Duran Duran / Budokan 2017 / 1DVDR

Duran Duran / Budokan 2017 / 1DVDR / Non label

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 20th September 2017. Pro-Shot

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DURAN DURAN who came back to Japan for the anniversary year which is 35 years since my first visit to Japan. The super fine multi-camera pro shot is out.
It is contained in this work “September 20, 2017: Nippon Budokan” performance. The first performance in Japan for the first time in nine years was only two performances at Nippon Budokan and Osaka Orix’s Theater, but Nippon Budokan for the first time in 14 years. The pattern of such a monument concert was recorded in Pro Shot, and became a teacher and broadcasted even at a certain satellite station. This work contained the latest broadcast, and a special collaboration with Nile Rodgers who came to Japan with CHIC is also a perfect video work.
Indeed, the quality of this work can not be helped superficially even if it says the fourth five. Naturally, the ultra-clear digital image quality unique to the latest broadcasting, the perfectly mixed iron wall sound, as a matter of course, the camera work that utilized innumerable cameras countless cameras. This broadcast is not a live broadcast, but was broadcasted about three months after the live show. Therefore, each angle is assembled after being examined as a kitchen. Besides not merely not missing the highlight, it exquisitely reflects the special mood of Budokan, making exquisite cuts ranging from one song to one phrase. And image processing such as exquisitely blurred or fish-eye lens …… I understand well that it is calculated up to every detail, and everything can only be described as “official grade”. (There is not any “other world” feeling like “UNSTAGED” indeed) but that is exactly the same visual work as the official movie “A DIAMOND IN THE MIND: LIVE 2011”.
A delicious show full of plentiful repertory not seen in “A DIAMOND IN THE MIND: LIVE 2011” is drawn with that quality. Not to mention the new songs of “PAPER GODS” as well as the new songs from “PAPER GODS”, “Girls On Film” debut, “Hold Back The Rain” by Daimyo Edition “RIO” “Save A Prayer”, and even “I Do not Want Your Love” and “Love Voodoo” are widely attracted. Especially “Love Voodoo” is a rare song that is hardly played since the 21st century.
And the greatest sights of this work visit after the end of “Love Voodoo”. Simon says “Our relationships will last for 32 years,” Nile Rodgers who has been acting as CHIC and opening act (the pattern will be shown at the audience album “BUDOKAN 2017 (Uxbridge 732)” ). Now, at the end of the show … Simon says “It’s someone’s birthday, is not it ?,” he says a birthday song celebrating the 65th birthday of Nile involving the venue (real birth The day is “September 19” the day before. And they play two songs “Notorious” and “Pressure Off”. This collaboration is not held in Osaka, only Nippon Budokan. You can witness the valuable co-starring and the expression of Nile against the birthday song with the super best pro shot. Moreover, in this broadcasting Simon’s MC has Japanese subtitles, and that mood is also transmitted to Vivid.

DURAN DURAN who fascinated the form of progressive form with 6 new songs that are about half of “PAPER GODS” in Japan after 9 years of being in Japan. It is a super masterpiece containing memory “live at Budokan” with the ultimate superb pro shot, including co-starring with rare numbers and Nile. Although it is an official grade, it is one that gives the impression of more than the official. Please, please dip in yourself.

初来日から35年となるアニバーサリー・イヤーに日本に戻ってきてくれたDURAN DURAN。その超極上マルチカメラ・プロショットが登場です。
実際、本作のクオリティは四の五の言っても仕方ない超・極上。最新放送ならではの超鮮明なデジタル画質、完璧にミックスされた鉄壁サウンドは当然として、特に感動的なのは無数のカメラを縦横無尽に活用したカメラワーク。この放送は生中継ではなく、ライヴ本番から約3ヶ月後になって放送されたもの。それだけに、各アングルがキッチリと吟味された上で組み上げられている。単に見どころを逃さないだけではなく、武道館の特別なムードを正確に反映させ、1曲1曲どころか1フレーズに至るまで絶妙なカット割り。そして、絶妙にかけられるボカシや魚眼レンズなどの映像処理……。細部に至るまで計算されているのがよく分かり、すべてが「オフィシャル級」としか表現しようがない。(さすがに『UNSTAGED』のような“別世界”感は微塵もありませんが)それこそ公式映像『A DIAMOND IN THE MIND: LIVE 2011』にさえ匹敵する作品然とした映像美なのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるのは、『A DIAMOND IN THE MIND: LIVE 2011』でも観られなかったレパートリーもたっぷりの美味しいショウ。新作(と呼ぶには少々時間が経っていますが)『PAPER GODS』の新曲群はもちろんのこと、その他にもデビュー作の「Girls On Film」、大名盤『RIO』の「Hold Back The Rain」「Save A Prayer」、さらには「I Don’t Want Your Love」や「Love Voodoo」と、幅広く魅せてくれるのです。特に「Love Voodoo」は21世紀になってからはほとんど演奏されていないレア曲です。
そして、本作最大の見どころは、その「Love Voodoo」の終了後に訪れる。サイモンが「僕らの関係は32年に及ぶ」と言って紹介するのは、CHICとオープニングアクトを務めていたナイル・ロジャース(その模様はオーディエンス・アルバム『BUDOKAN 2017(Uxbridge 732)』でお楽しみください)。さぁ、いよいよ共演……というところでサイモンは「ちょっと待って。誰かさんの誕生日だったよね?」と言いだし、会場中を巻き込んでナイル65歳の誕生日を祝うバースデイ・ソングを歌う(本当の誕生日は前日の“9月19日”)。そして、「Notorious」と「Pressure Off」の2曲を共演するのです。この共演は大阪では行われず、日本武道館のみ。貴重な共演やバースデイ・ソングに照れるナイルの表情も超極上プロショットで目撃できる。しかも、この放送ではサイモンのMCに日本語字幕が付いており、そのムードもビビッドに伝わるのです。

9年ぶりの来日にして『PAPER GODS』の約半分となる6曲の新曲で現在進行形の姿を魅せてくれたDURAN DURAN。レアなナンバーやナイルとの共演も含め、メモリな“ライヴ・アット・武道館”を究極的な極上プロショットで収めた超傑作です。オフィシャル級でありながら、オフィシャル以上の感動をくれる1枚。どうぞ、存分に浸りまくってください。

1. Intro 2. Paper Gods 3. The Wild Boys 4. I Don’t Want Your Love 5. A View To A Kill
6. Come Undone 7. Last Night In The City 8. Only In Dreams 9. Love Voodoo 10. Notorious
11. Pressure Off 12. Hold Back The Rain 13. Face For Today 14. Ordinary World
15. (Reach Up For The)Sunrise/New Moon On Monday 16. Hungry Like The Wolf 17. White Lines
18. Girls On Film 19. The Universe Alone 20. Save A Prayer 21. Rio

Simon Le Bon – lead vocals John Taylor – bass, vocals Nick Rhodes – keyboards, vocals
Roger Taylor – drums

Dominic Brown – guitars, backing vocals Simon Willescroft – saxophone, percussion
Anna Ross & Erin Stevenson – backing vocals


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