Dire Straits / The Early Live Straits / 2CDR

Dire Straits / The Early Live Straits / 2CDR /Vintage Masters

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Live At Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA March 31st 1979.


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Initial Dire Straits valuable sound board live two sets of is appearance than “vintage Masters”!

The first of the full version recorded March 31 79 San Francisco Old War Dorf performances to disk 1.
While live recordings that were known so far this time recording all 13 songs from the original master of unaired.

The disc 2 recorded performance in ’78 of April 19 Chester Quant Ways club than UK tour have put his global hit “Sad Sultan” is.

Both are large recommendation title was recorded valuable initial sound board live recordings of Dire Straits!

01. Down to the Waterline/02. Six Blade Knife/03. Once Upon a Time in the West/04. Lady Writer/05. Water of Love/06. In the Gallery/07. News/08. What’s the Matter Baby/09. Lions/10. Sultans of Swing/11. Wild West End/12. Where Do You Think You´re Going?/13. Eastbound Train/14. Southbound Again
Live At Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA March 31st 1979

01. Introduction/02. Down To The Waterline/03. Six Blade Knife/04. In The Gallery/05. Eastbound Train/06. Water Of Love/07. Lions/08. Sultans Of Swing/09. Wild West End
Live At Quaintway’s Club, Chester, UK April 19th 1978

Vintage Masters. VMCDR-478AB

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