Eagles / One Of These Lives Spectrum Night 1975 / 2CDR+1Bonus DVDR

Eagles / One Of These Lives Spectrum Night 1975 / 2CDR+1Bonus DVDR / Uxbridge

Live At Spectrum Philadelphia PA USA 17th May 1975.

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From the North American tour one month before the release of “One Of These Nights” in 1975, the Philadelphia Spectrum performance on May 17 was completely recorded for 1 hour and 45 minutes with high-quality audience recording. It is the final stage of the Eagles when he was enrolled in Bernie Lindon, and it is a new sound source that has never been released before. It is a very high quality sound source that is captured with an on-sound that can be said to be exceptional for the audience seat recording of this era, and the powerful group of the band is directly transmitted from the powerful sound with outstanding separation. .. You can enjoy a fascinating performance that can be said to be the culmination of the initial lineup for all songs. From the initial three pieces of famous songs, a well-balanced set is full of listening places. The profound and rocky taste is unique to this time of year. It seems that the PA sound has solidified around Outlaw Man following the opening Take It Easy, and after that, all the fans will be impressed by the wall of the angry superb sound quality. The performance of Doolin’Dalton / Desperado Reprise, which is played with a different mood, is impressive. After that, early masterpieces will be shown one after another. The eighth song, the new song One Of These Nights, will be performed with a lively live arrangement. The bluegrass standard Blackberry Blossom is followed by a full listening to Bernie Lindon’s stunning play. The country-style Midnight Flyer is followed by The Journey Of The Sorcerer and Too Many Hands from their new album. On the contrary, it is fresh that Lyin’Eyes and Take It To The Limit from the new work are not incorporated, reminiscent of the transition period of the band. Good Day In Hell, James Dean, Witchy Woman and the powerful performance that closes the main set is a masterpiece. Encore is the 1975 tour classic Chug All Night, Best Of My Love, Tequila Sunrise. The sound image is stable until the last, and the listening response is perfect. It sounds like a cassette master at the time, but it’s wonderful that you don’t feel much deterioration, and you can listen to it without stress.

★ This is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.131 (June 2011 issue). For your reference.

Recently, a nostalgic sound source of Eagles who succeeded in visiting Japan for the first time in 11 years has appeared. A two-disc set containing the performance of the Philadelphia Spectrum on May 17, 1975. The first performance in Japan was in February of the following year, but during that time the original member Bernie Leadon left and Joe Walsh joined, so even the tours of the same period are characterized by completely different contents. Audience recording is monaural, but surprisingly super high quality. If you apply compression to this master, the sound pressure will be so dense that you can call it the world of FEN. If there is no applause between songs, the sound quality is almost like a studio live. The set list is full of nostalgia for fans of yesteryear, especially “Train Leaves Here This Morning,” “Midnight Flyer,” and “Journey Of The Sorcerer,” which wouldn’t be possible without Bernie Leadon. “Journey Of The Sorcerer” is a unique instrumental song in the masterpiece “One of These Nights”, and it is a hidden masterpiece that beautifully expresses the dark world as if it were a progressive rock when first heard. I’m deeply moved to hear it in the live version. In addition, “Outlaw Man”, “Good Day In Hell”, “Chug All Night”, etc., which are never performed in the current live performance, will be performed in a norinori style. The beauty of the chorus, which is one of the charms of the Eagles, is also exquisite, and the perfect harmony that is not disturbed at all even in live performances is truly. After joining Joe Walsh, his solo songs will be featured, which will reduce the Eagles repertoire, but I’m glad that all of this time is composed only of the band’s songs. It’s a very satisfying 2 hours. Must-listen for Eagles fans!

1975年「One Of These Nights」発売を1ヶ月後に控えた時期の北米ツアーより、5月17日のフィラデルフィア・スペクトラム公演を1時間45分に渡って高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。バーニー・リンドン在籍時のイーグルスとしては末期のステージであり、これまでリリースされたことのない新音源です。この時代の観客席録音としては別格と断言できる程、オンなサウンドで捉えられており、バンドの力強いグル―ブが分離感抜群のパワフルなサウンドからダイレクトに伝わってくる、非常に良質な音源です。全ての曲で初期ラインアップの集大成とも言える魅力的なパフォーマンスを堪能できます。名曲揃いの初期3枚から、バランス良く組み立てられたセットは聴き所満載。重厚でロックな味わいは、まさにこの時期ならでは。オープニングのTake It Easyに続くOutlaw Man 辺りでPAサウンドが固まったようで、以降は怒涛の極上音質の壁に、ファンは誰しもが感動の想いで聴き入ってしまうことでしょう。ガラっとムードを変え演奏される味わい深いDoolin’ Dalton/Desperado Repriseの演奏は感動的。以降も初期の名曲が次々と披露されていきます。8曲目に当時は新曲のOne Of These Nightsが生々しいライブアレンジで披露されます。続いてブルーグラスのスタンダードBlackberry Blossomが演奏され、バーニー・リンドンの見事なプレイをたっぷりと聴くことができます。カントリー調のMidnight Flyer に続いては、新作アルバムからのThe Journey Of The SorcererとToo Many Handsが披露。新作からのLyin’ EyesやTake It To The Limitが組み込まれていないのが逆に新鮮で、バンドの過渡期を思わせます。Good Day In Hell、James Dean、Witchy Womanと続くメインセット締めるパワフルな演奏は圧巻。アンコールは1975年ツアー定番のChug All Night, Best Of My Love, Tequila Sunrise。ラストまで音像は安定しており、聴き応えは満点。いかにも当時のカセットマスターらしい音像ですが、劣化がそれ程感じられないのは素晴らしく、ストレス無く聴き入ることができます。
★beatleg誌 vol.131(2011年6月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。
 先般、11年ぶりの来日公演を成功させたイーグルスの懐かしい音源が登場した。1975年5月17日のフィラデルフィア・スペクトラムで行われた公演を収録した2枚組。初来日公演は翌年2月なのだが、その間にオリジナル・メンバーのバーニー・レドンが抜けてジョー・ウォルシュが加入したため、同時期のツアーといえども内容が全く異なっているのが特徴だ。オーディエンス録音でモノラルながら、驚くべきことに超高音質。このマスターにコンプをかければ、まさにFENの世界と言えるほど濃密な音圧が迫ってくる。曲間の拍手が無ければ、ほとんどスタジオ・ライヴと言えるほど素晴らしい音質である。セット・リストも往年のファンには懐かしいものばかりが並び、特にバーニー・レドンがいなければ成立しない「Train Leaves Here This Morning」や「Midnight Flyer」、「Journey Of The Sorcerer」などは鳥肌ものだ。「Journey Of The Sorcerer」は名盤『呪われた夜』の中でも異色のインスト曲で、最初に聴いた時はプログレかと思ったほど暗黒世界を見事に表現している隠れた名曲である。まさかそれがライヴ・ヴァージョンで聴けるとは、感慨もひとしおだ。他にも現在のライヴでは絶対に演奏されない「Outlaw Man」、「Good Day In Hell」、「Chug All Night」などがノリノリで演奏される。イーグルスの魅力のひとつであるコーラスの美しさも絶品で、ライヴ・パフォーマンスでも全く乱れない完璧なハーモニーはさすがだ。ジョー・ウォルシュ加入後はどうしても彼のソロ曲がフィーチャーされてしまうので、イーグルスのレパートリーが減ってしまうが、この時期は全てバンドの持ち曲だけで構成されているのが嬉しい。大満足の2時間である。イーグルス・ファンは必聴!
Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Take It Easy 3. Outlaw Man 4. Doolin’ Dalton/Desperado Reprise
5. Train Leaves Here This Morning 6. Peaceful Easy Feeling 7. Desperado 8. Ol’ 55
9. One Of These Nights 10. Instrumental (Blackberry Blossom) 11. Midnight Flyer
Disc 2
1. The Journey Of The Sorcerer 2. Too Many Hands 3. Already Gone 4. Good Day In Hell
5. James Dean 6. Witchy Woman 7. Chug All Night 8. Best Of My Love 9. Tequila Sunrise
Glenn Frey – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal Don Henley – Drums, Guitar, Vocal
Don Felder – Guitar, Vocal Bernie Leadon – Guitar, Vocal Randy Meisner – Bass, Vocal
Uxbridge 342 
Eagles / In Concert / 1DVDR / Non Label
Live at BBC Theatre, London, UK 4th May 1973 PRO-SHOT(PERFECT QUALITY)
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Includes the perfect image quality version of live footage from the past at the BBC Theater in London on May 4, 1973. In recent years, it uses a digital master broadcast in the United Kingdom. It is recorded with the highest image quality that sets it apart from the existing images in the past, and it is a level that can be officially released as it is. (It is even higher quality than the MP version DVD title.) It is not an exaggeration to say that everything is a highlight, and it is definitely a must-see video for all rock fans. Bernie Lindon’s banjo solo play at Earlybird is a masterpiece and will impress you no matter how many times you look at it. Throughout the whole story, it is recorded in the highest grade image quality that everyone will be surprised at, and you can experience the charm of the early Eagles with the best quality. Introducing the definitive item.
1. Train Leaves Here This Morning 2. Saturday Night 3. Peaceful Easy Feeling
4. Certain Kind Of Fool 5. Earlybird 6. Witchy Woman 7. Take It Easy
Glenn Frey – Guitar, Vocal Don Henley – Guitar, Drums, Vocal Randy Meisner – Bass, Vocal
Bernie Leadon – Guitar, Vocal

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