Emerson Lake & Powell / Live Rehearsals 1986 Master Tape / 2CD

Emerson Lake & Powell / Live Rehearsals 1986 Master Tape / 2CD / Virtuoso

Translated Text:
Rehearsals at Sprocket Studio for North American Tour 1986. Stereo SBD


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It is the emergence of the finest sound board album spell in the original cassette. This work, EMERSON, stereo sound board album that contains the rehearsal, which was prior to the 1986 North American tour, which has become LAKE & POWELL only tour. There are and say “Tsuariha of EL & POWELL” official CD “THE SPROCKET SESSIONS”, but it is the same recording and there. However, recording is also content is different from the same. I thing that has been on CD directly from the cassette that was brought from the time of the relevant parties.
Presumptuous while, here must be a little like to candid advice of official goods. “THE SPROCKET SESSIONS” is, but drew attention at the fact that the official of the rehearsal sound source that is known for a long time, the finish was what unfortunately sketchy. Treble crunchy and distortion due to forcibly pull the sound pressure, as extremely highlighted stereo effect also was unnatural Kiwamarinai thing (is completely imagine, official goods in solid rehearsal performance than the production live What I wanted to put out a force …).
Edit the it was tough any more to have. “Step Aside” It was also regrettable that has been cut (has been recorded in the Greg Lake of the compilation album “FROM THE UNDERGROUND VOL.II DEEPER INTO THE MINE”) is, in the fade-out process between songs the wreck is to have been in Butsukiri. Although the rehearsal without a crowd, this was violence. After all, it is was also the centerpiece of the set “Tarkus / Pictures At An Exhibition” of the two major representative songs divided epic arrangements that connects is completely in the medley, and because it downright What is left unfinished. Not only that. It three songs at the beginning of “The Score,” “Learning To Fly,” “The Miracle” is continuously played to nearly break without at this rehearsal, there even fade processing. It had gotten erased until the texture of “The Score” last, thanks.
This work of the master, such drawback full of official CD and is completely different. And have a smattering knowledge a few seconds, I also feel sober eyes than brute force official sound, but the sound itself that this is what had Todoroi in the studio. In only the freshness officials outflow preeminent, of course, it does not have even made unreasonable mastering to ruin the natural sound. And, official board in plenty of charm of drowned out the musical tone and medley at the fade-out. On the contrary, it is being recorded to vivid conversations exchanged each time the play is over. Indeed, the studio of the air’s the one flowing fresh from the speakers.
Rehearsal carved in its quality is, without even that would stop on the way, those that full play without stagnation once minute live. But also I wrote earlier, different tension is the production live, although the solidity to check the progress is noticeable, that’s why playing hear that care was taken to every corner of the arrangement. Best pleasure Keith Emerson and the live music of Cozy Powell flows into the ear desk direct sound board you enjoy plenty. Especially valuable thing is the new song group, such as “The Miracle,” “Love Blind,” “Step Aside”, it would be a medley of still “Tarkus / Pictures At An Exhibition”. And say the sound board of EL & POWELL “10 May 4, 1986 Lakeland performance” is famous, but these songs do not listen even there. When it comes to the “Tarkus / Pictures At An Exhibition” medley, the demonstration does not exist even, only you the one and sound board (That’s why the official seeding cut was disappointing extremely …).
In addition, Cozy Rhea track we would like you to please hold down the mania of “Mars, The Bringer Of War”. WHITESNAKE of live and studio work “EMERSON, LAKE & POWELL” There is a song to listen any time, “Mars” is the only one of this work. ‘s The “live drum solo-filled band version”. For more information to say it and, not a band performance has been in the back of the orchestra of the tape in WHITESNAKE. Although EL & POWELL studio board of is a band playing, there was no solo. EL & In POWELL of tour production was boldly introduced the synth drum Pokopoko, was Pyunpyun version. For them, this work while a trio performance of the Emerson & Lake, full version through to solo with a strong force of live drums. This means that, in the Arrange corresponding to the “OVER THE TOP” version of “1812”,’s the rhea 12 minutes and 20 seconds that can not hear even the audience recording.

Such after the numerous rehearsal full of rare tracks, has two types recorded Cozy tape of the demo as a bonus. The first is in the demo cassette that has been handwritten and Cozy autograph of “SPACE GOSPEL”, which was Fichua the unreleased three songs. Intense beat of Cozy is violent “Hooligan”, majestic symphonic “Space Gospel”, such as a friendly melody is beautiful “Serious Pursuit”, both just wonderful songs unpublished a waste. Furthermore, “Back On The Road (instrumental version of The Score)” and “(original song of Vacant Possession) Bites The Bullet” is also included. Provisional melody such as “Rarara” “Papapa” is also fresh unfinished version, but fascinating track that harshness of why was converted to the wild charm will hear plenty.
Another is “Lay Down Your Guns”, “Learning To Fly” demo cassette that was recorded two songs. Respectively, but it is a demonstration of the installation and the song-filled, the sound should be here also referred to as a temporary mix closer to the finished version with a jerk. Although it is one of the demo also familiar sound, but the sound was re-digitized directly from the cassette is a brilliant, is the best vividness you do not have all of the processing. I felt the only pop in the official album “Lay Down Your Guns” also, beautiful melody in this installation is permeates. Warm and also somewhere painful, wrapped in excitement spread and fairly dust in the chest, this work will close the curtain.

Tour rehearsal and two demo. Both are superb sound board album was delicious at the roundup of studio recording from the original cassette. While meeting the heroes of British rock, of the miracle that had ended with one album project EMERSON, LAKE & POWELL. Its charm and possibilities, do you say that …… that so I do not know only official album, or would not have been a rather band that has been told exactly towards the boot leg. While official the truth of rehearsal that had messy finish elementary, one that will reportedly remain raw. Strongly also a solemn, familiarly down while also painful EL & POWELL of the music world. By all means, this weekend, please fully immersed in the world, such as the miracle they had me left behind.


オリジナルカセットで綴る極上サウンドボード・アルバムの登場です。本作は、EMERSON, LAKE & POWELL唯一のツアーとなった1986年の北米ツアーに先駆けたリハーサルを収めたステレオ・サウンドボードアルバムです。「EL&POWELLのツアーリハ」というとオフィシャルCD『THE SPROCKET SESSIONS』がありますが、あれと同じ録音です。しかし、録音は同じでも中身は違う。当時の関係者からもたらされたカセットからダイレクトにCD化されたものなのです。
僭越ながら、ここで少々オフィシャル品の苦言を申し上げなければなりません。『THE SPROCKET SESSIONS』は、古くから知られるリハーサル音源の公式化ということで注目を集めましたが、その仕上がりは残念ながら大ざっぱなものでした。音圧を強引に引き上げたために高音がしゃりしゃりと歪み、極端に強調されたステレオ効果も不自然極まりないものでした(完全に想像ですが、本番ライヴよりも堅実なリハーサル演奏に公式品としての迫力を出したかったのでしょうか……)。
それ以上に厳しかったのが編集。「Step Aside」がカットされているのも残念でした(グレッグ・レイクの編集盤『FROM THE UNDERGROUND VOL.II DEEPER INTO THE MINE』に収録されました)が、曲間でフェイドイン・アウト処理でブツキリにされていたのには参った。観客のいないリハーサルとは言え、これは暴挙だった。なにしろ、セットの目玉でもあった「Tarkus / Pictures At An Exhibition」の2大代表曲をメドレーで繋いだ大作アレンジが完全に分断され、なんとも尻切れトンボなのですから。それだけではありません。このリハーサルでは冒頭の3曲「The Score」「Learning To Fly」「The Miracle」がほぼ切れ目ナシに連続演奏されるのですが、そこでもフェイド処理。おかげで「The Score」ラストのキメまで消されてしまっていたのです。
そのクオリティで刻まれたリハーサルは、途中で止めてしまうようなこともなく、ライヴ1回分を淀みなくフル演奏するもの。先ほども書きましたが、本番ライヴとはテンションが異なり、進行を確認する堅実さが目立つものの、だからこそアレンジの隅々まで注意を払った演奏が聴ける。キース・エマーソンとコージー・パウエルの生演奏が卓直結サウンドボードで耳に流れ込む最高の快感がたっぷりと味わえるのです。特に貴重なのは「The Miracle」「Love Blind」「Step Aside」といった新曲群と、やはり「Tarkus / Pictures At An Exhibition」のメドレーでしょう。EL&POWELLのサウンドボードというと“1986年10月4日レイクランド公演”が有名ですが、これらの曲はそこでも聴けない。「Tarkus / Pictures At An Exhibition」メドレーに至っては、デモさえも存在しない、唯一無二サウンドボードなのです(だからこそ、公式のブツ切りが残念至極だったのです……)。
さらに、コージー・マニアにはぜひ押さえていただきたい激レア・トラックが「Mars, The Bringer Of War」。WHITESNAKEのライヴやスタジオ作『EMERSON, LAKE & POWELL』でも聴ける曲ではありますが、本作の「Mars」は唯一無二。「生ドラムソロ入りバンドバージョン」なのです。詳しく言いますと、WHITESNAKEではオーケストラのテープをバックにしておりバンド演奏ではない。EL&POWELLのスタジオ盤はバンド演奏ではあるものの、ソロがなかった。EL&POWELLのツアー本番ではシンセドラムを大胆に導入したポコポコ、ピュンピュンしたバージョンでした。それらに対し、本作はエマーソン&レイクとのトリオ演奏でありながら、生ドラムのド迫力でソロまで通す完全版バージョン。これはすなわち、「1812年」の『OVER THE TOP』バージョンに相当するアレンジで、オーディエンス録音でさえ耳にすることのできない激レアな12分20秒なのです。

そんな数々のレア・トラックを満載したリハーサルの後には、ボーナスとしてコージー・テープのデモを2種類収録しました。1つめはコージー直筆の“SPACE GOSPEL”と手書きされたデモ・カセットで、未発表曲3曲をフィーチュアしたもの。コージーの激しいビートが暴れる「Hooligan」、荘厳なシンフォニック「Space Gospel」、親しげなメロディが美しい「Serious Pursuit」など、いずれも未発表がもったいない素晴らしい曲ばかり。さらには「Back On The Road(The Scoreのインスト・バージョン)」や「Bites The Bullet(Vacant Possessionの原曲)」も収録。「ラララー」「パパパー」といった仮メロディも生々しい未完成バージョンですが、だからこその荒々しさがワイルドな魅力に転化した魅力的なトラックがたっぷりと聴けます。
もう1つは「Lay Down Your Guns」「Learning To Fly」の2曲を収録したデモ・カセット。それぞれインストと歌入りのデモですが、こちらはグッと完成版に近づいた仮ミックスとも言うべきサウンド。いずれのデモもお馴染みの音源ではありますが、カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化し直しましたサウンドが鮮烈で、一切の加工していない生々しさが最高です。公式アルバムではポップなだけに感じた「Lay Down Your Guns」も、このインストでは美しいメロディが染みる。暖かくもどこか切なく、胸にじんわりと広がる感動に包まれ、本作は幕を閉じます。

ツアー・リハーサルと2つのデモ。いずれもオリジナル・カセットからスタジオ録音の美味しいところを総まとめにした極上のサウンドボード・アルバムです。英国ロックの英雄たちが集いながら、アルバム1枚で終わってしまった奇跡のプロジェクトEMERSON, LAKE & POWELL。その魅力と可能性は、とても公式アルバムだけでは分からない……と言いますか、むしろブートレッグの方が正確に伝えてきたバンドだったのではないでしょうか。オフィシャルが乱雑に仕上げてしまったリハーサルの真実を素のまま、生のままに伝えてくれる1本。たくましくも荘厳で、親しげながらも切ないEL&POWELLの音楽世界。ぜひ、今週末は彼らが遺してくれた奇跡のような世界に浸りきってください。

Disc 1(53:39)
1. The Score 2. Learning To Fly 3. The Miracle 4. Knife Edge 5. Tarkus 6. Pictures At An Exhibition
7. Lucky Man 8. Still You Turn Me On 9. Love Blind 10. Step Aside

Disc 2(78:22)
1. Mars, The Bringer Of War 2. Touch And Go 3. Pirates

Studio demos from the original master cassette tape titled “Space Gospel” belonged to Cozy Powell

4. Back On The Road #1 (The Score) 5. Hooligan #1 6. Space Gospel (Intro Only) 7. Space Gospel
8. Hooligan #2 9. Serious Pursuit #1 10. Bites The Bullet (Vacant Possession)
11. Serious Pursuit #2 12. Back On The Road #2 (The Score)
13. Learning To Fly (with Vocal) 14. Lay Down Your Guns (with Vocal) 15. Learning To Fly (No Vocal)
16. Lay Down Your Guns (No Vocal)


Virtuoso 280/281

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