Eagles / Two Of Osaka Nights / 4CDR

Eagles / Two Of Osaka Nights / 4CDR / Non Label
Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 2nd & 3rd February 1976


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Than the first Japan tour of 1976 “One Of These Night” release period, both the Osaka Festival Hall two performances that took place at the beginning tour recorded in high-quality audience recording. Almost complete recording of the performances February 2 to disk 1 & 2. Sunde-hatsu-ban “Coming Right Behind You” is used in have been Omoto tape and re-master, and established a whole of the sound image, to suppress the bass, to mitigate the hiss and loud applause, memorial in a more easy-to-hear clear and freshness outstanding sound You can touch the should do first visit to Japan the first day of the concert. Its outstanding same. Missing the beginning of Take It Easy, there is a head out of the tape change at 8 track of Desperado, but the overall sound quality is very good. In positioning of the bonus track, in the second half of the disk 2 from Rocky Mountain Way until last song Tequila Sunrise has been added than the complete another master recording (Dongfeng also sound quality is very good). The complete recording of the concert February 3 the disk 3 & 4. This has been recorded from the opening announcement, sound quality is also higher than the first day, it has been recorded in the superb sound quality that is comparable to the line recording. We use the recently appeared in master quality sound source, and adjust the semitone higher was pitch further quiet Unplug the hiss that was conspicuous in part to the extent it is not the effect on the original sound, at the same time it is possible to suppress the bass, to be more bright treble By, we have implemented to improve the sound quality. Delicate chorus part, of course, even in loud ensemble part in the dynamic has been recorded in the separation feeling rich clear sound, full marks meet to hear any song. You can enjoy a spectacular performance in the Witchy Woman. Rocky Mountain Way sound in the second half There are rough part. It is too raise the recording level in Unfortunately James Dean, but to adjust the way, not fixed volume, has its part, it is also the place where it is difficult to hear. (Best Of My Love after that will be stable.) This day has been played between Oh Carol of Funk # 49 and Tequila Sunrise, it has become a fun listening stations. 1976 recorded from Osaka 2 Days the best master of year-to-date date was definitive edition 4-Pack! !

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.112 (November 2009). In case you’re wondering.

Than the first visit to Japan performances of Eagles, luxury 4 CD set that was recorded the Osaka Festival Hall concert of February 2 and three, 1976 appeared. It is sheer music festival of sound effects that were made for either Speaking classical orchestra performance, but has become a rebuilding for redevelopment narrowly at the end of last year. Yet should not as much as say that so top-notch popular bands in Japan, but that it has filled the Osaka festival 2 Days in the first visit to Japan performance is no longer a legend. In Japan and the “cursed night,” “false pupil”, and although such as “My love supreme” was a big hit in the top 10 program, to be a full house in the city other than Tokyo is an almost did not age , Eagles as a band on the West Coast, has already become a Japan tour of hand in style of big game. Members, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner, Don Felder, five of Joe Walsh. Joe Walsh was a time still guest handling this, since became an official member in the moment you return to America, I’m glad the fact that the first witnesses of the golden age Eagles so to speak, was Japanese.
Sound source of two days’s monaural in audience recording, but strangely missing at best sound of Diteiru well hear things. Also sound source from another master to disc 2 made a whopping first appearance has been recorded five songs.

‘s Audience recording also those three days, but here are recorded in high-quality sound by stereo recording. Amount that could spread to the sound Become a stereo, it is felt sneak of Osaka Fes specific low frequency. If from the author you’ve familiar with the Osaka Festival, who here comes somehow nicely. Quality of performance is also getting better and much than two days sound source of this day is to Eagles fan’s recommendations. Although those two days had been recorded from the middle of the “Take It Easy” at the beginning, here it is complete recording from the previous intro. At present there is also music that is not played absolutely, the Eagles fans would say that the wonders of the excavation sound source. It must listen !!

★ including the original recordings that have been released from Ucbridge in 2009, 1976 Osaka performances Ketteiban 4 Disc “TWO OF OSAKA NIGHTS” is, this time, will be attached special as a special bonus disc. Come along with the new sound source title of masterpiece “BUDOKAN 1976”, enjoy!

1976年「One Of These Night」リリース期の初の日本ツアーより、ツアー冒頭に行われた大阪フェスティバル・ホール2公演をどちらも高音質オーディエンス録音で収録。ディスク1&2には2月2日公演をほぼ完全収録。既発盤「Coming Right Behind You」で使用されていた大元テープをリマスター、全体の音像を整え、低音を抑制し、ヒスノイズ及び煩い拍手を緩和、より聴きやすいクリアーかつ鮮度抜群のサウンドで記念すべき初来日初日のコンサートに触れることが出来ます。既発同様。Take It Easyの冒頭が欠落、8曲目のDesperadoにてテープチェンジの頭切れがありますが、全体の音質は非常に良好です。ボーナストラックの位置づけで、ディスク2の後半にはRocky Mountain Way からラスト曲Tequila Sunriseまでが、完全別マスターより追加収録されています(こちも音質は非常に良好)。ディスク3&4には2月3日公演を完全収録。こちらはオープニング・アナウンスより収録されており、音質も初日を上回る、ライン録音に匹敵する極上音質で収録されています。近年登場したマスタークオリティ音源を使用しており、半音高かったピッチを調整、更に静かなパートで目立っていたヒスノイズを原音に影響でない程度に抜き、同時に低音を抑制し、高音域をよりブライトにすることで、音質の向上を実現させています。繊細なコーラスパートは勿論、ダイナミックでラウドなアンサンブル・パートでも分離感豊かなクリアーなサウンドで収録されており、どの曲も聞き応え満点。Witchy Womanでは圧巻の演奏が楽しめます。Rocky Mountain Way後半で音が荒れる部分があります。残念ながらJames Deanで録音レベルを上げすぎて、途中調整するものの、音量が定まらず、その部分、聴きづらいところもあります。(Best Of My Love以降は安定します。)この日はFunk #49と Tequila Sunriseの間Oh Carolを演奏しており、楽しい聴き所になっています。1976年初来日の大阪2デイズを最良のマスターより収録した決定版4枚組!!

★beatleg誌 vol.112(2009年11月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。



★2009年にUcbridgeからリリースされたオリジナル音源を含む、1976年大阪公演の決定盤4枚組「TWO OF OSAKA NIGHTS」が、このたび、特製ボーナスディスクとして特別に付属致します。圧巻の新音源タイトル「BUDOKAN 1976」と一緒に是非、お楽しみ下さい!

Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 2nd February 1976

Disc 1
1. Take It Easy 2. Outlaw Man 3. Doolin-Dalton / Desperado 4. Turn To Stone 5. Lyin’ Eyes
6. You Never Cry Like A Lover 7. Take It To The Limit 8. Desperado 9. Midnight Flyer
10. Already Gone 11. One Of These Nights 12. Too Many Hands 13. Good Day In Hell

Disc 2
1. Witchy Woman 2. Rocky Mountain Way 3. James Dean 4. Best Of My Love 5. Funk #49
6. Tequila Sunrise

Another Recording Tape on 2nd February 1976

7. Rocky Mountain Way 8. James Dean 9. Best Of My Love 10. Funk #49 11. Tequila Sunrise

Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 3rd February 1976

Disc 3
1. Take It Easy 2. Outlaw Man 3. Doolin-Dalton / Desperado 4. Turn To Stone 5. Lyin’ Eyes
6. You Never Cry Like A Lover 7. Take It To The Limit 8. Desperado 9. Midnight Flyer
10. One Of These Nights

Disc 4
1. Too Many Hands 2. Already Gone 3. Good Day In Hell 4. Witchy Woman 5. Rocky Mountain Way
6. James Dean 7. Best Of My Love 8. Funk #49 9. Oh Carol 10. Tequila Sunrise

Glenn Frey – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal Don Henley – Drums, Guitar, Vocal
Don Felder – Guitar, Vocal Joe Walsh – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal Randy Meisner – Bass, Vocal


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