Dream Theater / Tokyo 2017 Final Night / 3CD

Dream Theater / Tokyo 2017 Final Night / 3CD / Zodiac

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Live at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 14th September 2017

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“IMAGES & WORDS” 25th anniversary commemorative tour which showed the “fans’ dreams” embodied. That supernumber recording which becomes “the representative work of the East” comes out.
“East” is, of course, Tokyo. The other day I reported the Budokan performance at “BUDOKAN 2017 (Shades 787)” and the gift board “LIVE AT BUDOKAN 2017”, but this work is another performance. What is contained in such a work is a superb audience album of “September 14, 2017: Tokyo International Forum” performance. First of all, let’s check the position from the schedule of the tour as usual.

· September 9: Toyota Citizens’ Cultural Center “TOYOTA 2017”
· September 10: Hiroshima Cultural Academy HBG Hall
· September 11: Nippon Budokan “BUDOKAN 2017”
· September 13: Osaka International Conference Hall “OSAKA 2017”
· September 14: Tokyo International Forum 【this work】

Over all, 5 shows. The international forum performance of this work was an additional performance that will be the last in this visit to Japan. Such a work is definitely “Tokyo No. 1”. The other day ‘BUDOKAN 2017’ was also a wonderful recording, but this work is different. I introduce “OSAKA 2017 (Zodiac 268)” released simultaneously this week as “Japan No. 1”, but in fact this work is also a supernumeric recording that Aza can not afford. Sound quality is clearly equivalent to “OSAKA 2017”. It is a level that is only a difference of preference.
So, what kind of “taste difference” is there? You guys are not listening to “OSAKA 2017” yet, but over there, the powerful sound that crosses the common sense of the audience is terrible. On the contrary, this work is a very neat and sparkling sound. Of course, it is not a kinkin sound that penetrated only the middle to high tone. The core is extraordinary in all the range, the balance is also great. The deep bass that the waist rested is also effective, and the phrase and the rhythm which can be loosened if it is intertwined complicatedly among them is confirmed one by one. “Skima” which breathes in between is brilliant, it is a perfect sound world suitable for calling “as if it is a sound board” correctly.
Actually the first part is actually delicious with that sound. I talked about in each commentary on each album so far, but the show this time is largely divided into three parts. “Part 1 = Normal Concert Format” “Part 2 =” IMAGES & WORDS “Reproduction” “Part 3 = Encore” A Change Of Seasons “Reproduction. In the first part, so-called introduction, there are many songs in recent years. Hear’s song “Hell’s Kitchen” which was the level several times even by the time of 90 ‘s, including “The Gift of Music” and “Our New World” of the latest work “THE ASTONISHING”, as it is played this year “The Bigger Picture”, etc. Such a variety of rich masterpieces are wonderfully colorful. For example, “The Dark Eternal Night” that attacks de Hevi is not too heavy, and the light “The Gift of Music” creates a feeling of comfort in the sky. Furthermore, “As I Am” introduced Jaco Pastorius’s “Portrait Of Tracy”. Myang’s solo shines delicately up to one note, and METALLICA’s “Enter Sandman” is decided vividly. It is a sound that makes each tune emphasize a different color tone and taste.
Of course, “IMAGES & WORDS” & “A Change Of Seasons” drawn with that sound color correctly paradise. The slightly worn venue sounds are also transparent and transparent, with the beauty that pours down, the dramaticism that follows the words of “Dream Theater” develops.

In other words, “Heavy” ‘OSAKA 2017’ and ‘Metallic’ this work. Depending on the personality of the sound, can you hear it differently ……… It is noticed once again that such a thing is normal. Both sides of the east and west who do not draw a step. Its East Japan edition. It is a masterpiece of Tokyo No.1 which I would like to recommend to everyone who went to another performance with full power.
“ファンの夢”を具現化してみせた『IMAGES & WORDS』25周年記念ツアー。その“東の代表作”となる超名録音が登場です。
“東”とは、もちろん東京。先日は『BUDOKAN 2017(Shades 787)』やギフト盤『LIVE AT BUDOKAN 2017』で武道館公演をレポートしましたが、本作は別公演。そんな本作に収められているのは「2017年9月14日:東京国際フォーラム」公演の極上オーディエンス・アルバムです。まずは、いつものようにツアーの日程からポジションを確認しておきましょう。

・9月9日:豊田市民文化会館 『TOYOTA 2017』
・9月11日:日本武道館 『BUDOKAN 2017』
・9月13日:大阪国際会議場 『OSAKA 2017』
・9月14日:東京国際フォーラム 【本作】

以上、全5公演。本作の国際フォーラム公演は、今回の来日でもラストとなる追加公演でした。そんな本作は、間違いなく“東京No.1”。先日の『BUDOKAN 2017』も素晴らしい録音でしたが、本作は格が違う。今週同時リリースの『OSAKA 2017(Zodiac 268)』を“日本No.1”とご紹介していますが、実のところ本作も甲乙が付けがたい超名録音なのです。サウンド・クオリティは、ハッキリ言って『OSAKA 2017』と互角。もう、好みの差でしかないレベルです。
では、どんな“好みの違い”があるのか。まだ皆さんは『OSAKA 2017』をお聴きになっていないわけですが、あちらはオーディエンスの常識を越えたド迫力サウンドが凄まじい。それに対し、本作は極めて端正でキラキラと輝くようなサウンドなのです。もちろん、中高音だけ突き抜けたキンキン・サウンドではありません。全音域で芯が図太く、バランスもグレイト。腰の据わった重低音も効いていて、その中で複雑に絡み合ってはほぐれるフレーズとリズムが逐一克明。その合間に呼吸する“スキマ”まで鮮やかで、正しく「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶに相応しい極上の音世界なのです。
そのサウンドでことさら美味しいのが実は第1部。これまでも各アルバムの解説でお話ししてきましたが、今回のショウは大きく分けて3部構成。「第1部=通常コンサート形式」「第2部=“IMAGES & WORDS”再現」「第3部=アンコールで“A Change Of Seasons”再現」です。第1部はいわゆる導入にあたり、近年の曲が多い。最新作『THE ASTONISHING』の「The Gift of Music」「Our New World」を筆頭に、90年代当時でさえホンの数回レベルだったレア曲「Hell’s Kitchen」、今年になって演奏されるようになった「The Bigger Picture」等々。こうしたバラエティ豊かな名曲群が素晴らしくカラフル。例えばドヘヴィに攻め立てる「The Dark Eternal Night」でも重すぎず、軽やかな「The Gift of Music」では天翔るような昂揚感を生み出す。更にはジャコ・パストリアスの「Portrait Of Tracy」を導入にした「As I Am」。マイアングのソロは1ノートまで繊細に輝き、METALLICAの「Enter Sandman」も鮮やかに決まる。各曲のそれぞれに違う色合い・旨みを際立たせてくれるサウンドなのです。
もちろん、そのサウンド・カラーで描かれる『IMAGES & WORDS』&「A Change Of Seasons」は正しくパラダイス。ほんのり纏った会場音響も透明で透き通り、降り注ぐような美しさで「夢劇場」の言葉通りのドラマティシズムが展開するのです。

言うなれば、“ヘヴィ”な『OSAKA 2017』と“メタリック”な本作。サウンドの個性によって、こうまで違って聞こえるのか………そんな当たり前の事にまで改めて気づかされます。一歩も引かない、東西の両横綱。その東日本編。別公演に行かれた方にも全力でお薦めしたい、東京No.1の大傑作です。

Disc 1 (61:54)
1. Intro. 2. The Colonel 3. The Dark Eternal Night 4. The Bigger Picture
5. Hell’s Kitchen 6. The Gift of Music 7. Our New World 8. Portrait of Tracy / As I Am
9. Breaking All Illusions

Disc 2 (75:28)
1. Happy New Year 1992 2. Pull Me Under 3. Another Day 4. Take the Time
5. Surrounded 6. Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper 7. Under a Glass Moon
8. Wait for Sleep 9. Learning to Live

Disc 3 (26:40)
1. A Change of Seasons: I The Crimson Sunrise
2. A Change of Seasons: II Innocence
3. A Change of Seasons: III Carpe Diem
4. A Change of Seasons: IV The Darkest of Winters
5. A Change of Seasons: V Another World
6. A Change of Seasons: VI The Inevitable Summer
7. A Change of Seasons: VII The Crimson Sunset


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