Eagles / Hotel California Rehearsals Studio Rehearsals 1976 / 1CD

Eagles / Hotel California Rehearsals Studio Rehearsals 1976 / 1CD / Moonchild Records

Translated text:

Recorded at Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, California, USA. March – October 1976


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First appearance of startle It is the emergence excavation sound source! Mainly using studio rehearsal sound source of name plate “Hotel · California”
Also included is a studio rehearsal sound source of “Cursed Night”. “Hotel · California” original song “Big Knight” and
Fans of wrong genius that can listen to the original song “Paradise” of “Last Resort”! Moreover, the sound quality is superb and super high sound quality
It is recorded with the sound board! It’s a preeminent clear freshness not a muffled sound so be relieved! I want you to absolutely listen to the mast
It is an item!
Place Because it is a sound source recently circulated, there is no sound quality superiority by price etc. Kimari with this work!


01. Randy’s Gonna Play His Bass
02. Be My Baby (in progress) > How Long
03. New Kid In Town 1
04. New Kid In Town 2
05. “dead air”
06. Paradise (early version of “The Last Resort”)
07. Big Night (early version of “Hotel California”)
08. After The Thrill Is Gone
09. Take It To The Limit 1
10. Take It To The Limit 2
11. Banshee vs. C.N.
12. Fellini
13. Already Gone (Live)
14. A Bull Pig
15. Wasted Time

Moonchild Records. MC-085

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