Earth Wind & Fire / Budokan 1979 2nd Night / 2CD

Earth Wind & Fire / Budokan 1979 2nd Night / 2CD / Zion

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 27th March 1979



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It was realized in the heyday, the first tour to Japan in 1979. Long Budokan all the world premiere of the live album that contains the performances become a legend is appeared. Of this work has been recorded “Nippon Budokan – March 27, 1979”. Is EARTH, WIND & FIRE visited many times Japan in the long history, but it is this time is at the very popular hight, also performances all eight have been made. Nippon Budokan Among them is now a large-scale box office unbelievably the first visit to Japan that the three consecutive days. This work, corresponds to the second day. Here, let’s review together with the full schedule of the first visit to Japan.

– March 26: Tokyo Nippon Budokan “AT BUDOKAN”
– March 27, 2011: Tokyo Nippon Budokan [this work] – March 28, 2011: Tokyo Nippon Budokan ※ TV broadcasting
– March 30, 2011: Fukuoka Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
– March 31, 2011: Kyoto Prefectural Gymnasium
– April 1, 2011: Nagoya International Exhibition Hall
– April 2, 2011: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
– April 3, 2011: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall

In this way, Budokan 3 Days among all eight performances, had been placed at the beginning. The other day, “AT BUDOKAN (TRIAL-102),” the popular is recurrence the first day, the famous TV broadcast is the third day. This work, audience album that contains the second day of strikes in the meantime. Using the original cassette was ceded from recording artist himself to direct,’s the world’s first public master.
Its sound, just superb. The day already issued is of course of things, even out of the question in the “AT BUDOKAN (first day)” in the midst popular with high quality the first time in official recording. At the time, It is the Budokan, which has been known as an acoustic bad venue, in fact, you have been handed down with this “sound was not wrapped around round and round,” also the first visit to Japan, clear to incredibly such testimony. Of course, but it is also echo feel the space of the Budokan, clearly it is only a only spectacle of the scale feeling plenty of clapping, musical tone until one stroke one stroke of the percussion. Not transmitted is what was what position and equipment, but it is a beautiful sound that I do not think roughly the late 1970s. Is a great sound from the beginning, the show has gradually increased beauty to every advance, the second half of it what brass of the shine will be as it is one of such vividness it became sound. In fact, in this hyper-quality there is a reason. It is, recording artist. Of this work was recorded, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck and 1980s from the late 1970s, 88 years of Pink Floyd and Mick Jagger, and a person who left the name recordings and so on 90 years of THE ROLLING STONES , legendary taper, which is known as the name recording artist of the best in Japan. ‘s The gem of the preeminent also in such his work group.
While roar is high-quality music sound so much, great also realistic field sense. Was a popular hight EARTH, enthusiasm of the crowd that witnessed the WIND & FIRE is, will spread to the far distant Budokan in with each other mix is ​​Nobutoi encouragement and yellow Force. Discipline correct clapping of the sea, which was likely the 70’s whack is a sense of scale that one also spread far. Of course, what tone win such a audience Zubutoku roar, the sound of glossy horn pat also like to continue to control the crowd. “Thermocline-dynamic-feeling” of the three-letter groove is Mawari splashes such as changing to beat, the sound of the horn echoing to every corner of the Budokan. To the funky world, swirls overlap seems Japanese in the 1970s neat enthusiasm. If you’ll be this is just playing you were sound board is sounded Sorazorashiku. If, was not transmitted vivid color it was cloudy audience. All of which are recorded Katsuaki, is exactly what a live album, such as a miracle.

Heyday EARTH, and enthusiastic performance of WIND & FIRE, Japanese for the first time touched their world frenzy. Is EARTH, WIND & FIRE, which played a visit to Japan 13 times for over 30 years, but this is blown out “heat” was not only the first visit to Japan. And, the only master cassette that have inhale direct hot air, we were able to carry the hot air up to modern times. Japan is a legend of recording who boast have left, unknown treasure. EARTH, WIND & FIRE also kind rare Naru name recording had in all history. Beyond the time of 37 years, it is the appearance here.

全盛期に実現した、1979年の初来日公演。伝説となって久しい武道館公演を収めた全世界初公開のライヴアルバムが登場です。本作が記録されたのは「1979年3月27日・日本武道館」。長い歴史の中で幾度となく日本を訪れたEARTH, WIND & FIREですが、このときこそがまさに人気絶頂で、全8回もの公演が行われました。その中でも日本武道館は連続3日間という初来日とは思えないほどの大規模興行となりました。本作は、その2日目にあたる。ここで、初来日の全日程と合わせて確認してみましょう。

・3月26日:東京・日本武道館 『AT BUDOKAN』
・3月27日:東京・日本武道館 【本作】
・3月28日:東京・日本武道館  ※テレビ放送

このように、全8公演の中でも武道館3デイズは、冒頭に配されていました。先日、再発されて大好評の『AT BUDOKAN(TRIAL-102)』は初日、有名なテレビ放送は3日目です。本作は、その間にあたる2日目を収めたオーディエンス・アルバム。録音家本人から譲られたオリジナル・カセットをダイレクトに使用した、世界初公開のマスターなのです。
そのサウンドは、まさに絶品。この日の既発はもちろんのこと、関係者録音の高音質ぶりで大好評真っ最中の『AT BUDOKAN(初日)』でさえ問題外。当時は音響の悪い会場として知られていた武道館ですし、実際、この初来日でも「音がぐるぐると回り込んでいた」と語り継がれていますが、そんな証言が信じられないほどにクリア。もちろん、武道館の空間を感じさせる反響もありはしますが、それはあくまでスケール感たっぷりな手拍子のスペクタクルだけであって、楽音はパーカッションの1打1打までクッキリ。どんなポジションと機材だったのかは伝わっていませんが、おおよそ70年代後期とは思えない美しいサウンドです。冒頭から素晴らしいサウンドですが、ショウが進むごとに美しさが増していき、後半はそれこそ金管の輝きがそのままサウンドになったかのような鮮やかさになります。実のところ、このハイパー・クオリティには理由がある。それは、録音家。本作を記録したのは、70年代後半から80年代にかけてエリック・クラプトンやジェフ・ベック、 88年のピンク・フロイドやミック・ジャガー、そして90年のTHE ROLLING STONES等々の名録音を残した人物で、日本でも随一の名録音家として知られている伝説的なテーパー。そんな彼の作品群でもバツグンの逸品なのです。
それほどまでにハイクオリティな楽音が轟きながら、リアルな現場感覚も凄い。人気絶頂だったEARTH, WIND & FIREを目の当たりにした観客の熱狂は、野太い声援と黄色い嬌声が混じり合いながら遠く遠く武道館中に広がっていく。70年代らしいピシッとした規律正しい手拍子の海もどこまで広がるかというスケール感です。もちろん、そんなオーディエンスを制する楽音こそが図太く轟き、艶やかなホーンの音色が観客を制御していく様もばっちり。「躍・動・感」の3文字をビートに変えたようなグルーヴが跳ね回り、ホーンの響きが武道館の隅々にまで響き渡る。そのファンキーな世界に、70年代の日本人らしい端正な熱狂が重なって渦を巻く。もし、これがサウンドボードだったら演奏だけが空々しく響いたことでしょう。もし、濁ったオーディエンスだったら鮮やかな色彩は伝わらなかった。そのすべてが克明に記録された、まさに奇跡のようなライヴアルバムなのです。

全盛期EARTH, WIND & FIREの熱演と、初めて彼らの世界に触れた日本人の熱狂。30年以上に渡って13回の来日を果たしたEARTH, WIND & FIREですが、この吹き出す“熱さ”は初来日にしかなかった。そして、その熱風を直接吸い込んできたマスター・カセットだけが、現代にまで熱気を運ぶことができたのです。日本が誇る伝説の録音家が残した、知られざる秘宝。EARTH, WIND & FIRE全史においても類い希なる名録音。37年の時を超え、ここに登場です。

Disc 1(62:07)
1. Intro 2. Biyo 3. Jupiter 4. Shining Star 5. On Your Face 6. Fantasy 7. Saturday Nite
8. Be Ever Wonderful 9. That’s The Way Of The World 10. Magic Mind
11. Brazilian Rhyme incl. Member Introduction 12. Got To Get You Into My Life

Disc 2(67:23)
1. Runnin’ 2. I’ll Write A Song For You 3. Reasons 4. Sing A Song 5. Serpentine Fire
6. Getaway 7. September

Maurice White – vocals, kalimba, drums, percussion Verdine White – bass, percussion, vocals
Philip Bailey – vocals, conga, percussion, kalimba Larry Dunn – keyboards, synthesizers, minimoog
Ralph Johnson – drums, percussion, vocals Johnny Graham – lead/rhythm guitar, trumpet, percussion
Al McKay – lead/rhythm guitar, sitar, percussion, vocals
Andrew Woolfolk – flute, saxophone, percussion Fred White – drums, percussion

Phoenix Horns
Rahmlee Michael Davis – trumpet Michael Harris – trumpet Don Myrick – saxophone
Louis Satterfield – trombone


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