Duran Duran / Hammersmith Odeon July 1981 / 2CD

Duran Duran / Hammersmith Odeon July 1981 / 2CD / Wardour
Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 9th July 1981

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The DURAN DURAN of 1981, which sent the 1st album to the 3rd place in the UK and the 10th place in the US and made a shocking debut. The original master of the prestigious “Kinney” who can experience the site with the finest sound is a new excavation.
It was “London performance on July 9, 1981” that was blown by a new excavation master of shock. It is the finest audience recording recorded at the famous venue “Hammersmith Odeon”. Speaking of “Hammersmith in 1981”, the official BBC “IN CONCERT” is also famous, but this work is a completely separate performance. Let’s confirm the position of the show from the schedule at that time in order to understand the relationship of the neighborhood.

・ January 4: London performance
・ February 27-March 8: UK # 1 (8 performances)
《June 15 「DURAN DURAN」 released》
・ June 29-July 11: UK # 2 (11 performances) ← ★ Here ★
・ September 7-12: Europe # 1 (4 performances)
・ September 16-October 10: North America (16 performances)
・ October 30-December 23: Europe # 2 (25 performances) ← ※ BBC

This is 1981 of DURAN DURAN. BBC’s “IN CONCERT” was the year-end “December 17th” show, but this work was a long time ago. The tour started immediately after the debut work “DURAN DURAN” was released, and it was the 9th performance of “UK # 2”.
This work that recorded such a show is a shining audience recording of the prestigious Kinney character. Kinney recording is a sound that thoroughly pursues the clearness unique to the audience rather than the sound board-like close contact feeling, but this work can be said to be its “extreme”. Anyway, it is super clear from corner to corner. Andy’s guitar can be picked up to a little picking nuance, and if Nick’s keyboard shines down, Simon’s vocals that go through all of them are also clearly defined by words and words of MC.
In fact, the bass is light, but it is not spoiled or blurred. Rather, the Rhythm Corps are super-clear, and John’s bass is brilliant from the attack sound to the vibe. Although it is not a powerful force that kicks the belly, it is a super clear sound that makes even a sound board and FM sound source out of the question about vividness. Moreover, the sound looks great on the show. Immediately after the debut, the momentum of being youthful and terrifying is amazing, anyway fresh. The sound of this work raises its brightness many times.
There are a lot of masterpieces that are drawn in such a sound. There are a lot of numbers that you can’t listen to even in the classic BBC “IN CONCERT”.

● DURAN DURAN (9 songs + α)
・ Girls on Film / To the Shore / Night Boat / Planet Earth / Anyone Out There / Sound of Thunder / Careless Memories / Planet Earth (Night version)
・ BBC IN CONCERT song: Tel Aviv / Friends of Mine / Girls on Film (Night version)
● Single (4 songs)
・ Late Bar / Faster Than Light / Khanada
・ Songs that cannot be heard at BBC IN CONCERT: Like an Angel
● Other (2 songs)
・ My Own Way “RIO”
・ BBC IN CONCERT songs you can’t listen to: Tell Me It’s Just a Rumor Baby (THE ISLEY BROTHERS cover)

… and it looks like this. There was no repertoire to choose from just after debut, and all the songs of “DURAN DURAN” were played, and the single B-side song was also shown from one end. “Planet Earth” and “Girls on Film” have been encore once again in “Night Version”. In addition, “My Own Way” of the next work “RIO” was also taken up, and even a cover song was shown. Anyway, only David Bowie’s cover “Fame” isn’t playing in the songs released by 1981. We have a comprehensive repertoire that can be played at that time.
The precious numbers such as “Khanada” only for this tour and “To the Shore” and “Faster Than Light” unique to those days are full of excitement, but the most impressive is the B-side song “Like an Angel” of the single “My Own Way” THE ISLEY BROTHERS cover “Tell Me It’s Just a Rumor Baby”. Both of these songs are not only listen to “IN CONCERT”, but they are extremely rare songs that have been recorded only once or twice. You can enjoy it with the super clear sound of prestigious Kinney.
A brilliant sound in the clear and famous Kinney collection. What’s more, it is a live album that shines with plenty of super freshness just because of the original cassette. A masterpiece of the early masterpieces with that sound. Please enjoy this plentiful press 2CD that will leave this shine forever.

1stアルバムを全英3位、全米10位に送り込み、衝撃のデビューを飾った1981年のDURAN DURAN。その現場を極上サウンドで体験できる名門“キニー”のオリジナル・マスターが新発掘です。
まさに衝撃の新発掘マスターに吹き込まれていたのは「1981年7月9日ロンドン公演」。伝統の名会場“ハマースミス・オデオン”で記録された極上オーディエンス録音です。「1981年のハマースミス」と言えば、公式化もされたBBCの“IN CONCERT”も有名ですが、本作はまったくの別公演。その辺の関係を理解する意味でも、当時のスケジュールからショウのポジションを確かめておきましょう。

《6月15日『DURAN DURAN』発売》

これがDURAN DURANの1981年。BBCの“IN CONCERT”は年末「12月17日」のショウでしたが、本作はそれよりずっと前。デビュー作『DURAN DURAN』リリース直後からツアーを開始しており、その「英国#2」9公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんなサウンドで描かれるのは、初期なればこその名曲が山盛り。定番のBBC“IN CONCERT”でも聴けないナンバーも大量に披露していますので、比較しながらセットを整理してみましょう。

・Girls on Film/To the Shore/Night Boat/Planet Earth/Anyone Out There/Sound of Thunder/Careless Memories/Planet Earth (Night version)
・BBC IN CONCERTで聴けない曲:Tel Aviv/Friends of Mine/Girls on Film (Night version)
・Late Bar/Faster Than Light/Khanada
・BBC IN CONCERTで聴けない曲:Like an Angel
・My Own Way『RIO』
・BBC IN CONCERTで聴けない曲:Tell Me It’s Just a Rumor Baby(THE ISLEY BROTHERSカバー)

……と、このようになっています。デビュー直後だけあってまだ選ぶほどのレパートリーがなく、『DURAN DURAN』の全曲を演奏し、シングルB面曲も片っ端から披露。「Planet Earth」と「Girls on Film」は“Night Version”でもう一度アンコールに演奏しています。さらに、それでも足りなかったのか次作『RIO』の「My Own Way」も取り上げられ、カバー曲まで披露。とにかく、1981年までに発表した曲で演奏していないのはデヴィッド・ボウイのカバー「Fame」だけ。当時演奏できるレパートリーを総ざらいしているのです。
このツアーだけの「Khanada」や当時ならではの「To the Shore」「Faster Than Light」等、初期の貴重ナンバーが目白押しですが、極めつけなのはシングル『My Own Way』のB面曲「Like an Angel」とTHE ISLEY BROTHERSのカバー「Tell Me It’s Just a Rumor Baby」。どちらも“IN CONCERT”で聴けないばかりか、1・2回しか演奏された記録がない激レア曲。それを名門キニーの超クリア・サウンドで楽しめてしまうのです。

Disc 1 (40:32)
1. Tel Aviv
2. My Own Way
3. Girls on Film
4. Late Bar
5. To the Shore
6. Faster Than Light
7. Khanada
8. Night Boat
9. Planet Earth

Disc 2 (42:11)
1. Anyone Out There
2. Like an Angel
3. Friends of Mine
4. Sound of Thunder
5. Careless Memories
6. Tell Me It’s Just a Rumor Baby
7. Planet Earth (Night version)
8. Girls on Film (Night version)

Simon Le Bon – lead vocals Andy Taylor – guitar Nick Rhodes – keyboards
John Taylor – bass Roger Taylor – drums


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