Emerson Lake & Palmer / Definitive Urawa 1996 / 2CD

Emerson Lake & Palmer / Definitive Urawa 1996 / 2CD / Virtuoso
Live at Bunka Center, Urawa, Japan 19th October 1996

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Last show in Japan “Oct. 19, 1996: Urawa Cultural Center”, the last performance of the keyboard trio in history. It is an appearance in the press 2CD which saves the field permanently with super-excellent sound.
This work is the ultra-superior audience recording of the Urawa performance that just became the last concert. In history, EL & P has performed concerts in Japan for a total of 20 performances in 24 years. It is a good opportunity, so let’s look back at the whole story here.

● 1972
・ July 22nd + 24th (two shows)
● 1992
・ September 10-19 (eight performances)
● 1996
・ October 8: Fukuoka Sun Palace
・ October 9: Osaka Festival Hall
・ October 10: Nagoya City Public Hall
・ October 12: Shibuya Public Hall
・ October 13: Tokyo Welfare Pension Hall
・ October 14: Sendai Izumiti 21
・ October 15-18: Nakano Sun Plaza (3 performances)
・ October 19: Urawa Cultural Center [This work]

This is all of the live in Japan by EL & P. In 1972, the first visit to Japan left a legend of the great riot, and in 1992, it revived for the first time in 20 years. The last 1996 was about four years later, and the shock of the resurrection faded, but we went through the archipelago on a large-scale tour with the largest number of 10 performances in history. The Urawa performance of this work is the last night of such “EL & P and Japan”.
This work which recorded just a memorial one night is a super-super-sound that even such a feeling disperses. Although it is an audience recording handed over directly by the recording person, the sound is far from being associated with the words of “audience”. The core of the musical tone is sloppy, and the outline is also crisp and direct impression. Not only Keith Emerson’s feat, but also Carl Palmer’s fine cymbal work from Brigley to the base of Greg Lake, and singing. All of them are clear and the balance is wonderful, and they are super-excellent-class sounds that you want to call “official-class audience” rather than “soundboard-class”. No, I have not listened to the restart period of 1996-1998 with such a wonderful audience sound, even if I look around the world ….
Moreover, the content of the live is great again. The second shock of 1992 was impressive for the first time in 20 years, but the set is better than this work. The revived numbers such as “Paper Blood” and “Black Moon” disappear, and full-length classic songs are full. It will be shown to “Bitches Crystal” “Honky Tonk Train Blues” “Take A Pebble” which did not do it in 1992, and even “Touch And Go” of EL & POWELL. Such numbers were also found on the official album “LIVE IN POLAND”, but in this work you can enjoy “Tiger In A Spotlight” and “Hoedown” that you can not even hear there.
And more than that, the unique mood of Japan in 1996. In 1992, the audience was dominated by a sense of tension for the first time in 20 years, but for the third time they were somewhat relaxed and could afford to enjoy the show itself. Also on this day the atmosphere is plentiful, and the gap between songs is warm and large. The clapping that spreads with “Knife Edge” is wide, even with blicks, and “fun” appears more like an ant, than the tension of “don’t miss a single note.” The mood and the enthusiasm of the final show, the performance is also more than ever exciting. Complex song developments are dynamic and dynamic but without mistakes like mistakes, we decide with goodbyss.

Astonishing sound, great name performance, complete recording of uncut … It is a great board of everything. It’s a pure music, a live album that is too great in the world, but it is more for us Japanese. No other show, just one night in Japan last night. It is a permanent preservation press 2CD that can be witnessed with the super-excellent sound in the field that is not ever again. Please enjoy it anytime and forever.

★ It is super high quality sound of sound board level. (It is EL & P last Japan tour.)


・10月19日:浦和文化センター 【本作】

しかも、ライヴの内容がまた素晴らしい。二度目の1992年は20年ぶりという巨大な衝撃が印象的でしたが、セットは本作の方が良いくらい。「Paper Blood」や「Black Moon」といった復活後のナンバーが消え、全編往年の名曲だらけ。1992年ではやらなかった「Bitches Crystal」「Honky Tonk Train Blues」「Take A Pebble」、さらにはEL&POWELLの「Touch And Go」まで披露される。こうしたナンバーは公式盤『LIVE IN POLAND』にもありましたが、本作ではそこでも聴けない「Tiger In A Spotlight」「Hoedown」まで楽しめるのです。
そして、それ以上なのが1996年の日本ならではのムード。1992年では観客側が20年ぶりの緊張感に支配されていましたが、三度目は幾分リラックス気味でショウそのものを楽しむ余裕があった。この日もその空気感がたっぷりで、曲間の喝采も暖かく盛大。「Knife Edge」で広がる手拍子はビシッと揃いながらも広く、「1音も聞き逃すまい」という緊張感よりも“楽しさ”がアリアリと現れているのです。そのムードと最終公演の意気込みからか、演奏もいつにも増して豪快。複雑な曲展開も思い切りよくダイナミックでありながらミスらしいミスもなく、ビシビシと決めていくのです。




Disc 1(44:19)
1. Karn Evil 9
2. Tiger In A Spotlight
3. Hoedown
4. Touch And Go
5. Knife Edge
6. Bitches Crystal
7. Still…You Turn Me On
8. From The Beginning
9. A Tribute To Kevin Gilbert
10. Honky Tonk Train Blues
11. Take A Pebble

Disc 2(44:19)
1. Lucky Man
2. Tarkus
3. Pictures At An Exhibition
4. Fanfare For The Common Man
5. Rondo
6. Drum Solo
7. Rondo (Reprise)
8. Finale

Virtuoso 410/411


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