Emerson Lake & Palmer / Welcome Back Japanese Laser Disc / 1DVDR

Emerson Lake & Palmer / Welcome Back Japanese Laser Disc / 1DVDR / Non Label

Welcome Back Japanese Laser Disc. Pro-Shot

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Nine months after the world lost Keith Emerson, this time Greg Lake was gone. In 2016, the sad news of great musicians continued from the beginning, but I believed that it was over. For this week, we have prepared a professional shot to spend with Greg and Keith.
To be honest, I was lost. What should be prepared at this time and what should be shared with you? Numerous live performance albums, live footage … Each one of them is shining, but I don’t want to end this week alone. I want to feel not only Greg as a performer but also as a “one man”. It was this work that decided so. The official video “WELCOME BACK” when EL & P reorganized in 1992.
This work is a documentary video that was produced in conjunction with their restart, and the members and related parties talked about them with clips and historical images from each era. There is no song that can be played completely, but it is an official video that brings you closer to their “people” from a number of comments. And its quality is first class. Although there was a DVD of subtle quality over 10 years ago, this work uses a Japanese disc laser disc released at the time of production. It is also the highest quality version of the mint quality version that has been treasured by domestic core collectors. In addition to quality, the strength of “Japan Laserdisc” is Japanese subtitles. Since this work is a documentary, all the performers speak in quick English. Thanks to Japanese subtitles, the contents can be understood vividly.
The content is as if the memories of us are condensed. From the legendary debut of the Isle of Wight, we met Dr. Moog, co-starred in the Montreel orchestra, the desire to restart, and the joy of being a musician. . The sense of the times is also vivid due to the topic. For example, a promoter appeared in a spill story in the 70s, but he made a booking but did not make any preparations even if the date was incorrect. Recalling that time, “I forgot the lighting. I was told that I should prepare it, but I thought that if every 25,000 customers had a match, it would be the lighting.” talk. The air of a rough era that makes you want to rush beyond time and space.
Although there are many famous stories, it is also interesting if it is told in the testimony of the parties concerned. For example, a Moog synthesizer. Dr. Moog himself appeared, “I could n’t think of someone (with a huge, complicated wiring synth) taking it on stage and actually playing in front of the audience. I doubted my ears, it was too original, impressive, perfect, and just surrendered. ” Keith also said, “We were told that we were heavy metal.” Keith himself adds that “Heavy Metal was before the idea that a long-haired guitarist would do to Gingin” was established, but it is a testimony because it is a person who has survived at the cutting edge of the 70s. In addition, there are many comments about the history of the 70s moving vividly, such as Keith Moon’s anecdote on the Isle of Wight and his thoughts on an orchestra co-star tour that ended in a deficit.
On the other hand, the feeling of the time of “1992” produced is also smelling. Carl Palmer said, “Now (1992) there are a lot of things that can be used for MIDI, so I think it ’s a good time for a progressive rock band to start again,” Greg said, “I used to do too much in the past. What I thought was just a small change in retrospect, compared to Guns & Roses. ” Even though MIDI is still active as a signal protocol, 1992 swept the music industry as the latest technology, and GUNS’N ROSES also caused numerous incidents as a child of the times. Such air smells from the end of the words.
This “1992” feeling is also one of the reasons for choosing this work as a gift for this week. Needless to say, the golden age of EL & P is the 70s. However, we may have felt close to them in the 90s reunion period. What was felt directly as “the breath of a live band”, not over the record or “the legend of rock”. This work is packed with live voices at that time. This work also features the resurgence performance of Royal Albert Hall, which also includes EL & P’s determination to restart, and the excitement of the audience who witnessed the resurrection. The flushed expression and words. This is what we used to be. And I think they were the ones who were trying to come to Japan again.

“When I bought it for the first time, there were a lot of things that I should have done ah,“ I should have done this, ”but I think that it was a good line in terms of“ I did something worth doing ” “… Greg says that. He is no longer there. Losing Keith, Greg has gone. I can’t curse 2016 or pray for happiness in 2017. For those who share such feelings, we will present this work that makes them feel “human” instead of “legend”.
Finally, I will introduce the words that Greg spoke when Keith died.
“To ELP friends and fans all over the world. Keith ’s death (called gun suicide) is very sad and painful, but I do n’t want everyone to remember the tragedy. I want you to remember that wonderful talent and passion that kept everyone entertained. ”
This wish. For now and for now, for Greg himself.

正直なところ、迷いました。こんな時に何を用意すれば良いのか、何を皆さまと共有すれば良いのか。数々の名演ライヴアルバム、ライヴ映像……その1つひとつが輝いてはいますが、今週ばかりはそれだけで終わらせたくない。演奏家としてのグレッグだけでなく、“ひとりの人間”としての彼を感じたい。そうして決断したのが本作。1992年にEL&Pが再結成した際のオフィシャル映像『”WELCOME BACK”』です。
その一方、制作された“1992年”の時代感も匂い立つ。カール・パーマーが「今(1992年)はMIDIとか使えるものがたくさんあるから、プログレッシヴ・ロック・バンドがまた始めるには格好の時期だと思うんだ」と語り、グレッグは「昔はやり過ぎだと思われたものも、今振り返ってみるとほんの小さな変化に過ぎない。ガンズ&ローゼズとかに比べるとね」と話す。今でもMIDIは信号プロトコル等で現役ではあるものの、1992年は最新技術として音楽業界を席巻していたし、GUNS’N ROSESも時代の寵児として数々の事件を巻き起こしていた。そんな空気が言葉の端々から匂ってくるのです。


1. Fanfare/Romeo And Juliet 2. Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2
3. Isle Of Wight Festival: Pictures At An Exhibition 4. Technology
5. Paper Blood: The Two Extremes 6. Honky Tonk Train Blues: The Wrong Day
7. Creole Dance: Final Approval 8. The Right Sound: Changing States/Hoedown
9. Black Moon 10. Drum Solo 11. Tarkus: Trying New Things: Close To Home
12. Pirates: Memories Of Montreal 13. Playing Guitar 14. C’est La Vie
15. Something Different 16. Tiger In The Spotlight: Full Circle 17. Watching Over You
18. Back Home 19. Lucky Man 20. The Test Of Time: Maple Leaf Rag
21. Fanfare For The Common Man: Performing Live 22. End Credits


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