Emerson Lake & Palmer / Tarkus Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab / 1CDR

Emerson Lake & Palmer / Tarkus Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab / 1CDR / Non Label
Taken from the original US Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab 24 KT Gold CD(UDCD 598)
Ultradisc II 24 KT Gold CD from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab “Original Master Recording” Collection

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The gold CD reprint series of “Mobile Fidelity”, which has attracted much attention. The latest bullet is a gift release decision.
Speaking of “Mobil Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL)”, a manufacturer specializing in analog masters, a trusted brand with great support from audiophiles around the world. The master of sound put the limit of passion and digitized many famous plates from master tape. In such a series, the 24K Gold CD “UDCD 598” released in March 1994 is included in this work. Yes, EL & P Mibu ’s masterpiece “Tarcus”.

[Mobile fidelity with the highest priority on master tape sound] A lot of high-quality CDs appeared in the 1990s when the CD production of analog works reached its peak, but MFSL was exceptional. Other high-quality CDs are based on the idea of ​​“suppressing digital degradation” such as reducing the uncomfortable feeling of compression with new technology and reducing reading errors with materials. On the other hand, MFSL’s policy is to faithfully reproduce the sound engraved on the master tape and not add extras. The company puts the highest priority on “analog-recorded sound itself,” such as developing its own “half-speed mastering” technology that focuses on the stage of extracting sound from magnetic tape.
MFSL has borrowed original master tapes from record companies since 1987 and has digitized numerous masterpieces one by one. We released the “Ultradisc” series, which transfers the sound of the master tape to CD. Currently, we are also expanding into the field of SACD and LP, but the point is that this work was made into CD in the first half of the 90s. The master of magnetic tape is vulnerable to aging deterioration, and the sound at the time of recording is lost as time passes. There are cases where the tape is distorted or stuck, but even if stored precisely, it cannot prevent the loss of magnetism. Currently, LPs recorded with physical grooves have better sound than the master tape itself, and so on. In that respect, the “Ultradisc” series was a great achievement. It was started in the 1980s when the CD was in widespread use, and the sound of the master tape was left digitally earlier than the advent of a new technology CD that demands high sound quality.
MF encapsulated the master sound that was pulled out in a 24-gold gold CD. Gold-plated coating with a purity of 99% or higher usually has higher reflectivity than CD metal thin film, and can reduce errors. The aim was also important, but preservation is now considered more important. CD polycarbonate is water-retaining and corrodes (ie rusts) the internal metal film (aluminum). When you hold an old CD over the light, you may see a small spot, but this is a corroded hole that is said to be one of the causes of reading errors. In contrast, gold is the most stable metal and does not rust in nature. Of course, since it is a coating, it is limited, but it has a preservative power that is not comparable to a normal CD.

[“Tarcas”, where the synth vibes live up to “the presence of musical instruments”] That’s why the “Tarcas” of this work tells the master sound as of “23 years after recording”. The freshness is overwhelmed. Super clear from the beginning of the large song “Tarkus”. In the opening synth, the subtle shaking squeezes at the waveform level, and the complex riff has a very different presence. Each sound stands sharply and its outline is amazing. Since it is a studio recording, it is natural to understand even the touch, but it can be felt that the rise of the sound vibrates the organ body in the studio. Because of that, the noise is less than noise and the edges are sharper, making the historical riffs more offensive.
And, the sound of heavy bass that unfolds and explodes. That vast and powerful thing! As mentioned above, MF should be non-equalizing, but it is much stronger than the current remastered version. Even if you listen closely, there is no evidence of sound pressure gain, and if the peak is not over, you will not feel it lifted. Still, it sounds much more powerful than later remasters. Perhaps this is a work that can be done with fine details. Even if it is not lifted or directed, it is clearly left to the end of the vibration, so the contrast with the treble and the depth of the silent part stand out, creating a tremendous vividness. Even in live performances, the bass of the synth is powerful enough to shake the entire venue, but the bass of this work has a “presence”.
Of course, the deep bass of the synth is just an example. The presence of musical instruments is also felt on pianos and organs, and the drumming that rushes with the same number of sounds also has a vibe of soul up to one stroke. Even a little cymbal work remains clear to the moment of mute, and the feeling of “sounding right there” is overwhelming. The same goes for Greg Lake’s bass and singing voice. Every note has a musical instrument presence and stands in the middle of an EL & P ensemble that has all the complexity, profoundness and aggression. This realism may even surpass even the live album “Picture of the Exhibition”.

The master sound of the Daimyo board that can be kept up to the present age because it is a gold CD by “Mobile Fidelity”. Even if you want to get the actual product now, it is difficult because the original production is limited. A gift release for as many people as possible to touch the beautiful sound. Please enjoy carefully.


アナログ・マスター専門メーカーの“モービル・フィデリティ・サウンド・ラボ(MFSL)”と言えば、世界のオーディオ・マニア達が絶大な支持を寄せる信頼のブランド。音の匠が情熱の限りを込め、大名盤の数々をマスター・テープからデジタル化していきました。そんなシリーズの中で、本作に収められているのは1994年3月にリリースされた24KゴールドCD『UDCD 598』。そう、EL&P畢生の名作『タルカス』です。


そして、展開して炸裂する重低音の轟き。その広大でド迫力なこと! 前述したようにMFはノン・イコライジングのはずなのですが、現行リマスター版よりも遙かに強烈。細かく聴き比べても確かに音圧稼ぎされた形跡は見られず、ピークもオーバーしていなければ、無理に引き上げた感じもない。それでもなお、後年リマスターよりもずっとド迫力に聞こえるのです。これは恐らく、ディテールの細やかさが成せる業。ムリに引き上げたり演出しなくても、振動の端々まで綺麗に残されている事により高音との対比も、無音部の深みも際立ち、凄まじい鮮やかを生み出している。ライヴの現場でもシンセの重低音は会場全体を振るわせる迫力があるものですが、本作の重低音には”存在感”まで宿っているのです。


1. Tarkus
a (1) Eruption
b (2) Stones Of Years
c (3) Iconoclast
d (4) Mass
e (5) Manticore
f (6) Battlefield
g (7) Aquatarkus

2. Jeremy Bender
3. Bitches Crystal
4. The Only Way (Hymn)
5. Infinite Space (Conclusion)
6. A Time And A Place
7. Are You Ready Eddy?

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