Emerson Lake & Powell / Madison Square Garden 1986 / 2CDR

Emerson Lake & Powell / Madison Square Garden 1986 / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA 20th September 1986


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Yet full of date nor venue mystery, super masterpiece Noboritsume up to the position of “EL & POWELL3 large recording” in only its quality “TOUR ’86”. In the bonus, EMERSON, and gift you a LAKE & POWELL history of the highlight performances of the matches was masterpiece live album “MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1986”. EL & POWELL live in a one-time North American tour, it was 11 weeks, 42 performances and a very slight. Speaking of highlights in the, you live in North America tournament field of the pronoun “Madison Square Garden (MSG)”.
This work is the audience album that contains the the “September 20, 1986 MSG performance”. In fact, there is a mystery even to this live album. We have in circulation even as another in the “September 13, East Rutherford performance” of the “September 20 MSG performances”. Beginning “The Score” to Greg Lake is “New York, New York !!” since the greeting and, I supposed no doubt in New York performances, why …… what has become this way.
Despite such a mystery, is also great quality of this work. Although to truly reach the very top “three major recording” does not reach the clear of, direct feeling of bold musical tone is brilliant. Especially Buttoi bass while approaching with a strong force, nor that are surprised. Also be broken. If there is a recording it could lead to if large family band mass, but, thanks to the simple ensemble of the trio, powerful, such as braided with three Aranawa is looming in front and a jerk. Just seems “to EL & POWELL Locle for” if only the sound of.
In addition, the powerful is not just because of the sound. This day Upon 16 performances eyes to them, when I was grasp each other’s breathing the engine is warm, let alone there is no tour tired. Moreover, three of fighting spirit to face the large hall are substantial, the spirit is also firmly appear in the play. Although at the time of Cozy Powell I had a diary, “It was a really good show. I we ze was like a storm,” there also “9.5 points in the 10-point scale,” is enough to marked. Looking at the diary, we go more and more show to satisfy about the second half of the tour, the day the second time of “9.5 points”. So to speak, is finally a feeling of “This is it!” What is live you things.

Faces the large hall of the tradition, EL & POWELL that splendid members also fought a great satisfaction to great performance. Its live (not to say the tour vertex) this one was fully achieved in one of the best high-quality sound. Extremely short even in their careers, live album, which was vacuum-pack the best moment. While wrapped in mystery, even in conjunction with the main press 2CD of tremendous quality “TOUR ’86”, I hope you come this weekend can look back a Wonderful EL & POWELL.

日付も会場も謎だらけでありながら、そのクオリティだけで“EL & POWELL3大録音”の地位にまで登り詰めた超傑作『TOUR ’86』。そのボーナスには、EMERSON, LAKE & POWELL史のハイライト公演を収めた傑作ライヴアルバム『MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1986』をお贈りします。EL & POWELLのライヴは北米ツアー1回きりで、11週間・42公演と非常にわずかなものでした。その中でハイライトと言えば、北米大会場の代名詞“マジソン・スクエア・ガーデン(MSG)”でのライヴでしょう。
本作は、その「1986年9月20日MSG公演」を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。実は、このライヴアルバムにも謎がある。「9月20日MSG公演」の他に「9月13日イースト・ラザフォード公演」としても流通しているのです。冒頭「The Score」にグレッグ・レイクが「New York, New York!!」と挨拶しているので、ニューヨーク公演で間違いないはずなのですが、なぜこのようになっているのか……。
そんな謎をよそに、本作もまた素晴らしいクオリティ。さすがに頂点を極める“3大録音”にクリアさでは届かないものの、図太い楽音のダイレクト感は鮮烈。特にぶっとい低音がド迫力で迫りながら、割れることもビビることもない。もし大所帯バンドなら塊になりかねない録音ではありますが、トリオのシンプルなアンサンブルのおかげで、3本の荒縄で編み上げられたような迫力がグッと前に迫ってくる。まさに“EL & POWELLを録るため”の専用サウンドかのようです。

伝統の大会場に臨み、見事メンバーも大満足する名演を繰り広げたEL & POWELL。そのライヴを(ツアー頂点とは言わないまでも)屈指のハイクオリティ・サウンドで収めきった1本です。極端に短い彼らのキャリアにおいても、最高の一瞬を真空パックしたライヴアルバム。謎に包まれながらも驚異的なクオリティの本編プレス2CD『TOUR ’86』と併せ、ぜひ今週末は素晴らしきEL & POWELLを振り返って頂けたら幸いです。

Disc 1(48:16)
1. The Score 2. Learning To Fly 3. Pirates 4. Knife Edge 5. Tarkus 6. Pictures At An Exhibition

Disc 2(55:30)
1. Dream Runner 2. Creole Dance 3. Still You Turn Me On 4. From The Beginning 5. Lucky Man
6. Fanfare For The Common Man 7. Touch And Go 8. Mars, The Bringer Of War
9. Welcome Back/America/Rondo 10. Finale

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