Emerson Lake & Palmer /Memphis 1977 Definitive Edition / 2CD+1DVD

Emerson Lake & Palmer /Memphis 1977 Definitive Edition / 2CD+DVD / Virtuoso

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Mid South Coliseum, Memphis, TN. USA 20th November 1977 STEREO SBD/PRO-SHOT


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“WORKS TOUR 1977 of the highest peak” and the famous Memphis performances revived as a decision board along with the excavation professional shot! If it were contained in this work, “November 20, 1977 Menfiru performance”. A famous full sound board, which is the highest grade even in the ELP all the history for some time, coupling board of the Wheeling performance “DEFINITIVE WORKS LIVE 1977 (Virtuoso 191-194)” also we have a big hit. This time, treasured professional shot of the Memphis performances rainy day excavation. It became a carry to appear along with the remastered stereo sound board.

[Disk 1, 2: stereo sound board 2CD] This work that contains the all of the legendary Memphis performances, gorgeous 3 Disc press. Two sets of sound board album to disk 1 and 2, the disk 3 has arranged a professional shot of the new excavation. First, disk 1 and 2 are, which was released in 2014, the same sound board recording and disk 3, 4 of the new era of ultra-Ketteiban and also described as the name board “DEFINITIVE WORKS LIVE 1977”. Of course, not exactly the same thing, newly remastered from the original source this time. Only the finest sound board, which has been touted as “the apex specific ultra-high-quality” at the time of the “DEFINITIVE WORKS LIVE 1977”, even the squid latest mastering is pure audio specific superiority or inferiority is not attached, oriented modern sound a more even more powerful this time. In fact, this Memphis concert is why it was also three songs “Pictures At An Exhibition,” “Pirates,” “Show Me The Way To Go Home” is official like recording enough to be adopted in the official album “A TIME AND A PLACE” , it is not aimed at the full-length version. Of course, in the last minute of a line that does not impair the nature of the original source master, it has achieved a powerful, such as the official work. In the sense that wonderful “realistic appearance of the original sound” is “DEFINITIVE WORKS LIVE 1977” is what vertex, but this work has been finished in the side-by-side to enjoy sound and daily official work.

[Disk 3: pro-shot DVD] Well, the disc 3 of impact that hazy even sound board album beyond such vertices, that contains the pro-shot of the new excavation. In professional shot that contains the same Memphis performances, it was broadcast by the BBC in the specialty program “OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST” in 1979 (the Husband) thing. If there is a reason why I wrote the “Husband”, that it has been broadcast, but I was known during the Koamania, the video did not come out at all. (Although we have an official credit is “1978”, there is no Memphis performances in the 1977 mistake. 1978), which barely “Watching Over You” a song only has been adopted in the official work “BEYOND THE BEGINNING” of but , I did not know the full extent of the program. It was excavated in the form of this time, it seems to be the entire program. Moreover, this is not an air check,’s the original master of the broadcast, which is also engraved the time code in the upper left of the screen.
Its quality is phenomenal. Indeed generation does not START and the official DVD “BEYOND THE BEGINNING,” but also extremely vivid coloring without even noise aging. Three of the figure of 1977 I emerges in vivid. In playing the scene as well as multi-camera professional shot, “Karn Evil 9:. 1st Impression, Pt 2” recorded “Watching Over You,” “Tiger In The Spotlight” four songs of “Show Me The Way To Go Home”. Furthermore interview scene, also there, also appeared “Tank,” “Drum Solo” is in the meantime. “Watching Over You” only without official until now, I program that was mid-urban legend of is tightly watched over a period of about 21 minutes. While decorated with GX-1 and Hammond run through to the end, “Karn Evil 9:. 1st Impression, Pt 2” in, has not been seen “WORKS ORCHESTRAL TOUR” even “Tiger In The Spotlight” and “Show Me The Way To Go Home” …… and so much amazing video, I never had really left. It is truly a historic large excavation!
More disk 3, has two additional recorded 70s professional shot of late as a bonus. One of three songs at the time of the appearance in specialty program “ROCK POP” in Germany in the “Fanfare For The Common Man,” “Tiger In A Spotlight,” “Show Me The Way To Go Home” and one “TOP OF THE POPS “is” All I Want is you “on. All are already familiar image, but the image quality is the official class to surpass even “OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST”. Any song also said that mime, the fingertips of Keith Emerson like dances smoothly production just like to fondly. Especially great with “Tiger In A Spotlight”. What it renditions to play around a real tiger, initially rising Sukkuto solo Atari of Keith tiger was sleeping quietly, Greg Lake to the feet. Because it is connected to the chain, but it safe, Greg is obviously scared and, to do the eyes during a performance in the flickering and the tiger, the song ends Ya to back away. Also you can see Greg’s feelings, but it is a masterpiece video 70s in the air even in such a reckless production drifts.

Spell in the new excavation of the large classic and the miracle that has been polished “best live of WORKS TOUR 1977”. 3 Disc, which brings together the sound board and a professional shot to tell the truth that has not been touched only a part in the official work. Now here is the imposing of finished!

“WORKS TOUR 1977の最高峰”と名高いメンフィス公演が発掘プロショットと共に決定盤として蘇りました! 本作に収められているのは「1977年11月20日メンフィル公演」。かねてよりELP全史においても最高級とされるフル・サウンドボードが有名で、ウィーリング公演とのカップリング盤『DEFINITIVE WORKS LIVE 1977(Virtuoso 191-194)』も大ヒットいたしました。今回、そのメンフィス公演の秘蔵プロショットがまさかの発掘。ステレオ・サウンドボードのリマスター盤と共に登場する運びとなりました。

伝説的なメンフィス公演の総てを収めた本作は、豪華3枚組プレス。ディスク1・2には2枚組サウンドボード・アルバムを、ディスク3には新発掘のプロショットを配しています。まず、ディスク1・2ですが、これは2014年にリリースされ、新時代の超決定盤とも評された名盤『DEFINITIVE WORKS LIVE 1977』のディスク3・4と同じサウンドボード録音。もちろん、まったく同じものではなく、今回新たに大元からリマスタリング。『DEFINITIVE WORKS LIVE 1977』の時点で“頂点的な超・高音質”と謳われていた最高級サウンドボードだけに、いかな最新マスタリングと言えどもピュア・オーディオ的な優劣は付けられませんが、今回はより一層迫力のある現代的なサウンドを指向。実際、このメンフィス公演はオフィシャル盤『A TIME AND A PLACE』にも3曲「Pictures At An Exhibition」「Pirates」「Show Me The Way To Go Home」が採用されるほど公式ライクな収録だったわけですが、その全長版を目指したわけです。もちろん、大元マスターの自然さを損なわないギリギリの線で、オフィシャル作品のような迫力を実現しました。素晴らしき“原音のリアルな姿”という意味では『DEFINITIVE WORKS LIVE 1977』こそが頂点ですが、本作は日常的にオフィシャル作品と並べて楽しめるサウンドに仕上がっています。

さて、そんな頂点超えのサウンドボード・アルバムさえ霞む衝撃なのが、新発掘のプロショットを収めたディスク3。同じメンフィス公演を収めたプロショットで、1979年にBBCの名物番組「OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST」で放送された(ハズの)もの。「ハズ」と書いたのは理由がありまして、放送されたことはコアマニアの間では知られていたのですが、その映像がさっぱり出てこなかった。かろうじて「Watching Over You」の1曲だけがオフィシャル作品『BEYOND THE BEGINNING』に採用された(公式クレジットは「1978年」となっていますが、1977年の間違い。1978年にメンフィス公演はありません)ものの、番組の全容も分からなかったのです。それが今回、番組全体と思われる形で発掘された。しかも、これがエアチェックではなく、画面左上にタイムコードも刻まれる放送の元マスターなのです。
そのクオリティは驚異的。さすがにジェネレーションは公式DVD『BEYOND THE BEGINNING』には及びませんが、経年劣化もノイズもなく発色も極めてビビッド。1977年の3人の姿が鮮やかに浮かび上がるのです。演奏シーンはもちろんマルチカメラのプロショットで、「Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Pt. 2」「Watching Over You」「Tiger In The Spotlight」「Show Me The Way To Go Home」の4曲を収録。さらにインタビューシーン、もあり、その合間には「Tank」「Drum Solo」も登場します。今までオフィシャルの「Watching Over You」しかなく、半ば都市伝説化していた番組が約21分にわたってしっかりと観れるのです。GX-1とハモンドで彩られながら走り抜く「Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Pt. 2」に、『WORKS ORCHESTRAL TOUR』でも観られなかった「Tiger In The Spotlight」や「Show Me The Way To Go Home」……これほど凄い映像が、まさか本当に残っていたとは。まさに歴史的な大発掘です!
さらにディスク3には、ボーナスとして70年代後期のプロショットを2種追加収録しました。1つはドイツの名物番組「ROCK POP」に出演した際の3曲「Fanfare For The Common Man」「Tiger In A Spotlight」「Show Me The Way To Go Home」で、もう1つは「TOP OF THE POPS」の「All I Want Is You」です。いずれもすでにお馴染みの映像ですが、画質は「OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST」さえも凌駕するオフィシャル級。どの曲もマイムとは言え、まるで本番さながらに滑らかに舞うキース・エマーソンの指先には惚れ惚れする。特に凄いのは「Tiger In A Spotlight」。なんと本物の虎を囲んで演奏する演出なのですが、最初は大人しく寝ていた虎がキースのソロ辺りですっくと立ち上がり、グレッグ・レイクの足下へ。鎖に繋がれているので安全なのでしょうが、グレッグは明らかにビビッており、演奏中もチラチラと虎に目をやり、歌が終わるや後ずさりする。グレッグの気持ちも分かりますが、こんな無茶な演出にも70年代の空気が漂う傑作映像です。

磨き上げられた大定番と奇跡の新発掘で綴る“WORKS TOUR 1977の最高峰ライヴ”。オフィシャル作品では一部しか触れられなかった真実を伝えるサウンドボードとプロショットを結集した3枚組。今ここに、堂々の完成です!

Live at Mid South Coliseum, Memphis, TN. USA 20th November 1977

Disc 1(61:47)
1. Peter Gunn Theme 2. Hoedown 3. Tarkus 4. Take A Pebble 5. Piano Concerto No 1
6. Maple Leaf Rag 7. Take A Pebble(Reprise) 8. C’est La Vie 9. Lucky Man
10. Pictures At An Exhibition

Disc 2(65:53)
1. Karn Evil 9 2. Tiger In The Spotlight 3. Watching Over You 4. Tank 5. Drums Solo
6. Enemy God 7. Nut Rocker 8. Pirates 9. Fanfare For The Common Man 10. Rondo
11. Show Me The Way To Go Home 12. Finale



Old Grey Whistle Test 1979

Mid South Coliseum, Memphis, TN. USA 20th November 1977

Old Grey Whistle Test feat. Interviews and Live Clips from Mid South Coliseum, Memphis, TN. USA 20th November 1977

1. Introduction by Bob Harris 2. Karn Evil 9 3. Watching Over You 4. Keith Emerson Interview
5. Tank/Greg Lake Interview 6. Drum Solo/Carl Palmer Interview 7. Keith Emerson Interview
8. Tiger In The Spotlight 9. Show Me The Way To Go Home

Rock Pop
10. Fanfare For The Common Man 11. Tiger In A Spotlight 12. Show Me The Way To Go Home

Top Of The Pops
13. All I Want Is You


Virtuoso 284/285

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