Emerson Lake & Palmer / LudwigShafen 1973 Master Reel / 2CD

Emerson Lake & Palmer / LudwigShafen 1973 Master Reel / 2CD / Virtusos

Translated text:
Live at Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen, Germany 10th April 1973.


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And was listening to the ELP of so good sound, would be hell the first time in many years …. 40 years before recording great audience sound masterpiece recordings that do not think is appeared! That being said …, not this sound a complete first appearance. In “Ludwigshafen performances April 10, 1973” that is being housed in this work, is the upgrade board of previous bonus CDR “LUDWIGSHAFEN 1973”. Here to jump to conclusions as “What do remastered” Do not be! “LUDWIGSHAFEN 1973” is now a great topic as a new excavation of wonder while bonus, there was also a fatal large disadvantage at the same time. Tape is downright malicious someone at some stage that we moved into the hands of the people from the hand of man, I another music unrelated round Just the had been covered. Even though faint radio waves such as interference “Jeremy Bender / The Sheriff”, “Tarkus” large excavation of “Take A Pebble” …… cultural heritage class recording, …… a such thing. However, the fact that the unnatural mischief is, that is the Omoto master exists somewhere. And appeared in the this time, I of the Omoto master reel!
Not only there is no mischief. Truly master reels, noise and aging can be suppressed to a minimum, are upgrading the sound quality in the entire tape. Beginning “Abaddon’s Bolero” what is also felt trace of tape deterioration, but it also is immediately improved, there is no problem since. And I listen to “SOMEONE GET ME A LADDER TOUR” of 1973 in this sound. “Only because the best sound quality of tour leading, if not even conceded that another music overlap, but released in the questions asked by the press CD” at the time of bonus CDR is because it is wrote, I had exceeded its expected, of course of course in the press 2CD it is released!

Here, also for “SOMEONE GET ME A LADDER TOUR” and let’s touch a little. Although it is tour called “special” even among enthusiasts, whether it is why the. ELP from immediately after the debut until 1972, by finishing quickly Album push forward to the tour, had been rush success highway.
Set of live also unchanged basic axis of the show even if there is to join a new song, time difference is “development process” to confirm things. And I is 1973 became the first turning point in such a situation. I do not know whether I felt a rut, but “Neri” has come to be seen in all aspects. The attention to the development of backward and launch the Manticore label is a business-surface, in the creative plane began to apply a carefully time in the studio.
And, began to show the change in terms of performance, is not that “SOMEONE GET ME A LADDER TOUR” of 4-May 1973. In the present work Oiyari to the second half of the “Hoedown” pole position was of course, start with “Abaddon’s Bolero”. For example, further Tatamikakeru to “Karn Evil 9 (prototype)” of new songs that elaborate on the stiffness, the willingness “about to change it” has appeared with the MGA. The willingness is directly linked to the performance of the Passion “Tarkus” “Hoedown” is also at once faster! Improvisation tion also is as if it had regained very early heat.
The “Hoedown”, sound quality also would highlight of this work, including. Often terrifying sound from tuning at the beginning, Roaring in suddenly intense high-quality sound! It Oshimakuru 46 minutes to Ikkikasei to the show from there, very true value of ELP. Such as “Toccata” of initial arrangement of up to 22 minutes, also sprinkled valuable take, it is a big spectacle that will not know anymore Wake.
Honest story, only the first time might be a good even started listening from disk 2. Of course, to is Masamichi is begin to hear from disk 1, what is full of far from listening also the first half of the show is no doubt. However, Nante is remove the de liver to ELP, it is luxury that may no longer again. By show of the whole picture to enjoy after the taste with plenty, first in the performance of high-quality sound and the largest of the superlative, what How about try to be abandon Buttobasa.

Really, the first time in five years was listening to the ELP of so much of the sound, no, I do not know you have been a more earlier. Listen to intense performance in the turning point in history “SOMEONE GET ME A LADDER TOUR”. The 6 performances eyes, it is a super title that you can enjoy in the full-length best sound until the last “Finale”. All of ELP fan, Ketteiban that you can recommend with pride to progressive rock fan, is finally appeared!

こんなに良い音のELPを聴いたのは、一体何年ぶりだろう……。40年前の録音とは思えない素晴らしいオーディエンス・サウンドの傑作録音が登場です! ……とは言っても、この音源は完全な初登場ではありません。本作に収められているのは「1973年4月10日ルートヴィヒスハーフェン公演」で、以前ボーナスCDR「LUDWIGSHAFEN 1973」のアップグレード盤です。ここで「なんだリマスターか」と早合点してはいけません! 「LUDWIGSHAFEN 1973」は、ボーナスながら驚異の新発掘として大いに話題となりましたが、同時に致命的な大欠点もありました。テープが人の手から人の手へと移ってくどこかの段階で誰かの悪意が紛れ、丸っきり関係ない別の音楽が被せられていたのです。うっすらと電波が混信したような「Jeremy Bender/The Sheriff」「Tarkus」「Take A Pebble」……文化遺産級録音の大発掘なのに、なんてことを……。しかし、不自然な悪戯ということは、その大元マスターはどこかに存在するということ。今回登場したのは、その大元マスター・リールなのです!
悪戯がないだけではありません。さすがはマスター・リール、ノイズや経年劣化も最小限に抑えられ、テープ全体で音質がアップグレードしている。冒頭「Abaddon’s Bolero」こそテープ劣化の跡も感じられますが、それもすぐに改善され、以降まったく問題ありません。このサウンドで1973年の“SOMEONE GET ME A LADDER TOUR”が聴けるのです。ボーナスCDRの際に「ツアー屈指の最高音質だからこそ、別の音楽が重なる失点さえなければ、問答無用でプレスCDでリリースだ」と書きましたが、その予想を上回ってしまったのですから、当然無論のプレス2CDでリリースです!

ここで、“SOMEONE GET ME A LADDER TOUR”についても少し触れておきましょう。マニアの間でも「特別」と言われるツアーですが、それはなぜなのか。デビュー直後から1972年までのELPは、アルバムを手早く仕上げてはツアーに邁進し、成功街道をばく進していました。
そして、パフォーマンスの面で変化を見せ始めたのが、1973年4・5月の“SOMEONE GET ME A LADDER TOUR”というわけです。本作でもポールポジションが当然だった「Hoedown」を後半へ追いやり、「Abaddon’s Bolero」でスタート。さらに凝りに凝った新曲の「Karn Evil 9(のプロトタイプ)」へ畳み掛けるなど、“変わろう”という意欲がアリアリと現れている。その意欲は、演奏のパッションにも直結して「Tarkus」「Hoedown」も一気に高速化! インプロヴィゼションも極初期の熱さを取り戻したかのようです。
その「Hoedown」、音質も含めて本作のハイライトでしょう。冒頭のチューニングから恐ろしいほど音が良く、いきなり強烈な高音質で爆走! そこから終演まで一気呵成に押しまくる46分間は、まさにELPの真骨頂。22分間に及ぶ初期アレンジの「Toccata」など、貴重なテイクも交え、もうワケが分からなくなる大スペクタクルです。

本当に、これほどのサウンドのELPを聴いたのは5年ぶり、いや、もっと以前だったかも知れません。歴史上のターニングポイントにして強烈の演奏が聴ける“SOMEONE GET ME A LADDER TOUR”。その6公演目を、最後の「Finale」まで全編最高サウンドで堪能できるスーパー・タイトルです。すべてのELPファン、プログレファンに胸を張ってお薦めできる決定盤、遂に登場です!
Disc 1(72:13)
1. Intro 2. Abaddon’s Bolero 3. Karn Evil 9 4. Jeremy Bender/The Sheriff 5. Tarkus incl. Epitaph
6. Aquatarkus 7. Take A Pebble 8. Still You Turn Me On 9. You Can Sing My Song 10. Lucky Man
11. Piano Improvisation 12. Take A Pebble (Conclusion)

Disc 2(45:12)
1. Hoedown 2. Pictures At An Exhibition
Promenade / The Hut Of Baba Yaga / The Curse Of Baba Yaga / The Hut Of Baba Yaga / The Great Gates Of Kiev

3. Toccata 4. Drums & Percussion Solo 5. Rondo 6. Finale

Virtuoso 222/223

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