Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Explosive Material / 2CDR

Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Explosive Material / 2CDR / Sirene

Translated Text:
Live at Hitomi-kinen Hall, Tokyo, Japan 16th September 1992

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Reunion accompanying “Black Moon” album From the 1992 Japan tour of ELP, the September 16 Hinomi Memorial Hall performance, which is the 2 nd day of Tokyo performance, is the ultimate ultra-high quality audience recording that is not even circulated among traders Complete recording. A new definitive title of 92 years returning performance will appear. It is the ultimate opening set that leads from excitement opening “evil scriptures” to “Talcus” as is, and with the early masterpiece “knife edge”. Without high fidelity of many progres fans’ expectations, with the high-quality stage performance, the “Welcome Back Show” of that masterpiece that made a lot of fans in Japan greatly satisfied, the unbelievable superb sound quality It reproduces with. “Pirates” in the midfield, which can be said to be the biggest listening place, will let you listen to the performance with no more dramatic sound. “Fanfare Medley” including the exhibition “masterpiece of the exhibition”, and America, Rondo who many spectators finally saw the legend in front of me. It is the appearance of the highly recommendable title of the tone quality · contents, all the ELP fans who listen to everything and must-have. However, it is still said that such a recording was asleep … It can be said that this is the ultimate single piece of reunion ELP.

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol. 74 (September 2006 issue). For your information.

From the second legendary performance of ELP who became a legend now, recorded Showa Women’s University Hinami Memorial Auditorium Performance. Although this performance has been converted into a sound in the past, this time the release is using a newly discovered super high sound quality audience recording. At the time of the performance, Lake’s center stage should have become one stage. As a long-awaited performance since the first visit to Japan in 1972, many fans caressed. Especially in Osaka performance, enthusiastic fans caught on Kawasaki performances etc. where the tickets were not sufficiently distributed and additional performances became. The figure of Emerson who dragged Hammond from the sleeve of the stage and fought is still burned to the mind and will not go away. I want you to remind the legendary stage once more.

「Black Moon」アルバムに伴う再結成ELPの1992年日本ツアーより、東京公演2日目となる9月16日人見記念会館公演が、トレーダー間でも一切出回っていない究極の超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。92年再来日公演の新たなる決定版タイトルが登場です。興奮を誘うオープニング「悪の経典」からそのまま「タルカス」へ、そして初期の名曲「ナイフエッジ」で繋がる究極のオープニング・セット。多くのプログレ・ファンの期待を裏切ることなく、高品質なステージパフォーマンスで、日本中の多くのファンを大満足させてくれた、あの圧巻の「Welcome Back Show」を、信じられない位の極上音質で再現します。最大の聴き所と言える中盤の「海賊」も、これ以上はないほどドラマチックなサウンドで演奏を聴かせてくれます。圧巻の「展覧会の絵」、そして多くの観客が、遂に伝説を目の前で見ることになったアメリカ、ロンドを含む「ファンファーレ・メドレー」。音質・内容、全てが満点の全てのELPファン必聴・必携の大推薦タイトルの登場です。しかし、まだ、こんな録音が眠っていたとは・・・まさに再結成ELPの究極の1枚と言えるでしょう。

★beatleg誌 vol.74(2006年9月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。


Disc 1(54:40)
1. Karn Evil 9 2. Tarkus 3. Knife Edge 4. Paper Blood 5. Black Moon
6. Close To Home 7. Creole Dance 8. From The Beginning
9. Still You Turn Me On 10. Lucky Man 11. Honky Tonk Train Blues
12. Romeo And Juliet

Disc 2(51:24)
1. Pirates 2. Promenade 3. The Gnome 4. Promenade
5. The Hut Of Baba Yaga 6. Carl Palmer Drum Solo 7. The Hut Of Baba Yaga
8. The Great Gates Of Kiev 9. Fanfare For The Common Man/America/Rondo 10. Finale


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