ELO Jeff Lynnes / BBC Hyde Park 2014 / 1DVDR

ELO Jeff Lynnes / BBC Hyde Park 2014 / 1DVDR / Johanna

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Hyde Park, London, UK 14th September 2014. BBC Broadcast Live . Pro-shot


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★ revival! The live of ELO, 28 years and professional shot included!
★ Hyde Park concert in September 2014! BBC aired 80 minutes included!
The BBC pro shot recorded finally realized was Jeff Lynne led by 28 years of ELO Live

Of BBC Radio hosted, which was held in Hyde Park in London September 14
ELO that adorned the birds in the “Festival-in-a-Day”.

The beautiful autumn night of London Hyde Park wrapped in dusk overflowing with a large audience,
Overnight of captivating examined the seven colors of the Electric Light to Kodama.
BBC orchestra centered on the total of 20 people or more strings even and perfect sound organization of participating,
Cosmic video film also sprinkled was lighting vivid word.

Band has continued to be always one arm of Jeff Lynne also try to layer how much organization change
Richard Tandy (kd) also firmly enshrined on the left side of Jeff Lynne,
In addition to the piano and by making full use also vocoder to support the ELO sound.

It is played to introduce himself as Jeff “tribute to Roy Orbison and George Harrison”
“Handle With Care” of tiger ve ring Will Belize, and in ELO of repertoire
“Evil Woman”, “Aurora of the Messiah”, “Strange Magic”, “Mihatenu feelings”,
“Turn-to-stone”, such as such as “Mr. Blue Sky”,
None is in Evergreen masterpiece set, I will once again impressed by the stunning sound construction.

Of newborn ELO in the future of the tour is also rumored, please refer to the great live of about 80 minutes.






トラヴェリング・ウィルベリーズの”Handle With Care”、そしてELOのレパートリーでは


■1DVDR ; JPD-V1-099■ 83mins / PROSHOT
[BBC BROADCAST / Hyde Park, London, UK 14th September 2014] Opening
All Over The World
Evil Woman
Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
Livin’ Thing
Strange Magic
10538 Overture
Can’t Get It Out Of My Head
Sweet Talkin’ Woman
Turn To Stone
Steppin’ Out
Handle With Care
Don’t Bring Me Down
Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King
Telephone Line
Mr. Blue Sky
Roll Over Beethoven

Johanna. JPD-V1-099


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