Dream Theater / Live At Budokan 2017 / 2DVD

Dream Theater / Live At Budokan 2017 / 2DVD / Non Label

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Live at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 11th September 2017 PRO-SHOT

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Progress · Metal The “IMAGES, WORDS & WEBONOND 25TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR” which reproduced and expanded the ultimate masterfully. That ultimate video is released in Press 2 DVD!
It is included in this work “September 11, 2017: Nippon Budokan” performance. Yes, it is a highlight performance of the Japan Tour which was held during the great praise the other day. This show was telecast on a certain satellite broadcast, but it is one that permanently preserves the whole story. First of all, let’s look back on the schedule of a century tour commemorating the 25th anniversary of the super name board.

· September 9th: Toyota Citizens’ Culture Center
· September 10: Hiroshima Cultural Academy HBG Hall
· September 11: Nippon Budokan 【this work】
· September 13: Osaka International Conference Hall
· September 14: Tokyo International Forum (Additional Performance)

This is the schedule of the Japan tour which took up the subject of autumn this year. The work of Nippon Budokan in this work was the third performances in the middle of De. For one who saw this broadcast, only one word of “It’s a permanent preservation board for that name broadcast” can be enough. You do not need to read this ahead. However, if you do not see it, please experience this work now immediately. This work is such a big decision board.
First of all, the complete recording that was worried has been realized. Actually, there was also JOURNEY to say live in Japan with similar name reproduction, but unfortunately it was incomplete broadcast of one song cut at that time. This time it is a complete collection of not only one Daimyo board ‘IMAGES & WORDS’, but also Omagari ‘A Change Of Seasons’, the prologue part to be performed before that.
Already enough, this is satisfactory, but that is not enough for quality. Completely indescrib … … It is not easy to tell the dreadfulness of this work simply by calling it “Official grade” not so much. The superb ultimate sound & image quality unique to the latest broadcast is obvious. A perfect multi camera and mix is ​​natural. This work is overwhelming “creation included” is amazing. Precisely edited camera work is a perfection degree that is unprecedented in recent broadcasts, all the scenes and all the cuts are stepping into the meaning of music, cut cut and screen division are well thought out. It expresses complicated song development brilliantly, and dynamic bird’s-eye licking turning is relaxed, and quick switching at the moment of rapid deployment is more vividly directing the violence of the song. The composition is beautiful even if one cut is extracted, until the focus processing which is less than 1 second is splendid.
More impressive is the artistic hue. Although there is writing on site, just turning the professional camera does not give this color. It’s not just a vivid one, it’s not simply clear. The color which slightly lowered the saturation and increased the blue system is elegant and aesthetically pleasing aesthetically. It is definitely the image beauty of the dimension impossible with live broadcasting, the intention to create this broadcast as “a work” over time is clear, creating “personality”. This is truly amazing. It is a wonderful high-level image.
To be drawn with that quality is too special “IMAGES & WORDS” reproduction, expansion show … …. From Japanese “Intro: Happy New Year 1992” that time slips 25 years ago, Japanese subtitles are attached, and “masterpiece” is added to that masterpiece. In addition, Rudes in “Another Day”, Petrucci in “Take The Time”, Solo Time of Manzini in “Metropolis Pt. 1”, Increase plenty of keyboard · intro of “Wait For Sleep”. In contrast to “57 minutes” of the original album, this work has been expanded to be “1 hour and 15 minutes”, and it is becoming a super-large scale.
Also, the performance is different from the masterpiece reproduction of Megumi. In the case of other bands there is a disparity in the degree of exercise between the representative song and the rare song, the familiar songs do not stagnate, and the unusual songs are geeky. It is probably because JOURNEY did not broadcast all songs, probably because of a big mistake with a rare song. However, DREAM THEATER played all the “IMAGES & WORDS” repertoire during a long history. Even if it is not a reproduction, all songs are their important songs, and 25 sophistications are engraved on that song. As a result, this work is “25th anniversary version” in total.
It is the same as the reproduction of “A change of Seasons” following encore. And this song (although I wrote it over and over) was written at the same time as “IMAGES & WORDS”, which is supposed to be originally recorded in the main major. By “A Change Of Seasons” being played continuously, the “perfect form” which should be originally realized.

Dream “IMAGES & WORDS + A Change Of Seasons”. It is its expanded and perfect form, it is a visual version, and it is a live performance version with a single pass. Moreover, it is a video work which was built with awesome high level aesthetic sense. It is exactly the ultimate picture of the ultimate show. It is the highest masterpiece of the 21st century that we encapsulated in the press 2DVD which permanent leaving works of art made by Progress Metal.

プログレ・メタル究極の名盤を完全・拡張再現した“IMAGES, WORDS & BEYOND 25TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR”。その究極映像がプレス2DVDで登場です!

・9月11日:日本武道館 【本作】

まず、心配されていた完全収録が実現している。実は同じような名盤再現のライヴ・イン・ジャパンというとJOURNEYにもありましたが、その際は残念ながら1曲カットの不完全放送でした。今回は大名盤『IMAGES & WORDS』も、大曲「A Change Of Seasons」も、その前に披露される序章パートも1曲残らず完全収録です。
そのクオリティで描かれるのが、特別すぎる『IMAGES & WORDS』再現・拡張ショウ……。25年前にタイムスリップする「Intro: Happy New Year 1992」からして日本語字幕が付き、あの名盤に“光景”が上乗せされていく。さらに「Another Day」にはルーデス、「Take The Time」にはペトルーシ、「Metropolis Pt. 1」にはマンジーニのソロタイムが盛り込まれ、「Wait For Sleep」のキーボード・イントロもたっぷり増量。オリジナル・アルバムの“57分”に対し、本作は“1時間15分”もの拡張・超大作化しています。
また、その演奏ぶりも凡百の名盤再現とはワケが違う。他のバンドの場合は代表曲とレア曲に練度の格差があり、馴染みきった曲は淀みなく、珍しい曲はギクシャクするもの。JOURNEYが全曲放送されなかったのも、恐らくは激レア曲で大ミスしたためでしょう。ところが、DREAM THEATERは長い歴史の間に『IMAGES & WORDS』レパートリーをすべて演奏してきた。再現ではなくても全曲が彼らの重要曲であり、その1曲1曲に25年の練度が刻み込まれている。それだけに、本作はトータルで“25周年バージョン”になっているのです。
それは、続くアンコールの「A Change Of Seasons」再現も同じ事。そして(何度も書いてきましたが)この曲こそ、『IMAGES & WORDS』と同じ時期に書かれ、本来は収録されるはずだったメイン大曲。「A Change Of Seasons」が続けて演奏される事により、本来あるべき“完全形”が実現しているわけです。

夢の「IMAGES & WORDS+A Change Of Seasons」。その拡張・完全形であり、映像版であり、一気貫通の生演奏版。しかも、凄まじくハイレベルな美意識で作り込まれた映像作品です。まさに究極ショウの究極映像。プログレ・メタルが成し得た芸術作品、永久残すプレス2DVDに封じ込めた21世紀の最高傑作です。

Disc 1(70:00)
1. Intro: The Colonel 2. The Dark Eternal Night 3. The Bigger Picture 4. Hell’s Kitchen
5. The Gift of Music 6. Our New World 7. Portrait of Tracy (Bass Solo)
8. As I Am (incl. Enter Sandman) 9. Breaking All Illusions

Images and Words:
10. Intro: Happy New Year 1992 11. Pull Me Under 12. Another Day

Disc 2(79:20)
1. Take the Time 2. Surrounded 3. Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper (incl. Drum Solo)
4. Under a Glass Moon 5. Wait for Sleep 6. Learning to Live

7. A Change of Seasons:
I The Crimson Sunrise II Innocence III Carpe Diem IV The Darkest of Winters
V Another World VI The Inevitable Summer VII The Crimson Sunset


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