Eagles / Glenn Freys Birthday / 2CD

Eagles / Glenn Freys Birthday / 2CD /Moonchild Records

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Recorded Live At The Summit, Houston, Texas, USA 6th November 1976.

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From the US tour after the enduring name album “Hotel · California” representing the 70’s rock, the title which completed the live in Texas, Houston on November 6, 1976, Master Quality, soundboard sound source was completed , At the press 2CD of the perfectly limited low price. It is also the only soundboard sound source from this tour, and while there are also pro shot video on this day, there is also image and sound disturbance in the opening “HOTEL CALIFORNIA” in the image, unstable here Soundboard · source is due to quality to the last.
Also at the end of the day “THE BEST OF MY LOVE”, the ally J. D · Saozar jumps in and it is also necessary to check around where the death of Glenn Fly’s birthday live.
And, from the opening guitar intro, if you are a fans of the past years without any doubt, the live of the impressed thing will be the main songs from the album, but also the vocal number of Glenn Frey, the initial country number, and the participating fashions The corner featuring Joe Walsh ‘s solo is unusual, the best performance of Eagles, which turns into a monster band, which is exactly this set, is the best quality.

70年代ロックを代表する不朽の名アルバム『ホテル・カリフォルニア』リリース後のUSツアーより、1976年11月6日テキサス、ヒューストンでのライブを、マスター・クオリティー、サウンドボード音源にてコンプリート収録したタイトルが、完全限定ロー・プライスのプレス2CDにて。 まず本ツアーから唯一のサウンドボード音源でもあり、この日はプロショット映像も存在する中、映像ではオープニングの”HOTEL CALIFORNIA”で画像と音声の乱れもあり、不安定であるのに対してこちらのサウンドボード・ソースは最後までカンペキなクオリティーによるもの。
また終盤では“THE BEST OF MY LOVE”で、盟友J・D・サウザーが飛び入りしたり、今は亡きグレン・フライのバースデー・ライブだったりするあたりも要チェック。

Disc 1 : 01: Hotel California 02: Lyin’ Eyes 03: Wasted Time 04: Take It To The Limit 05: Desperado 06: Midnight Flyer 07: Turn To Stone 08: Already Gone
Disc 2 : 01: One Of These Night 02: Funk #49 03: Good Day In Hell 04: Rocky Mountain Way 05: Witchy Woman 06: James Dean 07: M.C. Introducing 08: The Best Of My Love 09: Walk Away 10: Tequila Sunrise

[Recorded at The Summit, Houston, Texas, USA November 6th 1976] Don Henley-Vocals, Drums, Percussion / Glenn Frey – Guitar, Vocals / Randy Meisner-Bass, Vocals / Joe Walsh-Guitar, Vocals / Don Felder-Guitar, Vocals / J.D.Souther-Guitar, Vodcals On “Best Of My Love”

Moonchild Records. MC 044

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