Elton John / Closet Keepers / 1CDR

Elton John / Closet Keepers / 1CDR / Midnight Dreamer

Translated Text:

Live At LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 5th 1974. Audience


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valuable live recordings of ’74 Elton John was the height of its popularity is first CD at last! 

Sound source was recorded with high-quality sound recording a live audience, which took place in the Holy Land LA forum of the West Coast live October 5 74. For master sound source that is not known, and of recording and restoring the most out of valuable original analog sound source this time while still known as the analog-boot once. This is a rare live recordings of large recommendation can not overlook the collector as a valuable live recording now become as Elton captures the full momentum of the glory days!





At L.A. Forum, Los angeles, CA October 5th 1974

01. Grimsby
02. Rocket Man
03. Take Me To The Pilot
04. Bennie And The Jets
05. Grey Seal
06. Daniel
07. You’re So Static
08. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
09. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
10. Honky Cat

Midnight Dreamer. MD-635

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