Eagles / Hotel California Rehearsals 1976 / 1CDR

Eagles / Hotel California Rehearsals 1976 / 1CDR / Non label

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Recorded at Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, CA. USA March – October 1976 and more

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Topic The outgoing sound source of the noisy is a gift release decision. That sound source is a studio rehearsal of production scenery, an album “HOTEL CALIFORNIA” to be said to be the treasure of music culture beyond the area of ​​the Daimyo board. Currently, it is a major discovery board of the surprising earth that is trembling the whole world. This time, the excavated recording consists largely of four. Both are superb sound board recordings.

First of all, a studio session (29 minutes 51 disease) when “HOTEL CALIFORNIA” was produced. It is said to have been excavated from “Record Plant Studio” in Los Angeles. When it says demo sound source from various sessions of play to virtually unchanged preliminary remix from the finished product, this recording is what seems to be “composition session”. That sound is a superb soundboard. Although the taste differs from the finished product polished by mix and mastering, the sense of close contact is also awesome, so one picking of a guitar and even a hit of a drum penetrates into the brain. What is more vivid is a voice. It counts counts, checks the code, and even breathing members who chat chat is super real.
And its content is rich. “New Kid In Town” is recorded as 2 take with playing like chord and beat, and “The Last Resort” includes the provisional song of “La la la … …” as a vivid initial version “Paradise”. With a melancholy melting in my heart, the voice to confirm the composition of the song “Verse” “Chorus” is flying, and the voice of “I was good!” Is super real. And “Hotel California” is also an initial edition titled “Big Night”. It is such a version I am trying to arrange the backing with instruments without singing, although it enters in a loud voice.

Next, the session of the previous work “ONE OF THESE NIGHTS” (23 minutes 38 seconds). This album is also produced at “Record, Plant Studio”, it seems to be excavated by the same route. And here too the sound is super finest. With a more vivid stereo feeling than the above session, I feel confined as if I was really a member of the staff.
Production scenery which contents are very similar. Temporary song “After The Thrill Is Gone” and 2 take take “Take It To The Limit”. Also included are 3 takes of 3 songs including the initial instrument version “Banshee vs. C.N.” of “Too Many Hands” and the initial version “Fellini” of “Journey Of The Sorcerer” without strings.
However, as a process, it seems to have advanced from the “HOTEL CALIFORNIA” session, and the form of the song is fairly solid. It is a record of the feeling that it is considerably kneaded even for an instrument and it is stuffing the details for completion.

【Live / Track】
Only three are live. “Date and Time” Already Gone “of” ON THE BORDER “is playing (5 minutes 20 seconds) at the stage where the location is unknown but a cheer can be heard. Of course, this is also the finest sound board, the perfection degree that can be released as live single like this. Other trucks may be fresh, and there is no incongruity even if only one song is live.

Four again, “HOTEL CALIFORNIA” session (5 minutes 56 seconds). Although the time series is around, it is recorded in this work as it is being excavated. Here two songs are recorded, and the amplitude from playful ‘A Bull Pig’ to the moving ‘Wasted Time’ is also interesting. “Wasted Time” is still the initial stage of the temporary lyrics, but the arrangement is quite solid. The conversation that consults while repeating the part at the end is also super real.

This is all excavation sound source, but this bonus is a further bonus. Instrument version of “Hotel California” is included. This is the same performance as the regular version, a karaoke version with only the vocal track pulled out. Although the initial edition of the main rehearsal was also an instrument, I would appreciate it if you enjoy the difference in perfection.
Above, new excavation of shock which lasts about 1 hour. The demonstration sound source is not unusual for the sound and microphone sound collection, but this work is exceptional for all tracks. It is ultra superb quality that makes it even thin even in the finished album. Space where birthplace daimyo which changes history changes is born and grows, you also want to experience.


話題騒然の流出音源がギフト・リリース決定です。その音源とは、大名盤の域を超え、音楽文化の至宝とも言うべきアルバム『HOTEL CALIFORNIA』制作風景のスタジオ・リハーサル。現在、全世界を震撼させている驚天動地の大発見盤です。今回、発掘された録音は大きく分けて4つで構成。いずれも極上のサウンドボード録音です。

まず登場するのは『HOTEL CALIFORNIA』制作時のスタジオ・セッション(29分51病)。ロサンゼルスの“レコード・プラント・スタジオ”から発掘されたと言われるもの。デモ音源と言うとお遊びのセッションから完成品とほとんど変わらない仮リミックスまでさまざまですが、今回の録音は“作曲セッション”と思われるもの。そのサウンドは、超極上のサウンドボード。ミックスやマスタリングで磨き上げられた完成品とは趣が違いますが、だからこそ密着感も凄まじく、ギターのピッキング1つ、ドラムの一打までもが脳内に染み渡る。さらに生々しいのは声。カウントを数え、コードを確認し、そして談笑するメンバーの息づかいまでもが超リアルです。
そして、その内容も濃厚。「New Kid In Town」はコードやビートを確かめるような演奏で2テイク収録されており、「The Last Resort」は“ラララ……”の仮歌も生々しい初期バージョン「Paradise」として収録。切々としたメロディが胸を打つ中で、「ヴァースだ」「コーラス」と曲構成を確認する声が飛び、「良かったよ!」の声も超リアルです。そして、「Hotel California」も「Big Night」と題された初期版。途中で一声入るものの、歌はないインストでバッキングのアレンジを試しているようなバージョンです。

続いては、前作『ONE OF THESE NIGHTS』のセッション(23分38秒)。このアルバムも“レコード・プラント・スタジオ”で制作されており、同じルートによる発掘と思われます。そして、こちらもサウンドは超極上。上記のセッションよりも一層鮮やかなステレオ感で、本当にスタッフの一員になったような感覚に囚われます。
内容も酷似した制作風景。仮歌の「After The Thrill Is Gone」や2テイクで試す「Take It To The Limit」。それに「Too Many Hands」の初期インスト・バージョン「Banshee vs. C.N.」、ストリングスの入らない「Journey Of The Sorcerer」の初期バージョン「Fellini」の計3曲の4テイクを収録されています。
ただ、過程としては『HOTEL CALIFORNIA』セッションよりは進んだ段階と思われ、曲の形はかなり固まっている。インストにしてもかなり練られており、完成に向けて細部を詰めているといった感じの記録です。

3つだけはライヴ。日時場所は不明ながら歓声も聞こえるステージで『ON THE BORDER』の「Already Gone」が演奏されています(5分20秒)。もちろん、これも極上のサウンドボードで、このままライヴ・シングルとしてリリースできる完成度。他のトラックが生々しいこともあり、1曲だけライヴでも違和感がありません。

4つは、再び『HOTEL CALIFORNIA』セッション(5分56秒)。時系列は前後していますが、本作では発掘されたままの状態で収録しています。ここでは2曲収録されており、お遊び的な「A Bull Pig」から感動的な「Wasted Time」への振幅も面白い。「Wasted Time」はやはり仮歌詞の初期段階ですが、アレンジはかなり固まりつつある。最後にパートを繰り返しながら相談する会話も超リアルです。

これで発掘音源はすべてですが、本作ではさらに特別ボーナス。「Hotel California」のインスト・バージョンを収録しています。こちらは正規版と同じ演奏で、ヴォーカル・トラックだけ抜いたカラオケ版。本編リハーサルの初期版もインストでしたが、その完成度の違いを楽しんで頂ければ幸いです。



Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, California, USA. March – October 1976

1. Randy’s Gonna Play His Bass
2. Be My Baby (in progress) / How Long
3. New Kid In Town 1
4. New Kid In Town 2
5. “dead air”
6. Paradise (early version of “The Last Resort”)
7. Big Night (early version of “Hotel California”)

“One Of These Nights” Recording Sessions 1974-75
8. After the Thrill Is Gone
9. Take It To The Limit 1
10. Take It To The Limit 2
11. Banshee vs. C.N.
12. Fellini

Unknown Live Recordings
13. Already Gone
Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, California, USA. March – October 1976
14. A Bull Pig
15. Wasted Time

Bonus Track
16. Hotel California(Instrumental)

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