Emerson Lake & Palmer / Budapest 1997 / 1DVDR

Emerson Lake & Palmer (ELP) / Budapest 1997 / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Kiss Stadion, Budapest, Hungary 20th June 1997 PRO-SHOT


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The vividly evoke the memory, image visible to the eye is the best. Memorial video to further inspiring the “DEFINITIVE TOKYO 1996” is something …. If the original, DVDR of Japan performances I best, in the main press 2CD is too high sound quality, I can not find the video that balance very much. So was hoping appearance is a former “HUNGARIAN ATTACK” as a stand-alone release is also, masterpiece professional shot still adamant the seat of tour large classic “BUDAPEST 1997”!
This work is also a 1997 European tour the first day of the “June 20, Budapest performances”, which local of local television station has broadcast. It has a two-part by 45 minutes, is a gem where you can enjoy plenty of professional shot of multi-camera over the entire 85 minutes. Or program frame of convenience, Oshimurakuwa, “Karn Evil 9” of opening How can “Eruption” is cut, listen intense piano solo “Tiger In A Spotlight” and hottest “Bitches Crystal”, revival “Take a Pebble” to the “Hoedown”, such as such as “Touch and Go” of EL & Powell era, “delicious place” is pressed all. But is an image of the lock developing countries and say Hungary, to mobilize 100 million people OMEGA of local progressive rock band, enough to discharge the AFTER CRYING, which was also said to ELP type, progressive rock is popular, full of hard rock dynamism. Or program staff in this work ELP fan of the, camera angles and editing also wonderfully, and finished with a delightful image that reaches the Kokimiyoku hands to itch. In particular, organ defeated & knife stab to burst “Rondo” is also a great camera angle in what seems that it is the best of the reunion era. Anyway, in a series of fascinating video scene to be one after another deployment, you can spend an hour and a half that as possible immersed nothing but.

The excuse that it is a description of the bonus DVDR, please forgive me that arranging the last shitty your surrender. This time, Keith is 52 years old. Revolutionary of the lock that is also referred to as “Jimi Hendrix of the organ” was not beyond the age to know the destiny. Jimi Hendrix, who died at the age of 27 is “If you have if alive, what was would” You spoke with, there is the appearance of another one of the genius who survived in this work. You can not imagine the Jimi Hendrix of the “then” from Keith of this work, but born in the same era, “living like” of musicians who pioneered the horizon of the lock as a pioneer only comes through firmly. So, we witnessed it, I have a bath in a storage can benefit. Reunion ELP in the 1990s, does not have are also fewer neglected and the poor. However, only three of wit gather, what group you show me to change the way of life in the lock was in the other. We love the 60’s, early 70’s British rock not stop. Its fate until the last of the last, I want Mitodoke in this eye. That’s why, reunion ELP’s worth leave until you press. And, that raise further the appeal of the press title, I of this work. We hope that the cut that will respond to the feelings of everyone, you gift this work.

記憶を鮮やかに呼び起こすには、目で見える映像が一番。メモリアルな「DEFINITIVE TOKYO 1996」をさらに感動的にする映像は何か……。本来であれば、来日公演のDVDRがベストなのですが、本編プレス2CDがあまりにも高音質で、なかなか釣り合う映像が見つからない。そこで登場願ったのは、かつて「HUNGARIAN ATTACK」として単独リリースもされ、未だにツアー大定番の座を譲らない傑作プロショット「BUDAPEST 1997」です!
本作は、1997年ヨーロッパツアー初日でもある「6月20日ブダペスト公演」を、現地のローカルテレビ局が放送したもの。45分ずつの2部構成になっており、全85分に渡ってマルチカメラのプロショットをたっぷりと楽しめる逸品です。番組枠の都合か、惜しむらくは、オープニングの「Karn Evil 9」「Eruption」がカットされているのですが、強烈なピアノソロが聴ける「Tiger In A Spotlight」や大注目の「Bitches Crystal」、復活した「Hoedown」に「Take A Pebble」、EL & Powell時代の「Touch And Go」などなど、“美味しいところ”はすべて押さえられている。ハンガリーというとロック後進国のイメージですが、地元プログレバンドのOMEGAが100万人を動員し、ELPタイプとも言われたAFTER CRYINGを排出するほど、ハードロック的なダイナミズムに溢れたプログレが人気。本作でも番組スタッフがELPファンなのか、カメラアングルや編集も素晴らしく、痒いところに小気味よく手が届く痛快映像に仕上がっています。特に、オルガン倒し&ナイフ刺しが炸裂する「Rondo」も、再結成時代のベストではないかと思えるほどに素晴らしいカメラアングル。とにかく次々と展開される魅力的な映像シーンの連続に、ただただ浸りきる1時間半を過ごすことができます。


1. Tiger In A Spotlight 2. Hoedown 3. Touch And Go 4. From The Beginning 5. Knife Edge
6. Bitches Crystal 7. Creole Dance 8. Honky Tonk Train Blues 9. Take A Pebble 10. Lucky Man
11. Interviews 12. Tarkus (Stones Of Years/Iconoclast/Mass)
13. Pictures At An Exhibition (The Hut Of Baba Yaga/The Great Gates Of Kiev)
14. Fanfare For The Common Man 15. Rondo 16. Drum Solo 17. Rondo (reprise)


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