Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) / Rock Pop 1977 1DVDR

Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) / Rock Pop 1977 1DVDR / Non Label

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Broadcast On German TV Rock Pop In 1977. Pro-Shot


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The high-quality recorded video when it is starring TV music program in Germany to “ROCK POP” in 1977 to “Works” release period. In three songs Fanfare For The Common Man, Tiger In A Spotlight, the Show Me The Way To Go Home, song is playing mime shedding album songs, but there are spectacular precious studio live performance of this season. Stylish rendition say fanfare rang the stage nobody is Fanfare For The Common Man, members and appeared in it. It is a spectacular full marks cool also very first time playing in this time of Keith to manipulate the GX-1. What’s interesting in the Tiger In A Spotlight, and I have put the studio tiger real to fit the title, but it is interesting it is going closer to Greg gradually! I am playing curling with a action of the specialty at the Doramuresu intermediate (Greg also. Seem to mind at the end) Since it is a mime. It is also a great video Show Me The Way To Go Home mellow. Piece reminiscent it was attractive to the best visual of ELP also around this time. Original menu with.

1977年「Works」リリース期にドイツのテレビ音楽番組「ROCK POP」に出演した際の映像を高画質収録。曲はFanfare For The Common Man、Tiger In A Spotlight、Show Me The Way To Go Homeの3曲で、アルバム曲を流してのマイム演奏ですが、この時期の貴重なスタジオライヴパフォーマンスは見応えがあります。Fanfare For The Common Manは誰もいないステージにファンファーレが鳴り響き、その中でメンバーが登場すると言う粋な演出。GX-1を操るキースのこの頃の演奏ぶりも非常にカッコよく見応え満点です。面白いのはTiger In A Spotlightで、タイトルに合わせて本物の虎をスタジオの置いてるのですが、それがだんだんグレッグに寄っていくのが面白い!(グレッグも最後に気にしているようです。)マイムですので中間のドラムレスのところでカールがお得意のアクションを付けて遊んでいます。メロウなShow Me The Way To Go Homeも素晴らしい映像です。この頃のELPも視覚的にも最高に魅力的だったと思わせる一枚。オリジナル・メニュー付き。

1. Fanfare For The Common Man 2. Tiger In A Spotlight 3. Show Me The Way To Go Home 


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