Electric Light Orchestra (Jeff Lynns ELO) / Hyde Park 2014 / 2CD

Electric Light Orchestra (Jeff Lynns ELO) / Hyde Park 2014 / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Hyde Park, London, UK 14th September 2014 STEREO SBD


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British BBC Radio sponsored, which was held in Hyde Park in London on September 14 than “FESTIVAL IN A DAY”, the legend of the AOR, led by Jeff Lynn stood on stage for the first time in about ’28 as the headliner this year, title was recorded in the sound quality of the best award-ELO is the emergency release in the press CD! phosphorus in recent years has shown its presence in such producer industry, but this became the scene return after a long time in the planning of the BBC day, ELO that was revived in the 21st century has been showcased in overwhelming force playing the many masterpieces of the past. In addition to support a powerful, Richard Tandy has supported the phosphorus from ELO initial is doing great on the piano, (about 20 people selected members of the) BBC orchestra has served as a live music all arrangements of strings, very it has become a special performance to enjoy ELO a thicker sound with rich. And as topics, in addition you are playing the “Steppin ‘Out” for the first time ever as ELO In this performance, the legendary band that phosphorus is teamed George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, and Bob Dylan, et al, Toravu~e points such as to show off as ELO single hits the ring will Belize the “Handle With Care”, has become a set of captivating not miss listening even for an instant also would check required. The present work is based on a high quality stereo line recording that has been FM broadcast “BBC RADIO 2” the (※ best air check sound source), but check the recorded sound carefully in 2014 the latest equipment before it dropped into the disk we’ve done the mastering process above, making it the recorded sound was containment at the highest value the goodness of the line recording the original!

Sound a high degree of transparency in its rich texture overwhelming decorated the opening from “All Over The World”, vivid sound of ELO was revived on stage for the first time in ’28 is rushed through the ear with overwhelming strength Masu Yuki. Vividness of the sound output of the guitar and the natural sound of the chorus, of course, that the sense of separation of each instrument for each unique line sources have also been pressed at the state of the preeminent that you’ll see us in a moment. Sound chorus of peculiar that “♪ Evil Woman” is me moisten the ear at the same time the right and left another channel is a rarity is “Evil Woman”, and airy sound of the piano, which run through the inside of the sound with the thickness of the low notes and clean I think that it is picked up, and enjoy your feeling also richness of range range. Sound and range, a blend of stunning chorus that crossing vivid color to the axis it is a preeminent among you a thick mellow in the “Showdown”, here is the dexterity to make attract a raw sound mysterious in the original song you should be able to see. Great scene is a jostling strings arrangements stand out also “Livin ‘Thing”, fun with rich sound full of real tightly has been highlighted is the goodness of the original song coupled with the dexterity of playing to would we feel, the reached the tapestry of women and chorus sound adult, such as fragrant of “Strange Magic” is supposed to us to convert to those of the immortal excitement that met with ELO to distant day. The phosphorus in the “10538 Overture” can be thought of as a “musical instrument called Jeff Lin” anymore, ELO, as well as sound image a dramatic spread along with their singing voice is allowed to re-recognize the power of him as a melody maker was remarkable from the debut album will keep you. The exact playing force of back support has also become far from Kiki here, please attention because it has become a scene that suggests also the high quality of this work Kiru told to ensure sound output of the lush sound. Magnificent view of the world ELO has been reported to Perfect likewise “Can not Get It Out Of My Head” is that guarantee to be a great experience to be spun music fell melted sweet. It brings joy unrivaled melody Revived by perfect playing force is put on the recorded sound that is moisture and it moisten the ear at the highest value is also workings of that sound sensual, such as is felt in “Sweet Talkin ‘Woman” I mean that me. By the way, such as the “I do not know” the place and singing “no no no” in the chorus, singing in a different part of this song lyrics also it would be worth checking.

Please note that the driving force of fine music has been recorded beautifully in the “Turn To Stone”. Of course, feel is the height of the movement of the sound as if alive music exactly tensions sound type gradually rises in song late scenes and distinctive by twisters chorus of midfield also overwhelmed is the basis. And performance of the attention that has been showcased live for the first time ever ELO “Steppin ‘Out”. There is no doubt that melody painful and strict to make look into the face and fluoride occasionally in Pieces dramatic approached the ear in the sound output of close range, it is overwhelmed by the strength of the core of the sound representation phosphorus have instinctively . Also you should take listening to in this brilliant sound output that played phenomenal that I do not think premiere is also noted, that there really is magic in the music. And do not miss also hear how the live premiere of tiger ve ring Will Belize that will showcase This was followed by the “Handle With Care”. Can be thought of as a tribute of music that pays tribute to Orbison and Harrison became the deceased already this, but this has spelled brushwork of great sound as well as a sound of ELO not just feelings as phosphorus individual, this this work has been recorded in Katsuaki with remarkable sound even appearance. It will take to hear the Katsuaki how the resurrection lush chorus that became synonymous with ELO classic supreme in the “Telephone Line” has survived admirably, are reproduced perfectly that ELO clause. Glossy sound image of this chorus scene coming out are taken over by the sound of the telephone call made ​​from a SE is one press as our shop. Such overwhelming force play is impressive became synonymous with ELO also “Mr. Blue Sky”, inspiring timeless will hit the ear for how to finale deployment and magnificent sudden and of the latter part. Has been unveiled as the encore “Roll Over Beethoven” also has become a scene of propulsion with the song exuded strong, and fun finale reunion of “fate” is a swing in ’28 each other band and the audience while tied-how pleased have been recorded in superb sound.

I think those who have continued to listen to boot leg and able to understand your sensuously, but there is also that it has been polished to the history and technology song has continued been playing a long time, it is what it sounds tough to time it is played . But I think despite some by 28 years of blank number of masterpieces that can be listened here, and not hide a surprise that none of them give off dazzling brilliance of the sound of the unique ELO (even listen sparingly) you. A good analogy is this, it is similar to the excellent condition running and sounded the engine sound no different at launch vintage cars of yesteryear, but that probably there was a careful maintenance = rehearsal for the There is no hard to imagine things. Phosphorus has issued a statement live as ELO is possible in the future through this performance, but must keep listening precisely because now this performance also means that anticipate the ELO of the 21st century to restart in earnest sometime “Here is The News”, or I would say the ticket “Ticket To The Moon” to the future that hopefully the fans. In this film this weekend, Please try the sound of the latest ELO is felt everywhere in the new challenges and Enjukumi you have over time. Urgent press release from the CD label Virtuoso proven at the height of quality, please stay tuned!

今年も9月14日にロンドンのハイド・パークで開催された英国BBCラジオ主催の”FESTIVAL IN A DAY”より、そのヘッドライナーとして約28年振りにステージに立ったジェフ・リン率いるAORの伝説、ELOのショウを極上の音質で収録したタイトルがプレスCDで緊急リリースとなります! 近年のリンはプロデューサー業などでその存在感を示していましたが、BBCの企画で久々の現場復帰となったこの日、21世紀に蘇ったELOがかつての名曲の数々を圧倒的な演奏力で披露しています。サポートも強力で、ELO初期からリンを支えてきたリチャード・タンディがピアノで大活躍しているほか、ストリングスのアレンジは全てBBCオーケストラ(の選抜メンバー約20人)が生演奏で務めており、非常にリッチで厚みのあるELOサウンドが楽しめるスペシャル公演となっています。しかもトピックスとして、本公演ではELOとして史上初めて「Steppin’ Out」を演奏している他、リンがジョージ・ハリスン、ロイ・オービソン、トム・ペティ、ボブ・ディランらと組んだ伝説のバンド、トラヴェリング・ウィルベリーズでのシングルヒット曲「Handle With Care」をELOとして披露するなど、一瞬たりとも聴き逃せない魅惑のセットとなっている点も要チェックでしょう。また本作は” BBC RADIO 2 “でFM放送された高音質ステレオライン録音(※極上エアチェック音源)を元にしていますが、ディスクに落とし込む前に2014年最新機材で念入りに収録音をチェックした上でマスタリング処理を行いましたので、元々のライン録音の良さを最高値で封じ込めた収録音となっています!

その質感豊かで透明度の高い音はオープニングを飾った「All Over The World」から圧倒的で、28年振りにステージで息を吹き返したELOの鮮烈なサウンドが圧倒的な力強さで耳を駆け抜けてゆきます。コーラスの自然な響きやギターの出音の生々しさはもちろん、ライン音源ならではの各楽器ごとの分離感も抜群の状態でプレスされている事が瞬時にお分かり戴けるでしょう。「Evil Woman」はあの「♪Evil Woman」という特有のコーラスが左右別チャンネルで同時に耳を潤してくれる音像が絶品ですし、低音域の厚みあるサウンドの中を駆け抜けるピアノの軽やかな音色も綺麗に拾っており、音域レンジの豊かさもお感じ戴けると思います。「Showdown」では芳醇で厚みのある中音域のサウンドと、それを軸に色鮮やかに交錯する見事なコーラスのブレンドが抜群で、ここは原曲にあるミステリアスな音色を生で惹き立てる巧みさを見ることが出来る筈です。ストリングス・アレンジが際立つ「Livin’ Thing」も素晴らしいシーンが目白押しで、ぎっしりと実の詰まった豊かなサウンドが演奏の巧みさと相まって原曲の良さが浮き彫りにされている面白さが感じ取れるでしょうし、「Strange Magic」の香り立つ様なアダルトな響きと女性コーラスの綴れ織りに至っては、遠い日にELOと出逢った感動を不滅のものに変換してくれる筈です。また「10538 Overture」でのリンはもう「ジェフ・リンという楽器」とも言え、その歌声と共に広がるドラマチックなサウンドイメージはELOはもとより、デビューアルバムから顕著だったメロディメーカーとしての彼の実力を再認識させてくれるでしょう。またここではサポートするバックの的確な演奏力も聴きどころとなっており、その瑞々しいサウンドの出音を確実に伝え切る本作の品質の高さも伺えるシーンとなっていますので御注目下さい。「Can’t Get It Out Of My Head」もまた同様にELOの壮大な世界観がパーフェクトに報告されており、音楽が甘美に溶け落ちては紡がれる素晴らしい体験をされること請け合いです。完璧な演奏力によって蘇るメロディが潤いある収録音に載せてこの上ない喜びをもたらしてくれますし、それは「Sweet Talkin’ Woman」で感じられる様なあの官能的な響きの営みも最高値で耳を潤してくれる事を意味しています。ちなみにこの曲はコーラス部分で”no no no ”と歌うところを”I don’t know ”とするなど、一部歌詞を変えて歌っているのも要チェックでしょう。

「Turn To Stone」では上質な音楽の推進力が見事に記録されている事に御注目下さい。まさに音楽が生きているかのような音の運動性の高さを感じ取れるのは勿論のこと、中盤の早口コーラスによる特徴的なシーンや曲終盤で徐々に音型が上昇してゆく緊張感も圧倒的です。そして「Steppin’ Out」はELO史上初めてライブで披露された注目のパフォーマンス。ドラマチックな小曲の中に時折フッと顔を覗かせる厳しくて切ない旋律が至近距離の出音で耳元に迫り、リンが本能的に持っているサウンド表現の芯の強さに圧倒されること間違いありません。また初演とは思えない驚異的な演奏力も特筆され、音楽のマジックが本当にあるという事をこの鮮やかな出音の中に聴いて取れる筈です。そしてこれに続いて披露されるトラヴェリング・ウィルベリーズの「Handle With Care」のライブ初演の様子も聞き逃せません。これは既に故人となったハリスンとオービソンへの敬意を表した音楽の捧げ物とも言えますが、しかしこれがリン個人としての想いだけでなくELOのサウンドとしても素晴らしい音の筆致を綴っており、この様子も本作は目覚しいサウンドで克明に収録しています。至高の名曲「Telephone Line」ではELOの代名詞ともいえる瑞々しいコーラスが見事に受け継がれて蘇り、あのELO節を完璧に再現している様子が克明に聞いて取れるでしょう。SEで鳴る電話のコール音に引き継がれて出てくるこのコーラス・シーンの艶やかな音像は、当店としても一押しです。ELOの代名詞とも言える「Mr. Blue Sky」もそんな圧倒的な演奏力が印象的で、後半部の急激かつ壮大な展開と終曲の仕方は時代を超えた感動が耳元を襲うでしょう。アンコールとして披露された「Roll Over Beethoven」も曲の持つ推進力が強く滲み出たシーンとなっており、観客とバンドが結ばれながらお互い28年振りとなる” 運命 “の再会を大団円で楽しみ・喜ぶ様子が極上サウンドで記録されています。

ブートレッグを聴き続けてきた方は感覚的にお分かり戴けると思いますが、長く演奏され続けてきた曲は技術と歴史に磨かれている事もあり、演奏される度にタフに響くものです。しかしここで聴ける名曲の数々は28年ものブランクがあるにも拘らず、そのどれもが(控えめに聴いても)ELOならではのサウンドの輝きを眩しいほど放っている事に驚きを隠せないと思います。これは例えると、往年のビンテージ・カーが発売当時と何ら変わらないエンジン音を響かせて快調な走りをするのに似ていますが、その為には念入りなメンテナンス=リハーサルがあったのだろうという事は想像に難くありません。リンはこの公演を通じてELOとしてのライブが今後もあり得ると声明を発表しましたが、いつか本格的に再始動する21世紀のELOを先取りする意味でもこの公演は今だからこそ聴いておかなくてはならない” Here is The News “、或いはファンの期待を込めた未来への切符” Ticket To The Moon “と言えるでしょう。今週末は本作で、時を経た円熟味と新しいチャレンジが随所で感じられる最新ELOの響きを是非お試し下さい。品質の高さで定評あるVirtuosoレーベルからの緊急プレスCDリリース、どうぞ御期待下さい!

Disc 1(41:49)
1. Introduction 2. All Over The World 3. Evil Woman 4. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle 5. Showdown 6. Livin’ Thing 
7. Strange Magic 8. 10538 Overture 9. Can’t Get It Out Of My Head 10. Sweet Talkin’ Woman 

Disc 2(40:41)
1. Turn To Stone 2. Steppin’ Out 3. Handle With Care 4. Don’t Bring Me Down 
5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King 6. Telephone Line 7. Mr. Blue Sky 8. Roll Over Beethoven 


Jeff Lynne – vocals, guitar Richard Tandy – keyboards

Lee Pomeroy – bass Milton McDonald – guitar, vocals Mike Stevens – guitar, vocals
Bernie Smith – keyboards Marcus Byrne – keyboards Donavan Hepburn – drums
Chereene Allen – violin Danny Marsden – trumpet Mick Wilson – percussion, vocals
Melanie Lewis-McDonald – backing vocals Sharleene Linton – backing vocals
Jean-Marie Lincoln – backing vocals

Virtuoso 197/198

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