Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Definitive Hollywood Bowl 1971 / 1CD

Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Definitive Hollywood Bowl 1971 / 1CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA. USA 19th July 1971


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1971, ELP expand the large-scale North American tour to September head from April, but will the popularity of this land to the immobile ones, this board is just one month before the release of the United States of “Tarkus” the time corresponding to, LA of July 19 to convince the master-quality Hollywood bowl performances, has been recorded in ultra-high quality audience recording of the angry waves. Current situation, the more of 1st Gen master the sound quality take is said that there is no, politely remastered recorded in 2014 of technology.

This master sound source is said to be conceded where the second half there is a cut in 7 minutes a little of the first half of Take A Pebble while the highest sound quality has become receivable. Also it is the same in this take, after the piano solo of Take A Pebble, Emerson is playing the theme of the “third man” in the strings of the piano, then, have tape is thingy out where Greg has entered the acoustic song part you. In this re-master, as appropriate correction from was different you feel before and after the cut point, respectively. The first half is naturally reinforce the weak was bass part, since Tarkus and we have been remastered plus the treble that was missing only the right channel. Hiss also all reasonably adjustments covered the whole, definitely, I have realized the best version of this take. When the sound source is Look at the reviews of the issue beatleg vol.16 first appearance was in 2001, “quality would be said that the highest level that can be recorded at the time of equipment. It is well recorded in the high-pass and low-pass both , also a sound such as a well matching line recording that outdoor performance. “and are described as, the board, when considering that it has been recorded in the sound quality which was further scaled up, which is already very , you may want to assert that the best boot leg panel that captures the stage of the heyday ELP at the highest sound quality. Localization of sound, gloss, freshness, balance, everything is perfect score of the sound source, it had not even Take A Pebble second half of the cut, due to official release has also become the contents of the extent possible (Omoto of the master tape about 25 seconds degradation of from 6 minutes 25 seconds of the first drum solo also sorry!). Canada Add recorded valuable Reateiku A Time And A Place that was played in the Ontario performances of the same year on August 12 in bonus. Here also is the same as the take that had been recorded already issued to “Riders On The Storm”, but adopted a better version of missing good freshness, the difference of the sound quality is Rekizen. Even exceeds the London of familiar June 20, 1971 at the highest level of audience recording, it was recorded in ELP strongest in history, the best sound quality, is one of all of rock fans must-have, popular Virtuoso label than press CD release is a decision.

1971年、ELPは4月から9月頭にかけて大規模な北米ツアーを展開、この地での人気を不動なものにしますが、本盤は「Tarkus」のアメリカでのリリースのちょうど1か月前にあたる時期、7月19日のLAはハリウッド・ボウル公演をマスター・クオリティを確信させる、怒涛の超高音質オーディエンス録音で収録しています。現状、これ以上の音質テイクは無しと言われている1st Genマスターを、2014年の技術で丁寧にリマスター収録。

このマスター音源は最高音質ながら前半のTake A Pebbleの7分強でカットがあり後半が未収になっているところが失点と言えます。本テイクでもそれは同じで、Take A Pebbleのピアノソロのあと、エマーソンがピアノの弦で「第3の男」のテーマを弾き、その後、グレッグがアコースティックソング・パートに入ったところでテープがブツ切れしています。今回のリマスターでは、そのカットポイント前後で感触が違っていたのをそれぞれ適宜補正。前半は弱かった低音部を自然に補強、Tarkus以降は右チャンネルのみ不足していた高音を足したリマスターを行っています。全体を覆っていたヒスノイズも全て適度に調整、間違いなく、本テイクのベスト・ヴァージョンを実現しています。本音源が初登場した2001年のbeatleg vol.16号のレビューを見ますと、「音質は当時の機材で収録できる最高レベルと言って良いだろう。高域・低域ともに良く録れており、また野外公演ということもあってライン録音のような音像である。」と評されており、本盤は、それを更にスケールアップした音質で収録されていることを考えると、これはもうまさに、絶頂期ELPのステージを最高音質で捉えたベストブートレッグ盤と断言して良いでしょう。音の定位、艶、鮮度、バランス、全てが満点の音源であり、Take A Pebble後半のカットさえなかったら、オフィシャル・リリースも可能な程の内容になっています(大元のマスターテープに起因するドラムソロの6分25秒目からの約25秒間の劣化も残念!)。ボーナスに同年8月12日のカナダはオンタリオ公演で演奏された貴重なレアテイクA Time And A Placeを追加収録。こちらも既発「Riders On The Storm」に収録されていたテイクと同じですが、より鮮度の良い抜けの良いヴァージョンを採用しており、その音質の差は歴然です。最高レベルのオーディエンス録音でお馴染みの1971年6月20日のロンドンをも上回る、ELP史上最強・最高音質で録音された、全てのロック・ファン必携の一枚が、好評VirtuosoレーベルよりプレスCDリリース決定です。

1. Intro. 2. Moog Tuning 3. The Barbarian 4. Take A Pebble 

5. Eruption 6. Stones Of Years 7. Iconoclast 8. Mass 9. Manticore 10. Battlefield 11. Aquatarkus
12. Knife Edge 13. Rondo 14. Drum Solo 15. Rondo(reprise)
16. Nutrocker

Bonus Track
Live at Stanley Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 12th August 1971

17. A Time And A Place

Virtuoso 207

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