Elton John / Boston 1974 Joe Maloney Master / 2CDR

Elton John / Boston 1974 Joe Maloney Master / 2CDR / Uxbridge
Live at Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USA 20th November 1974

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Elton John of 1974 who built “a pianist!” “Rigid brick road of twilight” “Caribbean” in succession in the United States & the United Kingdom No. 1 in a row, and built a great prime. The best live album is here.
It is “November 20, 1974 Boston performance” that is included in such this work. Legendary Taper: A great audience recording born from Joe Maloney’s collection. A performance to come to Japan will be realized during this peak period. Let’s check the show position from the schedule at that time, including them.

“January” Caribbean “production”
・ February 1-13: Japan (11 performances)
・ February 21-March 18: Oceania (4 performances)
・ May 5-27: UK # 1 (3 performances)
June 28 “Caribbean” released ”
・ September 27-October 15: North America # 1 (15 shows)
“November 8” Greatest Hits “released”
・ October 26th-December 3rd: North America # 2 (29 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
・ December 20th-24th: UK # 2 (5 shows)

This is the date of 1974. Producing “Caribbean” at the beginning of the year, from the second Japanese tour to the road. After the album was released toured around North America, the Boston performance of this work was the 19th performance concert of that “North America # 2”.
This work which recorded such a show is the world of a neat beauty sounding like awakening. Anyway the sound on the clear is excellent. Although the audience feels like the sound of the snare or the bass drum, it is a tone to the last, and the clearness is out of the standard of the customer record. It seems to have been recorded from around the 15th column, but anyway crystal clear. There is no distortion or deterioration in the core that penetrates the clear air feeling, and the sharp outline is beyond the sound of space recording. The piano has a sharp rise of one note, and even the nuances of the touch. And the essential vocal is more than that. A clear singing voice jumps into the ear up to a youthful lyrics word-by-word, and a beautiful melody rushes through the head without regret. And it is beautiful. Even though it is transparent, there is a sense of space, so the feeling of exhilaration from extending it is born, and the ringing is also quite shiny.
And the feeling on the spot is also great. I can feel the enthusiasm that has reached a great height, but it also spreads neatly and does not enter between the stage and the microphone. While receiving an imposing performance or singing voice from the front, the three-dimensional effect of taking on the spectacle of the huge space from behind. Of course, you won’t be bothered by the weird voices near you, and you can ideally taste the on-the-spot feeling of a big hit and a beautiful masterpiece. It is truly an Maloney collection.
The show drawn with such a sound is a collection of golden masterpieces that truly become “live version Greatest Hits”. In fact, all songs other than “Border Song” are selected from the recordings of “Greatest Hits”, and the representative songs from “My song is your song” to the latest work “Caribbean” will be shown thoroughly. After all, “the brick road of yellowing” is the axis. The aftermath of the previous year’s blockbuster continued, and about one-third of this work is a masterpiece from the famous board. However, it is not only de-standard. Speaking of the stage of this period, although the official live work “Here and there” also comes up, songs such as “Grimsby” “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” “All The Girls Love Alice” are extended version “Here and There” But I can not hear it. In addition to its “Grimsby”, the repertoire unique to that time, such as “You’re So Static” and the Beatles cover “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, is also dabbled, and spice is added to the hit parade of luxury.
Also, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” on this day is a little special. Although he did not perform with John Lennon as in “Here and There”, John was actually on the stage. John and Ono Yoko were all watching in the invited seat. This day is not a premiere, but it is the first performance after the release of the singles, and the cover in front of the composer himself. Such precious performances can be experienced 100% with bright clear sound.
A live version of “Greatest Hits” and a trial version of “Here and There”. It is a masterpiece of a nostalgic era where you can enjoy such a full show with a collection of historical masters. A two-disc set with ultra-clear sound at the site of the great heyday. A good item for the 999 works of the Uxbridge label to be commemorated. Please enjoy it carefully.



そんなサウンドで描かれるショウは、まさに「生演奏版グレイテスト・ヒッツ」となる黄金の名曲集。実際、『グレイテスト・ヒッツ』の収録曲のうち「Border Song」以外の全曲がセレクトされ、『僕の歌は君の歌』から最新作『カリブ』までの代表曲が満遍なく披露される。その軸となるのはやはり『黄昏のレンガ路』。前年の大ヒットの余波は続いており、本作の約1/3があの大名盤からの名曲なのです。とは言え、ド定番だけでもない。この時期のステージと言えば、公式ライヴ作『ヒア・アンド・ゼア』も浮かびますが、「Grimsby」「Goodbye Yellow Brick Road」「All The Girls Love Alice」といった曲は拡張版『ヒア・アンド・ゼア』でも聴けないもの。その「Grimsby」に加え、「You’re So Static」やビートルズのカバー「Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds」といった当時ならではのレパートリーもまぶされ、豪華絢爛のヒットパレードにスパイスを加えているのです。
また、この日の「Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds」はちょっと特別。『ヒア・アンド・ゼア』のようにジョン・レノンと共演するわけではないものの、実はステージ上にはジョンがいた。招待席にジョンとオノ・ヨーコが揃って観覧していたのです。この日は初演でこそないものの、シングル発売後の最初のパフォーマンスであり、作曲者本人を前にしたカバー。そんな貴重なパフォーマンスを光り輝くクリア・サウンドで本生100%体験できるのです。

Disc 1(66:48)
1 Intro 2 Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding 3 Candle In The Wind 4 Grimsby
5 Rocket Man 6 Take Me To The Pilot 7 Benny And The Jets 8 Daniel 9 Grey Seal
10 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 11 Burn Down The Mission

Disc 2(62:19)
1. Band Introduction 2. You’re So Static 3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
4. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me 5. Honky Cat 6. All The Young Girls Love Alice
7. Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting 8. Crocodile Rock 9. Your Song
10. The Bitch Is Back 11. Thank you Boston

Elton John – lead vocals, piano Nigel Olsson – drums, vocals
Davey Johnstone – guitar, vocals Ray Cooper – percussion
Dee Murray – bass, vocals


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