Eagles / Live At Budokan 1979 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Eagles / Live At Budokan 1979 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Shakuntala
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Live At Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan September 19, 1979. Digitally Remastered

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In the familiar band formation story, the pattern that the bad fellows gathered from small times gathered to form a band and succeed is the royal road, but the predecessor of Eagles was organized for the back band of Linda Ronstadt, in a sense, artificial It was a band made in a meaning. Because of that, the emotional ties such as friendship and bonds underlying members are thin, and although they are nurtured through activities, of course, due to their success, differences between members are forced to change members, It was the cause of the musical difference. “Take It Easy” that suddenly hit on debut songs is a lightly nori’s country-style song, just as a hit hit, afterwards the image of country rock ahead of time. Eagles was originally a band of country rock. It just did not show the original figure of the artist as if the catch phrase “second Dylan” was given to Springsteen at debut. Of course there is no doubt that the roots of musical elements of each member of the Eagles are in the Country Rock, but the band called Eagles did not fit within that frame.

The first turning point was the 1974 album “On the Border”. With this album, we will be getting close to locking the axis foot to the lock, which will also be a success in sales. And the following 1975 album “Cursed Night” expanded the musical range more and became a strong rock color, gaining worldwide success including sales and deciding the evaluation as Eagles’ band became. In addition, it can be said that we decided Eagles’ rating in the following 1976 album “Hotel California”. The social lyrics of esoteric lyrics made it possible to interpret a number of ways and became one of the important albums in the history of rock singing a chaotic American society after the Vietnam War with a metaphor.

Aside from the success of the band, the conflict between the members rises day by day, Randy Meisner leaves and Timothy · B Schmidt joins as a substitute. Recorded with this member is “Long Run” which eventually became the last album of Eagles. Originally a couple of songs were prepared with two schedule plans, but eventually it was condensed into one piece. Evaluation was split between sounds that were compatible with the times, but received a big hit in sales as a result of the aftermath of the previous work. And the tour accompanying this album was held. In the tour there was a second Japanese performance continued in 1976. The 1979 long-run tour of Japan performed in the following schedule.

September 17 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
September 18 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
September 19 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
September 21 Nagoya International Exhibition Hall
September 22 Osaka Expo Memorial Park Festival Square
September 25 Tokyo Nippon Budokan

It reflects the popularity of the time, it was a large scale 4 performances at Budokan, and all 6 performances including Osaka and Nagoya were done. This work has completely recorded Nippon Budokan performance on September 19, 1979. Since the live album was announced later, the set list will be familiar, the concert will be held at “Hotel · California”. Newly joined Timothy B. Schmidt was the first stage as Eagles, but it brought a tight sound to the band, and the performance is perfect without any gaps. From the new album “Long Run”, only the four songs, including the title song “Can not say”, “In the City”, “Heart Aiku Tonight” remain, all others are selected from past catalogs. Originally the atmosphere covering the whole album “Long Run” feels a melancholy end, it is unknown whether the members were conscious of dissolution at this time, but it became the best selection suitable for the last tour of Eagles It is interesting to have it.

From this second performance in Japan, this work completely records Nihon Budokan performance on September 19, 1979 with high sound quality. I want you to check the sound quality with a sample sound source. Death of Glenn Fly Now, the dream of reunion also collapsed, we only pursue Eagles with the past archives that have been left. And then I reunited again several times, and also visited Japan, but the fact that Japan was included in the last tour before the dissolution in 1979, and that sound source is left with high sound quality like this I think that being a lucky thing for Japanese fans. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. With Japanese Sticker

よくあるバンド結成物語では小さい頃からの不良仲間が集まってバンドを結成し成功を収めるというパターンが王道だが、イーグルスの前身はリンダ・ロンシュタットのバック・バンドのために編成された、ある意味、人為的に作られたバンドであった。 そのためかメンバー間の根底にある友情や絆といった感情的な繋がりは希薄で、もちろんそれらは活動を通じて醸成されていくものの、その成り立ち故にメンバー間の志向の相違は、メンバー・チェンジを余儀なくされたり、音楽的相違の遠因となっていた。 デビュー曲でいきなりヒットした「テイク・イット・イージー」は軽いノリのカントリー風の曲で、なまじヒットしただけに、その後は長らくカントリー・ロックのイメージが先行した。イーグルスとは当初カントリー・ロックのバンドだったのである。 それは、ちょうどデビュー時のスプリングスティーンに「第二のディラン」というキャッチコピーが付与されたように、けしてアーティスト本来の姿を示したものではなかった。もちろんイーグルスのメンバー各々の音楽的素養のルーツはカントリー・ロックにあるのは間違いないのだが、イーグルスというバンドはその枠内に収まるものではなかったのである。



9月17日 東京日本武道館
9月18日 東京日本武道館
9月19日 東京日本武道館
9月21日 名古屋国際展示場
9月22日 大阪万博記念公園お祭り広場
9月25日 東京日本武道館



01. Introduction
02. Hotel California
03. Already Gone
04. In The City
05. Doolin’ Dalton – Desperado
06. Lyin’ Eyes
07. I Can’t Tell You Why
08. Desperado
09. Heartache Tonight
10. One Of These Nights

01. Turn To Stone
02. The Long Run
03. Life’s Been Good
04. Life In The Fast Lane
05. Rocky Mountain Way
06. Take It Easy
07. Tequila Sunrise
08. The Best Of My Love
Shakuntala. STCD-068/069

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