Duran Duran / Live In Tokyo 1982 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Duran Duran / Live In Tokyo 1982 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Wardour
Translated Text:

Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 28th April 1982 plus Bonus CDR “TOKYO 1982 1ST NIGHT”

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Legendary first visit to Japan which was realized in the spring of 1982. A live album that vacuum packed with the finest sound all over the place appears as a limited press.
It is contained in this work “April 28, 1982 · Nakano Sanguraza Performance”. Yes, the same show as “TOKYO 1982 2ND NIGHT” that appeared from the Uxbridge label the other day and shocked a lot to the splendor. Actually, it is one piece that permanently preserved that impact work.
Uxbridge board “TOKYO 1982 2ND NIGHT” gave me a really tremendous response. In any case, the content was terrible. The biggest point is the sound which is extremely superb even if it says anything. Its clearness is exactly the same as any kind of compliment, such as “Ultimate”, “Miraculous”, “Transcendental”, “Soundboard” … etc … etc … etc. Although the recording position is not transmitted, the sparkling performance is beauty outside the common sense of audience recording, each one sound of one sound is also clearer and clear. The bass that tends to be a drawback is also glossy in the audience recording, and the bass of John Taylor roars steadily. Andy · Taylor’s guitar understands a little picking nuance, and Nick · Rose’s synth shines brilliantly. Of course, Simon Le Bonn’s singing voice is also very vivid. Every one is a sense of imbalance as if you are pressing your ears on the speakers.
Just after the release, I heard a voice similar to scolding as “why did not you press” just after release? (There are those who are truly embarrassed ……). I’m really sorry for those who requested the Uxbridge board, but I was forced to save it permanently so late.
Moreover, the splendor of this work is not only sound. The feeling of the era of “1982” rich in freshness is too wonderful. Let’s see the schedule at that time to evoke the memory of those days.

· April 25: Tokyo · Japan Youth Center
· April 26: Osaka · Expo Hall (Roger’s birthday)
· April 27: Nagoya · Labor Hall
· April 28: Tokyo · Nakano Sanguraza 【this work】
· May 1st: Tokyo · Shibuya Public Hall

In this way, the first visit to Japan was held in Tokyo 3 performances + Osaka 1 performance + 1 Nagoya performances. Although this work corresponds to that 4 performances, the feeling of the atmosphere of the scene “Nakano Sansuraza” is amazing. This is also a tremendous sense of the workplace “Kya Aya”. (Of course, plenty of direct feeling and singing voice are never lost.) The yellow scream that cleaves the silk fly from here and there clearly. Although such a shout happens whenever you come to Japan, the mood of this work is clearly different from later years. They are the second time in Nippon Budokan in 1984, the third time in 1987 with the Korakuen Stadium and the stairway of success, they rushed up a little while, but this work is “Nakano Seikuraza”. There is no scale feeling that the yellow enthusiasm expands vastly, it is rather a closed-room feeling trapped in a limited space. The joy of finally met with them, the close feeling of looking at their appearance in the immediate future …. That’s packed with a boss.
When it writes like this, it seems that it is being painted in the scream of domestic idol concert burst, or it is slightly different. Anyway, here is a serious “Western music girl” to music. At that time, DURAN DURAN did not win the world even though it was sensational debut, and PV has not gained popularity in the middle of the tea just half a year since the MTV launch yet. What is gathering for the first time in Japan is not the girl who adores the trend. Only girls who sniff the star with their eyes, ears, and sense. Even the breathing of such girls blows out furiously.
The smell of such age is also diffused richly from DURAN DURAN himself. While creating “RIO” but not releasing, the majority of the set is the debut work “DURAN DURAN”. Not only will all songs other than “Tel Aviv” be shown, but also the single B side “Late Bar” “Faster Than Light” will be featured, and “Girls On Film” will be played twice. In that performance as well, the sense of the band stands out more than the gorgeous feeling of the later years. What’s more fresh is a new song from “RIO”. It is fresh just to introduce “Hungry Like The Wolf” to “Hungry Like The Wolf”, “Next is a new song”, but nobody reacts in a song title call, it is listening to the music. While the storm of the big screams just intro is normal ears, it is wonderful that I feel even strange. In addition, there is no standard classic “Rio” “Save A Prayer” in the classic under the current sense, and we chose the first single “My Own Way” and “Last Chance on the Stairway”. Before the representative song becomes a representative song, the classic is not fixed and the mood to grow up in the minds of the fans from now on will drift intensely.

They won the world at once in three pieces, “DURAN DURAN” “RIO” “SEVEN AND THE RAGGED TIGER”. Of that “hop · step · jump”, this work is a live album that captured “the moment of taking a step”. Joyfully delighted with the hospitality in a distant foreign country, a frolic DURAN DURAN. Five people who had an average age of 21.2, and the breath of Western girls who found them with their own cheers is a name recording that flows out from the speaker with clearness above the sound board.
It was a big mistake to make this one CDR. A press album that corrects it as soon as possible and permanently preserves the glow of the young DURAN DURAN. “Hot air in 1982”. Please, please leave at your convenience forever.

本作に収められているのは「1982年4月28日・中野サンプラザ公演」。そう、先日Uxbridgeレーベルから登場し、あまりの素晴らしさに衝撃を振りまいた『TOKYO 1982 2ND NIGHT』と同じショウ。実は、あの衝撃作を永久保存した1枚なのです。
Uxbridge盤『TOKYO 1982 2ND NIGHT』には、本当に大変な反響を賜りました。何しろ、その内容が凄まじかった。最大のポイントは、なんと言っても極上極まるサウンド。そのクリアさはとんでもない次元で“究極的”・“奇跡的”・“超絶”・“まるでサウンドボード”……等々など、ありとあらゆる賛辞がピッタリと当てはまる。録音ポジションは伝わっていませんが、キラキラと輝く演奏はオーディエンス録音の常識外の美しさで、1人ひとりの1音1音もクッキリ・ハッキリ。客席録音では欠点になりがちな低音も艶やかで、ジョン・テイラーのベースも粘っこく轟く。アンディ・テイラーのギターはちょっとしたピッキング・ニュアンスまでハッキリ分かりますし、ニック・ローズのシンセも光り輝く。もちろん無論、サイモン・ル・ボンの歌声も極めて鮮やか。どれ1つとってもスピーカーに耳を押しつけているかのような直球感なのです。

・4月28日:東京・中野サンプラザ 【本作】

こう書くと国内アイドルコンサートばりの絶叫に塗りつぶされているようですが、それともちょっと違う。何しろ、ここにいるのは音楽に本気な“洋楽女子”。当時のDURAN DURANは、センセーショナルなデビューを飾っていても世界を制覇するには至らず、まだMTV開局から半年だけにPVがお茶の間人気を得たわけでもない。そんな初来日に集っているのは、流行に憧れる乙女心ではない。自分の目と耳、そしてセンスでスターを嗅ぎ分ける女子ばかり。そんな彼女たちの息づかいまでもが猛烈に吹き出してくるのです。
そんな時代の匂いは、DURAN DURAN自身からも濃厚に発散される。『RIO』を作り上げつつもリリースはしてないタイミングで、セットの大半はデビュー作『DURAN DURAN』。「Tel Aviv」以外の全曲が披露されるばかりか、シングルB面曲「Late Bar」「Faster Than Light」も取り上げられ、「Girls On Film」に至っては2回演奏されます。その演奏ぶりも、後年のゴージャス感よりバンド感覚が際立つのです。さらに新鮮なのが『RIO』からの新曲群。必殺の「Hungry Like The Wolf」を「次は新曲なんだ」と紹介するだけでも新鮮ですが、曲名コールでも誰も反応せず、ジッと聴き入っている。イントロだけで大絶叫の嵐が当たり前の耳には、なんとも奇妙にさえ感じる間がすごい。さらに今の感覚ではド定番中のド定番「Rio」「Save A Prayer」がなく、ファーストシングルの「My Own Way」や「Last Chance on the Stairway」をチョイス。代表曲が代表曲になる前、定番も定まらず、これからファンの心の中で育っていこうというムードが強烈に漂うのです。

『DURAN DURAN』『RIO』『SEVEN AND THE RAGGED TIGER』の3枚で一気に世界を制覇していった彼ら。その“ホップ・ステップ・ジャンプ”のうち、本作は“ステップを踏み出した瞬間”を捉えたライヴ・アルバムです。遠い異国での歓待を素直に喜び、はしゃぐDURAN DURAN。平均年齢21.2歳だった5人、そして彼らを自分たちの歓声で見つけ出した洋楽女子たちの息づかいがサウンドボード以上のクリアさでスピーカーから流れ出る名録音です。
これだけの1枚をCDRとしたのは大きな誤りでした。それを一刻も早く正し、若きDURAN DURANの輝きを永久保存するためのプレスアルバム。“1982年の熱い空気”。どうぞ、あなたのお手元でいつまでも残してください。
1. Sound of Thunder 2. Girls on Film 3. Anyone Out There 4. To the Shore 5. Late Bar
6. Last Chance on the Stairway 7. Hungry Like the Wolf 8. (Waiting of the) Night Boat
9. Friends of Mine 10. Faster Than Light 11. Planet Earth 12. Hold Back the Rain
13. Careless Memories 14. My Own Way 15. Girls on Film (Night Version)

Simon Le Bon – lead vocals Andy Taylor – guitar Nick Rhodes – keyboards
John Taylor – bass Roger Taylor – drums



Duran Duran / Live In Tokyo 1982 1st Night / 1CDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
The First Live In Japan Live at Nihon SeinenKan, Tokyo, Japan 25th April 1982

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A press album “LIVE IN TOKYO 1982” which permanently preserved the shining show of the first visit to Japan. It was changed from Uxbridge label’s CDR board “TOKYO 1982 2ND NIGHT” to the ultimate specification, but that music does not change. Therefore, even for those who requested the Uxbridge board, we prepared more luxury bonus.
The identity of such a work is the audience recording of another masterpiece “April 25, 1982: Nippon Youth Center Performance” for the first visit to Japan. This work is “1ST NIGHT” against “2ND NIGHT” of the main press CD. Yes, this work is unmistakable on the first day album even the first visit to Japan. Let’s confirm with the schedule once again.

· April 25: Tokyo · Japan Youth Center · This work
· April 26: Osaka · Expo Hall (Roger’s birthday)
· April 27: Nagoya · Labor Hall
· April 28: Tokyo · Nakano Sanguraza ※ Main Press CD
· May 1st: Tokyo · Shibuya Public Hall

In this way, the first visit to Japan is “Tokyo → West Japan → Tokyo”. The main press CD was “Tokyo I came back”, but this work was not only the first day of Tokyo, it was a genuine “first Japan live”.
Such a work is not merely a bonus. Quality is also a masterpiece of unusual clear sound. In fact, the shining musical tones flowing out of this work are thin enough even for the main press “LIVE IN TOKYO 1982”. If you have already experienced the Uxbridge board “TOKYO 1982 2ND NIGHT” with the same sound source, it would be unbelievable that 2 dimensions are still left.
Although it said, this work went to a bonus instead of permanent preservation. The reason is a realistic feeling that is too realistic. Even though this press press CD was first vacuum crazy enthusiasm for the first visit to Japan, this work is even more amazing. The main press CD was a frenzy that was nothing to disturb the superb performances and singing voices, but this work is a meter shake-off with a mistake on the limit. There is often an expression “enthusiasm to blow off the ceiling”, but this work seems to be blown off with a yellow explosion correctly. The symbolic scene opens. It was a start from “Sound Of Thunder” in the main press CD, but this work is recorded from the opening SE “Tel Aviv”. A hand clapping full of briskness came from the audience who saw the performance coming soon, and when five people appeared … “Kick journey, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!”. From that skimmer, the voice of “Roger, Roger, hey!” “Uwaa, Roger !!!” is heard. Andy Taylor also takes a solo, and again it is pure yellow. In front of “Anyone Out There?” I speak in Japanese “Konbanwa!”, But also “Carman wow!”. Although this volume press CD was a musical tone to suppress enthusiasm, the great cheers of this work is a leading role that can sometimes be performed.

But, so good. So it is wonderful.

It is a big encouragement that is likely to be a drawback if it is normal, but this is the reality of DURAN DURAN’s first visit to Japan, it is the essence of it. Although the difference with the main press CD may be a recording position, it may be that there were also many audience of repeaters in the main part beyond that. What is sealed in this work is completely different from that “second pleasure” “Frustrated me” frenzy. Of course, the members’ performances that witnessed it are inevitable. A sight that a yellowish voice will be emitted from the wave of black hair, which is probably the first time. It plays one song a song so as to chew the real feeling of progressing to worldwide success.
Just to be sure, I will repeat, but the musical sounds and singing voices of this work are exquisite. It is a super clear sound comparable even to the main CD press CD of the miracle. I will not disappoint even those who are looking for the first performance of the first Japan stage. Nevertheless, I can not stop telling this sense of reality and the workplace. Although we have delivered a number of records of the performance in Japan, there has been no album featuring “1982” so far.
A masterpiece of the historical document which directly felt “Western music girls” directly, while also being thin in the main press CD. DURAN DURAN and the meeting moment of Japan. Please, please become an observer.

初来日の輝くショウを永久保存したプレス・アルバム『LIVE IN TOKYO 1982』。UxbridgeレーベルのCDR盤「TOKYO 1982 2ND NIGHT」から究極仕様に衣替えしたわけですが、その音楽が変わるわけではありません。そこで、Uxbridge盤をお求めくださった方のためにも、さらなる豪華ボーナスをご用意しました。
そんな本作の正体とは、初来日のもう1本の傑作「1982年4月25日:日本青年館公演」のオーディエンス録音です。本編プレスCDの『2ND NIGHT』に対して、本作は『1ST NIGHT』。そう、本作は初来日でも紛れもない初日アルバムなのです。今一度、日程で確認しておきましょう。

・4月25日:東京・日本青年館 【本作】
・4月28日:東京・中野サンプラザ ※本編プレスCD

そんな本作は、単なるオマケではありません。クオリティも異様なクリア・サウンドの逸品なのです。実際、本作から流れ出る輝く楽音は、本編プレス「LIVE IN TOKYO 1982」にさえ肉薄するほど。すでに同じ音源のUxbridge盤『TOKYO 1982 2ND NIGHT』を体験された方なら、あの次元が2本も残っているとは信じられないことでしょう。
とは言ったものの、本作は永久保存ではなくボーナスに回った。その理由はリアルすぎる現場感なのです。本編プレスCDでも初来日の熱狂が真空パックされていましたが、本作はさらに凄い。本編プレスCDは、超端麗な演奏・歌声を邪魔しないギリギリの熱狂でしたが、本作は限界などそっちのけでメーター振り切り。よく「天井を吹っ飛ぶような熱狂」という表現がありますが、本作は正しく黄色い爆発で吹っ飛んでしまいそう。その象徴的なシーンは開演。本編プレスCDでは「Sound Of Thunder」からのスタートでしたが、本作はオープニングSE「Tel Aviv」から収録されているのです。開演間近を察した観客からビシッと揃った手拍子が巻き起こり、そして5人が登場するや……「キッッャャャャアアアァアァァアアアァァァァァ!!!!」。そのスキマから「ロジャー、ロジャーだよ、ほらっ!」「うっわぁ、ロジャーだぁ!!」の声が漏れ聞こえる。さらにアンディ・テイラーがソロを執るや、またしても真っ黄色。「Anyone Out There?」の前では日本語で「コンバンワ!」と語りかけるのですが、それに対しても「キャーッンバンワァッ!!」。本編プレスCDは熱狂を制圧する楽音でしたが、本作の大歓声は時に演奏と並びかねない主役なのです。


通常であれば、欠点にもなりそうな大声援ですが、これこそがDURAN DURAN初来日の現実であり、その要なのです。本編プレスCDとの差は録音ポジションかも知れませんが、それ以上に本編ではリピーターの観客も多かったのでしょう。本作に封じ込まれているのは、あの“二度目の喜び”とはまったく違う“我を忘れた”狂乱。もちろん、それを目の当たりにしたメンバーの熱演は言わずもがな。恐らく初めて目にするであろう、黒髪の波から黄色い嬌声が発せられる光景。世界的な成功へ歩み出した実感を噛みしめるように1曲1曲を演じていくのです。
本編プレスCDにも肉薄しつつ、それ以上に“洋楽女子”をダイレクトに感じるヒストリカル・ドキュメントの大傑作。DURAN DURANと日本の出会いの刹那。どうぞ、あなたも立会人になってください。

1. Tel Aviv (Intro) 2. Sound Of Thunder 3. Girls On Film 4. Anyone Out There?
5. To The Shore 6. Late Bar 7. Last Chance On The Stairway 8. Hungry Like The Wolf
9. (Waiting For The) Nightboat 10. Friends Of Mine 11. Faster Than Light
12. Planet Earth 13. Hold Back The Rain 14. Careless Memories 15. My Own Way
16. Girls On Film (Night Version)

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