliances may produce a huge scale feeling, there is nothing to disturb, the great applause that boils up every time one song finishes has a rocky heat, and it is detailed like a classic concert. Not only the performers but also the audiences embody “rock + classic”.
We have traditionally co-ordered the orchestra with masterpieces such as “DETROIT WORKS (Amity 168)” and “MSG 1977 (Amity 267)”, but the quality of this work is not complain in the valuable orchestrating record Top class. Unfortunately we can not assert that “Knife Edge” has a head disappearing due to tape change, but it is no doubt that candidate. It is a stock item in the insignificant item that revived vividly in the 39th year.
The orchestra performed in that sound is wonderful. Although EL & P’s principle is in the dynamism of trio, its dynamism and confrontation of huge orchestra / sound. Create a world together with “Piano Concerto No. 1”, beautifully color “C’est La Vie”, carry “Tank” to another dimension, and “Pictures At An Exhibition” to compete with each other to compete with the head family. Especially “Closer To Believing” is an orchestra and opera chorus, and young Greg Lake’s singing voice expresses the beauty of … This beauty goes beyond the dimension of EL & P, a crystal of neat aesthetic of Greg, which has been continuous with the “Crimson King’s Palace”. Keep in mind that Oke played a lot of attention, but it was also a project that was extremely important for Greg. The album “WORKS VOLUME 1” also co-starred, but the orchestra’s essence is live performance on stage. The sympathy of the sound exchanged on the spot, and the impression of the space filled with it in the venue are the sound world which can be tasted only by the audience recording.

A historical orchestra concert with only official halfway form remaining. It is a masterpiece of a live album that you can taste in the scene and fully enjoy the spectacular and beautiful illusion world. A superb one that blows out the atmosphere of the workplace where the master cassette has sucked directly from the speaker. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.


“WORKS TOUR”の目玉でありながら、限られた記録しか残っていないオーケストラ共演コンサート。その貴重な新発掘ライヴアルバムが登場です。
アルバム『WORKS VOLUME 1』に端を発したオーケストラとの共演は、キース・エマーソンの夢でもあるツアーを実現しつつ、EL&Pの命運まで変えてしまった一大プロジェクトでした。しかし、“WORKS TOUR”のすべてがオーケストラ共演ではありませんでした。その事実は有名ですが、具体的にどういう日程だったのかは意外と知られていません。良い機会ですので、まずはオーケストラ共演の全貌から確認してみましょう。

・1977年6月12日:デモイン 【本作】

このように、オーケストラ共演は全15公演。当時のコンサート記録にはあやふやなところもあるのですが、“WORKS TOUR”は145公演前後(すべて北米)。共演コンサートの合間にもトリオ公演が挟まるので厳密ではありませんが、おおよそ「オケ共演11→トリオ15→オケ共演3→トリオ30→オケ共演1→トリオ80」という流れでした。本作は、その冒頭を飾るオケ共演11公演の最終日「1977年6月12日デモイン公演」のオーディエンス・アルバムなのです。
当店ではこれまでも『DETROIT WORKS(Amity 168)』『MSG 1977(Amity 267)』といった傑作群でオーケストラ共演をお伝えして参りましたが、本作のクオリティは貴重なオケ共演記録の中でも文句ナシにトップクラス。残念ながらテープチェンジで「Knife Edge」に頭切れがあるために「究極」とは断言できないものの、その候補には間違いなくなる。39年目にして鮮やかに蘇った銘品中の銘品なのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるオケ共演がなんとも素晴らしい。EL&Pの本領はトリオのダイナミズムにこそあるわけですが、そのダイナミズムと巨大なオーケストラ・サウンドの対峙。「Piano Concerto No.1」で共に世界を創り上げ、「C’est La Vie」を美しく彩り、「Tank」を別次元に運び、「Pictures At An Exhibition」では本家を競い合うようにぶつかあう。特に「Closer To Believing」はオーケストラとオペラ合唱、そして若きグレッグ・レイクの歌声が美の極致を描き出す……。この美しさはEL&Pの次元を超え、『クリムゾン・キングの宮殿』から連綿と続いてきたグレッグの端正な美意識の結晶。オケ共演というとキースばかりに注目が集まりますが、グレッグにとっても極みとなるプロジェクトだった。アルバム『WORKS VOLUME 1』でも共演は実現しているわけですが、オーケストラの本領はステージでの生演奏。その場で交わされる音の交感、そしてそれが会場中に充満する空間の感動は、オーディエンス録音でしか味わえない音世界なのです。


Disc 1(69:00)
1. Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2 2. The Enemy God 3. From the Beginning 4. C’est La Vie
5. Pictures At An Exhibition 6. Piano Concerto No.1 1st Movement
7. Piano Concerto No.1 3rd Movement 8. Closer To Believing 9. Lucky Man 10. Tank

Disc 2(35:00)
1. Knife Edge 2. Pirates 3. Fanfare For The Common Man incl. Rondo 4. Finale

Virtuoso 311/312

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